Anonymous 4Chan User Posts Hands-on Time With The Samsung Nexus Prime


I have no shame when it comes to bringing you the latest Samsung Nexus/Droid Prime rumors and today is no different. Seems Dustin Earley from AndroidandMe was cruisin’ through 4chan when he stumbled upon this thread from an anonymous user claiming to have had direct hands-on time with the device. As it goes with 4chan, threads are usually gone in an instant and rather than supply you with the “ZOMG” responses and pics of she-men, Dustin went ahead and took out the more important bits for ya. Here we go!

Alright so these Samsung representatives dropped by work today and gave our team a heads up about their mobile division and their flagship phones coming out in the near future. Basically they came in with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. They said it was a beta model, but it looked like a proper retail version. They talked about that phone, their Galaxy S II, it’s success and the Galaxy S III next year which is already in R&D.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

– Samsung representatives showed a working a working model of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but not the Galaxy S III. They passed around the Galaxy Nexus phone and we got about an hour to play with it while they were here. The phone looks similar to the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S II, with a round-edged body, but also similar to the Nexus S with a curved screen. It’s a good size, not too big if you’re used to Android phones. It’s a monster compared to iPhones though.

– Reps said that Verizon passed on the SGSII to have an exclusive deal with Samsung to stock the Galaxy Nexus.

The SGN will run on Samsung’s Exynos dual core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz, 1gb RAM, Super AMOLED Plus 4.65 inch 1280×720 HD display, 16gb internal memory (with sd card slot) is 8.8mm thick, metal body and a 2000mAh battery (the same as the new one that’s being released for the Galaxy S II).

– It is heavier than the SGSII, weighing in at around 130g-140g because of the metal casing. It feels nice and has got decent weight.

– The phone is blazingly fast, I guess it’s as fast the SGS II. It has no issues with general use and opens apps, drawers etc instantly. No lag. I tried opening a whole bunch of apps, but it was still running smooth and would auto-kill once it got overloaded anyway, so you never feel the performance taking a hit.

Ice Cream Sandwich:

– Ice Cream Sandwich is very nice. It works like the current Gingerbread OS but has gotten a major facelift. The menus are a lot nicer and smoother, screens have a ‘glassy’ look to them. It just feels more polished with more animations (fast and smooth) when accessing things on the phone.

– On the demo unit, the Android version was 2.4.1, not 4.0 or whatever people were expecting.

The app drawer has three sections at the top that you press and it goes to the drawer for your selection. There are sections for apps, games and widgets. The apps section is what we are all used to. Just drawer for all the apps on the phone. The games section is just a drawer for all the games you’ve downloaded, the widgets section shows all the apps that have widgets available. The cool thing is you can click the widgets in the widgets section to get a view of what they look like. So you don’t have to screw around with applying a widget on a homescreen, seeing you don’t like it, deleting it, doing it again wit a slightly different setting etc etc to see the difference. On ICS you get a visual representation of the widget, you can swap easily between the widgets the app provides, change the settings in real time, and then you can go ahead an apply it on a homescreen.

– Best of all with the drawers is that you can create and name your own app drawer if you want. I think the ICS comes with three standard drawers mentioned above (apps, games and widgets) and then demo phone had app drawers created called “Sports” and “News” which contained all the sports and news related apps that you download. I’m not sure if the sports apps you download automatically go to the sports drawer (with some settings like auto push sports apps to drawer “Sports” or something) or if you have to put it there manually. Either way, it was very good and reduced the amount of searching for an app. With the Galaxy phones, if you didn’t know where the app was, which page it was on, it would take a while to search through it because they weren’t in alphabetical order, they were just in the order you downloaded them. This is a LOT cleaner, organised and feels more polished.

– I’m not familiar with Honeycomb, so I don’t know really what it pulled from there. I’m guessing quite a bit because visually it’s quite different to current Android phones. I always thought that Android phone manufacturers made great phones, but the Android software lacked polish and user-friendlyness I was told the glassy look is from honeycomb and there are a lot more blues and purples on the phone rather than green. The icons look different, more shiny. The marketplace app is the same as the current one. Not sure if a new one is being worked on.

