AT&T Says You Can Keep Your T-Mobile Rate If Merger Goes Through


If you’re currently a T-Mobile customer and you’ve been wondering what the world will look like after the proposed AT&T-Mo merger takes place, TMoNews may have the answer. Seems T-Mobile has updated their internal FAQ used to educate their employees on sensitive customer matters like, exactly what will happen once the AT&T acquisition takes place.

According to the document, customers will be grandfathered into keeping whatever plan they had while on T-Mobile. That’s not all. Apparently, T-Mo customers will be able to keep the plan even when their term is over and continue onto a month-to-month contract. Sounds pretty of ‘ol AT&T but — there is still the question of upgrades. Once you take one of AT&T’s subsidized phone’s, you will more than likely enter into a whole new contract with them and their rates. AT&T is tricky like that.

[Via TMoNews]

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  1. Wow! AT&T plans to honor the contracts they buy! Amazing!!!

    As has been pointed out on TMoNews, this doesn’t mean a thing. Next new phone => AT&T contract.

    1. Buy one off contract. Since I save like $800/year on T-mo compared to the other guys I never have a problem spending $529 on a new Nexus.

      Edit: Also that is per year so no waiting for 2 years on contract.

      1. They can make you switch plans if you buy off contract. Most carriers wont but I could see at&t doing that.

        1. That’s why at&t needs to keep it’s hands off t-mobile. Just so all the at&t fanboys know(not sure there are any;) I can upload photos to facebook/g+ at 4-5mb/s. At&t is like 100kb/s.

      2. How do you save $ when you still have to pay the same $ for the data plan (unless you don’t use data with your phone).

        1. I have 450 minutes plus mobile to mobile, unlimited text, “unlimited” internet, and free tethering for $720/year. Last week I compared prices with all the same features and I confirmed again that I currently save $660/year and $1320/2 years. This is all without taxes but if you were to add taxes then I would be saving even more. Also I’m not with them because I save money it is because they get all the Google phones and while I’m here I might as well put some extra cash in my pocket for other tech toys.

          Also I am not stuck on contract. It does seem weird that T-mobile lowered their off contract price more but that plan is gone now. Their new contract prices do match mine but who wants to be stuck on a contract.

  2. Seems like at&t is desperate to make people accept this acquisition. Another 2 weeks and they’ll be offering free HJ’s and dinner at the Sizzler.

    1. Sounds like a perfect evening to me.. o_O

      1. Thats only cause you work for at&t

        1. they have to take us out so it will be a bad relationship instead of rape

      2. Sizzler, really? A perfect evening? I’m not a snob, but, damn. Do you consider Fossil to be a high-end watch? At least a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. And a BJ.

        1. Does Gordon Ramsey serve cheesy toast? Didn’t think so…

          1. touché! :p

    2. Now that Sizzler is a mid-grade salad bar, Id be shooting for some Smith & Wollensky…You have to wine and dine me first. Maybe a movie too!

      1. Eugh! A H.J. from Smith & Wollensky, yuck! I guess what ever floats your boat

  3. Wait so they can’t break a legally binding contract?! Wow run to the presses for this. Seriously the real concern would be what happens to the coverage? Is AT&T going to let you keep your plan but shut off half the towers that provide 4G for T-Mobile’s spectrum?

    Even if they keep the towers it would just say that they can’t even use the spectrum in the short term to supply the 4G broadband they are using to sell this whole merger.

    So at the end of the day, this merger is still just to shut down a competitor and there’s no logical reason to think otherwise.

    1. That’s the point people will be missing, TMo’s 1700 mhz HSPA/HSPA+ frequencies will be going towards AT&T’s LTE rollout, so that means anyone with a grandfathered T-Mo plan will need to “upgrade their plan” to access LTE which will have replaced all of TMobile’s “4G” spectrum.

    2. no no no, see, AT&T is going to sell their spectrum (that they don’t have enough of apparently) to make sure they can turn around and buy T-Mo’s spectrum. So they’re going to end up with less spectrum which means it will be used up that much quicker, and we’ll be right back where we started. Oh wait, just a second, I’m getting word that AT&T actually doesn’t need the spectrum since they have hoards of it not being used…aaaaanndd they want to buy T-Mobile to remove competition and be the only GSM network in the country….more as it develops…

      end /s

  4. Jdog25 says “yeah right AT&T”.

  5. Of course they’re going to let you keep your plan and rate… to start with. They’ve played this game before, they know how to squeeze the consumer until they have to switch plans and rates. There’s a very good reason why they are called the death star.

    1. I had the same Cingular plan for 6 years after the switch back to the AT&T brand, never had anyone try to upsell me on a different one. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but it’s not the boogeyman you make it out to be either.

