HTC Will Give 5GB of Dropbox Space to Future Phone Owners


HTC and Dropbox have partnered up to feature the “file anywhere” service on all HTC devices going forward. Alongside having the application preinstalled, users will be able to get 3 additional gigabytes on top of the 2 that Dropbox provides for non-paying customers. If you find yourself using that service a lot and don’t want to upgrade for more storage capacity, this is certainly quite the deal. No word yet on if any of HTC’s existing phones will get similar treatment, but we certainly hope so.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hope current HTC-owners get this too.

    Guess this means Dropbox will be another bundled app on HTC phones. Not a fan of bundled apps, but to be fair, Dropbox is one I couldn’t live without.

  2. But of course, American carriers will pass and install bloatware of their own choosing.

  3. I am down for this addition of software to HTC phones… Most use the service anyways…. and it is a plus not a minus.

  4. HTC is really investing lately. First they partner up with Beats By Dre and now with Dropbox. It’s really obvious they are trying to get themselves more unique selling points in the Android market except from just HTC Sense.

  5. I got this the other day after I had logged my HTC Incredible S into Dropbox. I thought ot was deal for everyone but my friends didn’t get it when they tried. I thought it might be a HTC Dropbox exclusive deal, but could not find a press release or any info on it.
    I will point out that my account does say the extra 3 Gb is only for the next year. So it is not a permanent thing.

  6. Or you can use minus and get 11GB free regardless of what skin you have on android.

    1. (nice referral plug)

      Luis’ link doesn’t work:
      instead. verified working ;)

      1. LMAO!!! Touche my friend. Touche.

  7. Awesome idea, love HTC.

  8. After hearing about minus repeatedly from multiple sources, I am downloading now.

  9. nice marketing tactic

  10. Another day, another piece of unnecessary bloatware for HTC.

    1. I would really like to know how many people besides you that would consider Dropbox bloatware

    2. Dropbox… bloatware?? You’re doing it wrong.

  11. Thats cool since im a loyal HTC buyer but i have ubuntu one dont really need dropbox

  12. Ubuntu One already gives you 5 giga….you don’t need to buy an Htc device. Just download the app for Android and make an account. Try it.

  13. But what if I already have the 10gig max allowance of space (free max allowance)?

    Will i then have a total of 13?

    +1 for the Minus plug btw, i’m already up to 27 free gigs of space:)

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