– The Gmail app is a lot better looking than the current one. If you flip the phone to the side, it has the preview pane, like how Outlook works, with the emails on on the left and the message on the right. It looks really nice. Vertically, it works similar to the current Gmail app, but looks a lot cleaner and on an email the reply button says “reply” rather than having that arrow. There’s a down arrow next to the reply button which has “reply all”, “save as draft” etc etc. The threads are smaller (could be due to the higher resolution screen) and around 10-12 threads can fit on the screen. Other than visual tweaks, it’s the same thing you know.

– Calendar app is revised, a lot less cluttered, glassy bluish look. A new calendar widget available.

The internet browser is leaps and bounds better than what you currently get. It has a completely revamped interface and the icon is no longer the blue earth icon. The icon is now an Android behind the earth which is green and blue. Name is still “internet”. But it’s really easy to use. I personally hated the stock browser for Android but I’d actually consider using this. It has its tabs at the bottom of the screen now, similar to Opera Browser mobile. The pinch to zoom is better than before, the rendering is excellent, no checkerboards. Zoomed out the text is pristine. Really liking the browser app.

Was I the only one that got all hot and bothered after reading that? Okay, I’m sure by now I don’t need to tell you to “take it with a grain of salt” seeing how this was posted anonymously and for the love of gawd, it came from 4chan. But there you have it. Real? Or just the twisted imaginings of an internet troll? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[4chan via AndroidandMe]

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  1. I would think (hope) that if someone really wanted to troll… they would do it on an Android site. But who knows…. Count me in.

    Just my two cents.

  2. 4chan? as much as Id love to believe it.. 4chan? lol Im glad I picked up the bionic. If something like this drops in an ZOMG fashion, ill sell it to upgrade.

    1. yeah… 4chan. this isn’t going to end well for ANYBODY.

      e.g. Anonymous 09/16/11(Fri)15:30 No.20050011
      Lets spam this thread with furry, and gore.

  3. please dont be only for Verzion Need Sprint version with wimax

    1. You got your galaxy s2, this is ours.

      1. Shut it. Don’t care if you’re jelly of Sprint, we will get either this phone or something even better. Just you wait and see.

        1. don’t QQ curtie. Sprint’s “wimax” sucks. Besides you do have SGIIS. Verizon paid to have this phone exclusive. END OF STORY, QQer.

          1. Why such a verizon fanboy? I’ve never seen a network fanboy before. Seriously?

    2. “Please dont be only for Verizon, We need a Sprint version with LTE-Advanced”


  4. Wow, very detailed write-up.

    Though very interesting that there’s no mention of the hardware buttons, or lack-thereof…

    Also, 2.4.1 can’t possibly be Ice Cream Sandwich, unless Google’s really pulled-back their release.

    2,000 mAh battery. Hell yeah.

    1. Yeah, more than anything, that 2,000 mAh bit got me excited.

      1. How sad is it that I agree with you 100%?

        1. Not sad at all, need to see this in ALL future phones.

          2,000mah FTW!!!

          1. I’d seriously consider a Ghostbusters proton pack if it had a micro USB attachment…

    2. You may remember, there was a leak saying Google pushed back the really good stuff for Jelly Bean. This is more the unifying of tablet and phone OS…

      1. I feel Jelly Bean will be the unifying OS because that’s going to take a lot of work to do right (see Win 8). That will be called 4.0 for sure and will run on tablet and phone alike.

        ICS will be the thing that makes the phones more like HC but won’t necessarily be enough to truly join the two form factor OSs together due to time constraints. Tablets may be stuck on Honeycomb until Jelly Bean.

        1. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Honeycomb is a pretty solid OS in it’s own right.

          1. Yeah it is, it means no source code releases (stupid apache license).

      2. That still doesn’t make any sense. ICS on tablets won’t be 2.4.1 because that is less than 3.2.1. WTF?

        If ICS comes out for phones only and doesn’t have tablet source released I am going to be so pissed.

        1. I can try to make sense of this before honeycomb released it was the rumour to be for 2.4 android. As honey comb is a tablet its not exactly a step above honey comb its meeting in the middle because its fusing together bits of honeycomb. Thats how I would see it.

      3. Well I’ll be damned…I seem to have missed that write up. I thought ICS was the unifying of tablet and phone. whats next the really really amazingly awesome stuff is getting pushed back for Key Lime Pie?

        1. I would like to say for the record I really, really hope they call the post-Jelly Bean release Key Lime Pie.

          1. Graham cracker crumb eyes for sure.

  5. The Gmail app sounds like the Galaxy email app, right? It all sounds good and could be real, but there isn’t a whole lot about the physical aspect of the phone that hasn’t already been tossed about. Hardware buttons? Camera details?