      1. They didn’t upsell people, they just reduced functionality on them and if you wanted to have some new service they provided? Yeah, guess what.

      2. Were you a Cingular customer first? If so, I hate to tell you, but, Cingular bought AT&T. The purchasing company isn’t likely to change the plans of it’s own customers, but those of the customers it just bought. Not rocket science, but here’s a manual anyways…

  6. This is how you, the consumer, win. Buy the AT&T phone off contract, and root (if it’s an Android). Use the T-Mobile sim and voila! Only condition is that the phone has to have the super CID method used when rooted.

  7. Hmm At&T wants us badly lol.

  8. What will become of Carley???

    1. 2 words, Bunny Ranch.

      1. Nooooooooooooo… I mean — Oooooooooh..? o.O

  9. Reminds me of Obama saying you can keep your private insurance if his health control bill passes.

  10. I hope the free Tmo tethering gets grandfathered too.

  11. Ha, that might actually slow down T-Mobile’s attrition rate…..

  12. Really hope this doesn’t go through, I would like to see Sprint acquire T-Mobile so that the market is more competitive.

  13. They probably say this until you want to upgrade and then will make you switch to their higher price plans.

  14. …I knew this like a month after I heard about the merger. It was posted on the actually Tmo website. LoL!! People go all across the web to read about rumors when sometimes the actual information they need is right on the home website… most of the time. :P

    As long as I still get my Nexus Prime, I’m a little less worried about what’s to happen. Just because AT&T will get all these customers doesn’t mean they will be able to keep them. I don’t know why people keep saying AT&T will become a monopoly of some sort. To be a monopoly you have to have customers, and most Tmo customers don’t like AT&T, which is why wii got Tmo in the first place. :P

    1. It IS going to be a monopoly, after the merger, if i want a GSM carrier, guess how many choice I will have?

      1. simple mobile runs on tmo network and cheaper

  15. yeah, i seen how tmobile grandfathers long term users with their newer plans. I was one that had the unlimited data. when they switched to the tiered data plans, they reassured that i would keep my unlimited data plan. however, i noticed that even though i may have somewhat unlimited data, my connection speeds get bottlenecked at 5gb. i threw a fit with them and argued back and forth, and their only defense was that “You still have unlimited data”! T-Mobile over the months have learned to lie just as good, if not better than AT&T. I shouldn’t say that they lie, but the stretch the truth to unbelievable lengths. T-Mobile’s new business antics have encouraged me to find a way out of my contract and go on over to Sprint. I hope this merger goes through, and I hope AT&T drops billions more into LTE technology, only to not make it back and fall flat on their faces. I could care less for verizon as well, as they charge way too much. For me, going to Verizion, having two lines with 700 minutes and 2gb of data will cost just as much as Sprint’s 1500 minutes with everything unlimited plan! These carriers are just getting ridiculous with what they are charging. It doesn’t cost them $10/gb of data, it doesn’t even cost them $1/gb.

  16. When has AT&T done ANYTHING out of the ordinary to benefit its customer base? When/if the merger goes through, any promises AT&T makes right now, you can bet the farm it will be a matter of time before those consesions are erased.

  17. i dont think anyone is concerned about not keeping their rate plan AT&T. there is a much bigger picture to be looking at here…

  18. AFTER UPGRADE? Will we be able to keep our good plans after we upgrade our phones? I don’t think so.

  19. I just assumed this was going to be the case. The fact that they mentioned this means the considered otherwise, that’s just scary.

  20. So will they let t-mobile customers tether is my question?

  21. If the merger happens and I think it won’t ie the justice department has never lost an anti-trust lawsuit, then bye-bye Tmo hello Verizon and LTE.

    1. Incorrect. They tried to bust up a little company called Microsoft. You don’t see a dozen offshoots of them do you? No, the DoJ can and has lost an anti-trust lawsuit.

      1. that is because breaking up microsoft will do more harm than good you would have 12 incompatible operating systems it would make the world a mess

  22. Tried to switch to new plan and was told $200 per line to migrate to new plan. So if meger goes thru will still be stuck on higher price plans? They are locking us into higher price plans for AT&T.

  23. I think you guys are missing the real story here. Tmobile stands to make A LOT of money from this deal. Why can’t you all just be happy for them? It’s selfish to think only of yourselves and your wallet. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to pay A LOT more for phone service? Screw the budget! Do it for AT&T. Better yet do it for T-Mobile.

    What do ya say? Let’s all put on our happy faces, go out there, put ourselves over a barrel and take one for good ol’ T-Mo.

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