Amazon Appstore No Longer Available Outside US [Whoops]


Looks like the Amazon Appstore jumped the gun a bit on making it available to non-US customers. Yesterday, many of you were able to access the Amazon Appstore and download the free paid app of the day. We noted that Amazon had yet to change their disclaimer that the service was only available in the United States and we questioned whether or not it was an error. All that can be put to rest, though, as users outside the US haven’t been able to get in on the fun for a second consecutive today. Perhaps Amazon was testing it and mistakenly allowed you guys access? If that were the case, it could mean official European support could come soon. For the sake of everyone, though, we won’t get our hopes up. [Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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[Update: More Details] Official: HTC Rhyme Headed to Verizon September 29th, Pre-orders Start September 22nd

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  2. dang

  3. It was awesome….for one day. What a shame! Cmon amazon, us poor european trust in you

  4. I had a look yesterday and besides the free crAPP of the day really don’t see a need for another market. Between appbrain and the android market it’s easy enough to find just about everything that’s out there.

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