    And would Samsung honestly be giving this phone to their sales reps to show on the streets? IDK…

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s solid info. We are getting closer to release after all (~1.5 months) and a lot of these things just make sense and actually take cues directly from Honeycomb.

  7. HAH! You have to be a dumbass to believe anything posted on 4chan.

  8. I’m concerned about there being no LTE on the Galaxy nexus, also wish he had elaborated on the screen and whether the resolution looks as good as “retina display” (hate that term)

  9. I personally don’t believe ANYTHING on 4chan. That being said, I WANT to believe this. If those are the stats, if that was the experience, I want one. It’s either this, the Incredible HD, or the iphone5. Sorry guys, I said it.

    1. Thos are the three a am wiating to see before I make my decicon also. Ive been due for a upgrade for a month, and the trigger finger is itching( Specially since my droid took a dump on me and im stuck with a crappy flip phone right now) badly.. So hopefully I can make it that long cause the Vigor looks awesome and might make me pull the trigger early..

  10. “Reps said that Verizon passed on the SGSII to have an exclusive deal with Samsung to stock the Galaxy Nexus.”

    I don’t feel like waiting any longer for this phone.

    But, I thought it would have OMAP because it’s the processor of choice for ICS
    And I thought the screen would be 1280×800 and not Plus because the Galaxy Note is that way.

    But considering this is from 4chan I am EXTREMELY skeptical.

  11. Samsung AND a Verizon exclusive? I’ll probably end up passing on it then. By the time it becomes available on other carriers, something better will be announced.

    1. Lol dude… has anyone ever told you it’s 2011 going on 2012? Something better is ALWAYS announced. This is top of the line specs once it comes out, how the hell can that not keep you happy or content? This is one beast of a phone that I wish I could afford.

      1. I dunno, did you not read what I wrote?!?

      2. What you said is true, but pay attention to what you’re replying to first. His point is that by the time it comes out on other carriers those other carriers will have something better close by. So yeah when this first comes out if ur on verizon get it don’t wait, but if you’re in everyone else’s situation, you’re gonna have to wait anyways….

  12. Some people just trolls, other say the truth but it’s hard to tell w/o a real source. For me this stuff looks true, resembles what we saw with the leaked photos.

  13. I wanted to know more about the hardware… buttons and bezels.
    Nexus can’t be verizon exclusive can it??

  14. i just cant see how it could be 2.4 if honeycomb is 3.0 and ICS is newer than honeycomb :/

    1. Honeycomb is a tablet os though and ICS was rumoured first to be 2.4 is not a step above honeycomb its a step above gingerbread. Ot fuses together bits of honeycomb and something else.

  15. Im not sure what to think. I feel that it might be real because who would put that much length into a troll post.

    1. A 4chan troll. That’s who. =p

      1. Chris…remember the other day when I said Id feed you guys some Nexus rumors since they were so easy to come up with?

      2. I’m prolly completely wrong but my intuition says that this is true! One reason is that the 4chan dude mentions that they are planning to debut the SGS3 at MWC 2012 and that is exactly what a certain Indian Samsung insider on twitter has also stated before…

  16. The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
    Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

  17. I’m in for everything but Verizon exclusivity. I want to see this on sprint in late october/early november. I have a feeling that the weight of the verizon rumors are starting to stack up though and that makes me sad.

  18. This would be a perfect place to insert that poster from The X-Files:

    “I WANT TO BELIEVE”… however, have to consider the source. Perhaps if the OP had said something about how fast /b/ loads or how vivid hentai looks on that screen…

  19. Not sure if excited. No keyboard = look elsewhere.

    1. get over the keyboard thing, they will still make phones with them but seriously don’t ever expect a keyboard on a nexus phone, i really hope you weren’t holding your breath for that

      1. Doesn’t have to be a nexus phone, but nexus phones’ main goal is to raise the bar for the “superphone” for other manufacturers. Raising the bar with the keyboard’s quality definitely sound something a nexus phone would do, so why not a keyboarded nexus?

        1. wtf is a keyboard :D? swype, voice to text…… swype

          1. It’s something that lets you do tasks 100% faster, son. Switching between browser tabs, copy and pasting, launching apps… all in an instant with a keyboard. Helps a lot with typing too, but keyboard shortcuts are way more important than silly typing.

            The shortcuts I typically use for a web browsing session on my phone:

            Search + B (app shortcut to open browser. can be done anywhere, anytime on the phone)
            Menu + B (opens up bookmarks)
            open all sites i want in new tabs (usually 3 to 5)
            Menu + 1/2/3/4/etc (switch between tabs in order of which tab was opened first. Don’t need that new tabs feature in ICS browser lol)
            Menu + R (reloads and stops)
            Menu + F (Find on page, whenever needed)
            Menu + J/K (Back and Forward, respectively)
            Menu + W (To close a tab)

            Without a keyboard, you’d be opening the menu for EACH and EVERY action I listed above. And this is just for a browsing session. Come back when Swype and voice to text does any of those.

          2. Agreed! And whenever someone says “keyboards in 2011? Go back to your crapberry douche” I say “try typing a text message without looking at the screen on a touch only screen”. If you can win that challenge then I may back down, but for those of us who like to type fast without staring at auto correct non-stop then keyboards are still the way to go!

          3. Well, there was that blindtype software keyboard that was demoed a while back until google bought them (i think? don’t remember). But still, it’s completely based on prediction and letting the software figure out what the hell you typed. Too much prediction = you end up on = not good

          4. What cell phone device do you have that does this?

          5. Any Android phone with a hardware keyboard will do that for you. I own a HTC G1, LG GW620, and a Motorola Milestone.

        2. LOL, keyboard? Really? LOL. Just go back to a blackberry buddy.

          1. Sure, go ahead and attack me for having a preference different than yours.

          2. I used to be all about the physical keyboard but I got used to the touch only and now I will never go back. It’s just not worth the extra bulk. It takes some time but you can learn to type really fast on a touch screen as long as the device is responsive enough to keep up with you.

          3. Here are my biggest two problemswith touschscreen keyboards:

            1- I prefer having small UI elements by reducing the lcddensity setting. And I like it really small. All onscreen keyboards end up being really tiny, and impossible to type on. Hardware doesn’t get smaller by software, so hardware keyboards are cool with that.

            2- No keyboard shortcuts. I use the phone with keyboard shortcuts the entire time. Open up google plus? Search + P. Open the notification bar? Search + N. and so on.

            Until onscreen keyboards meet my needs, there’s no way I can use them.

            EDIT: also, I don’t care about bulkiness/size/whatever. My pockets are huge enough to fit in three of the original galaxy tab, and still have space for my wallet. And that’s just one pocket.

          4. After reading your posts on here, Khalid, I think I’m in love with you! :P

          5. I’M A KEYBOARD WARRIOR!

        3. No nexus is just to be an updated dev device. There is nothing raising the bar about it except the next version of android.

          1. More reason for it to have a keyboard. Devs don’t develop with soft keyboards, and they will also need a keyboard phone to develop their apps to be better on keyboarded phones. Too many apps are becoming portrait-only, when my phone’s keyboard is landscape.

          2. Well while it may be true that devs don’t develop with soft keyboards, what they do keep in mind is the general population of phones and who their product is applying to. With the number of qwerty phones decreasing, spending more time developing an app that utilizes the physical hardware just becomes pointless. Besides, there aren’t that many apps that even need the keyboard for more than a few moments (excluding games of course, which could always use the extra physical buttons. )

            Don’t get me wrong, if you can show me a phone that is as thin as a gs2, but is still sturdy and a has an actual useful keyboard (I’m talking touch pro2 quality) I’m all for it. But aside from that, I hardly even use my phone with two hands so why bother. IMO

          3. What do you mean by “spending more time developing an app that utilizes the physical hardware just becomes pointless”? It’s mostly lazy devs refusing to put a landscape orientation in their apps. A simple addition of a landscape view would make their apps usable on a phone with a keyboard.

            Also, about thickness, I don’t know about you, but I never get the obsession with thinness. Thin phones feel very wrong ergonomically, usually results in thumb cramps for me after a while, and they could get more battery life by putting in a bigger battery to make up for its thin hardware. I’m sure as hell no one would mind adding 2 mm on a Galaxy S for several more hours of battery life.

            I never tried a touch pro2, to be honest, but HTC’s quality of keyboards on their current phones have been pretty bad. Zero indication of a key register, and are hard to type with overall. Are the current gen of HTC’s phones comparable?

            I’m loving the keyboard on my LG GW620 (which I use now. Slow as hell, yes, but what other Android phone has a keyboard as good as this?). The original Motorola Milestone (aka OG Droid) has an okay keyboard, but the lack of a number row and the fact that the “keyboard” is just a rubber strip (wears off very quickly, ends up being unusable) made me drop that phone. The G1 made me question my skills in typing.

            All I really want is a phone with a big screen, good specs, and a 5 row keyboard. For some reason, no manufacturer ever seem to want to make something that meets those three points. The motorola milestone3/droid3 uses a pentile screen, and that leaked keyboarded GS2 phone and the LG optimus note lacked a number row.

          4. …..Not sure if you have seen this yet or not,……although it is just a rumor…………………


          5. That was already mentioned on this site.

          6. Ahh so you have then,……… very good

  20. Very dubious source.

  21. Please no Verizon. I don’t feel like overpaying

    1. I’m sure it will be released on multiple carriers, remember other more reliable sources who have met with Samsung employees have said that there will be a short period of exclusivity with Verizon. Also Verizon is rebranding it as the “Droid” Prime instead of a true Nexus experience so there will probably be bloatware on their version of the phone. Also it was mentioned that there are CDMA and GSM variants of the phone in production.

    2. most likely it will go to all of the major 4 carriers

      1. most likely it won’t. The other carriers got SGIIS… end of story.

  22. sounds like ss2 apps…?

  23. Seems plausible – details sound about right and nothing that was said is really “out there” – it all fits pretty well with what we’ve already heard… Plus, you don’t get the “Look at me! I’m all dat ’cause I gotz da scoop!” vibe that usually comes with attention whores and trolls…

  24. 4chan? Does it come with a Sharpie?

  25. I hope the Gmail app supports pinch to zoom, or any zoom option really.

  26. Ok, i’ll ask, wtf is 4chan? I’ve never heard of that site in my life.

      1. Life huh…. what a detailed answer :)

  27. Pics or it didn’t happen

    1. pics of what? In front of the Samsung reps? really? no.. really?

  28. When is it coming to Sprint? If google really wanted to sell thus damn phone it would be on all carriers at once.

  29. It sure “feels” real to me (I know!). Sometimes you get that shiver up your spine when you read an anonymous review from an iffy source. I didn’t get that from this one. It doesn’t mean it’s real…but (ala Mythbusters) it’s certainly PLAUSIBLE.

    The write up look good, but not mind-blowing really. It seems a lot like the Nexus S. Great phone. I love mine. But it didn’t seem like a game changer. From what is listed here, the Prime has the same feel. This goes along with the rumors we’ve been hearing that now the Jellybean release with be the “Big One”.

    So, if nothing else, this write-up seems logically consistent with the other rumors out there. Of course, the author could have planned it that way. But who cares. I LOVE NEXUS RUMORS! :D

  30. calling it Fake…too “good”/manufactured/tailored to be true

    But I always love me a good rumor…so nice read. I hope some of it is true (not the screen size part…4.65 is to big!)

    1. for you maybe but 4.65 has already been confirmed by the samsung roadmap.

  31. The only way Samsung can make 1280×720 in Super Amoled *Plus* is at 7+ inches…

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Note has a slightly better 1280x800px resolution on a 5.3″ Super Amoled Plus display, so…

        1. From the link…

          5.3” WXGA (1280 x 800, 285 PPI) screen*

          Am I missing something?

  32. I’m pretty sure Samsung said their first 720P AMOLED screen would be called the SAMOLED HD with a pentile matrix. Then it would be follow by the SAMOLED HD+ that will go back to that beautiful RGB stripe patterb we have all come to appreciate more after these horrid qHD screens. Just like the pattern the AMOLED>AMOLED+, and then SAMOLED>SAMOLED+ screens followed. For what its worth I think at 720P on a 4.6 inch screen pentile matrix may well manage to look pretty damn nice.

  33. Google have already confirmed that ICS will be the unification of phones, tablet and GoogleTV OS. I think it is only natural for the OS to have a version number higher than the previous highest OS. Calling is 3.3 is fine but makes more sense for it to be 4.0.

  34. I’m a believer, this was just enough to make me hold out and wait (not jump on SGSIIE4GT) and pray it comes to Sprint as well…

  35. 4.65-inch screen is almost definitely a deal breaker for me. I want a PHONE, not something I’ll need a man purse to carry it around in.

    1. great. Then get another phone.

    2. you can increase screen size without increasing the size of the phone…they just have to make the frame around the screen thinner/smaller

      1. I completely understand that, and it’s pretty much the only reason I’m still willing to give a 4.X-inch phone a chance, but you can only go so far with the screen size before you have to increase the overall size. Even if the Prime has on-screen buttons only, I still can’t see it being any smaller than today’s 4.3-inchers, which are just too bulky for me.

        I’m honestly surprised at how many people actually want a HUGE phone. I kinda thought most people would share my preference of a phone in the 3.7 to 4-inch form factor range.

        If only I could have a couple hundred grand to spend on getting a phone developed as I want it, lol. With LG’s new AHIPS tech, I could manage a ~4.15-inch screen with 1280×720 resolution. Pack that with the latest Dual/Quad-core processor (OMAP 4470 with SGX544 should be sampling about now) and ~2000mAh battery, and squeeze it into a ~10mm thick aluminum case (possibly carbon fiber). HDMI out, Ziess Lens 8MP camera with LED flash, 2MP FFC, NFC, dual mics, all standard of course. That would be the perfect device right now IMHO.

  36. I gotta say that I am usually weary of these type of leaks. But you have to admit that it sounds extremely plausible. Now we all know some go to extremes to sell stories for their entertainment. In my opinion this is a good leak. I am going to check with my reps and sources to find out what the deal is and will get back to my favorite site when I know.

  37. Everything I have read said the new Nexus was going to have the OMAP 4. I call this fake

    1. I call that fake why would samsung use OMAP instead of their own processor? this isn’t the same case as for the gs2 where t-mobile got a different version because they wanted something that could take advantage of their network. Its just going to be a dev device. I take it that they would go with exynos because that is the top processor currently.

  38. PLease not Verizon!!!! :((((

  39. Can’t wait to wait a few months after this is out to get it lol. Glad I’m on Verizon…

  40. Looking again, 2.4.1 makes me think this is fake… Doesn’t really add up.

    1. It can though ICS was long ago rumoured to be 2.4 before honeycomb hit and honeycomb is only for tablets since this would be fusing honeycomb with whatever then its not a step above honeycomb plus we didn’t even have a android 3.5 or 3.4 android so how would we jump all the way to 4.0?

  41. Couldn’t it be that this is the Galaxy Nexus and NOT Nexus Prime?

  42. I am not going to call this phone the Galaxy Nexus. It has always been Nexus “Name”. Samsung is not changing that tradition. -_-

    This phone needs to just hurry and come out so I can have it until my qwerty version of ICS comes out.

  43. If the Nexus don’t have 4G LTE it can kiss my ass!! Anyone who has experienced the true power of 4G knows that once you’ve felt it there is no turning back!!

  44. 4 inches would have made it perfect, well time to get used to bigger acreens

  45. Really hope this is all true…

  46. Its too detailed to be fake.

  47. Why on Earth don’t they improve the ram, for $56 I can get 8 Gb, that’s 5 times as fast as my smartphone ram. Graphics card ram runs up to 25 times faster, sammy pumps the ram out of their factories like it’s going out of style. Ram useability for $56, 25 times as much, 5 times speed of my $500 sgs, with quads, what will be the point. I run out of ram on one core, one gpu, let alone 4 and 12, yes I use every trick in the book to save ram. Sammy makes great screens, but in 2 years time if you don’t have 3D, you’ll feel left out. Anyway, rah rah for wifi, an Aussie invention, like the other $12 Bn p/a in IP we export.

    1. Right now the ram isn’t necessary. Maybe upgrade it for a tablet, but come on. These phones don’t need that much ram. Not on stock android. Look at the sensation. It has gingerbread + sense(ram hog) on top of it but still runs smooth with 768mb ram. And I can’t imagine the ICS improvement’s over gingerbread taking up more ram than sense, so IMO 1Gb is definitely fine.

  48. If it goes to Verizon should I get it via early upgrade or should I get it when my contract let’s up in another year and a month

    1. Get it with early upgrade, if you have an annual upgrade, use it… it’s your last. come to pa and buy it off me :)

  49. I don’t believe this article simply because this dude could’ve easily taken a snap of it with his smartphone and released it anonymously…but he didn’t.

  50. I’ll be so mad if this only comes to Verizon. Why do that??????

  51. Why only give it to one network when it’s pretty much a developer phone.

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