More Samsung Prime Rumors – This Time Spotted In The Wild?


Another day, another dose of Samsung Prime rumors. Alright, out of all the rumors we’ve heard so far — this one deserves to be taken with the smallest grain of salt. Apparently, TheDroidGuy was traveling through Las Vegas this week for Verizon’s developer conference when he ran into a Samsung employee. He noticed the guy was holding a nondescript Android device and asked if he could take a look at it. After a bit of persuading, the Samsung employee paused, looked over both his shoulders and finally agreed. The Sammy employee took them into his private office, where he instructed TheDroidGuy (Kyle) to remove his bags, cell phones and possibly all articles of clothing before he could proceed. Once Kyle complied, he whipped out the phone and let Kyle manhandle the device.

Identified as the Samsung Nexus Prime, the device was described as looking very similar to the Nexus S, only bigger and with a home button smack on the front. The device also had an 8MP camera on the back, 2MP front facing camera and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Wait- what? Yeah. Apparently, Ice Cream Sandwich is still getting the bugs ironed out and isn’t quite ready to come out of the freezer just yet. Hence, the reason for the strange homescreen button on this early, presumably developer handset. Probably the most interesting bit of information he was able to squeeze out of the Samsung employee was the fact that there would be both a GSM and CDMA version of the device, meaning you can look forward to a Nexus Prime no matter which carrier you’re on.

Alright guys, for the final verdict I’m turning this over to you, the jury. Bogus? Real? Was this really the Samsung Prime? Keep in mind Kyle made no mention of his face melting off or hair turning white and last time I checked, that was one of the features of the Nexus Prime…

[Via TheDroidGuy]

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  1. False.

  2. I just ice creamed in my pants

    1. stop stealing my witty play-on-words

      1. Speaking of, is it just me or does the first paragraph seem likes its not talking about phones at all? It sounds more like the story used to persuade the Samsung guy into showing him the phone, and the phone was shown much later.

        1. Is PHONE code for something else?

          1. depends on how it’s manhandled.

  3. Why is it that when I don’t consider the old rumors that made the prime so interesting, this article seems so much less informative and interesting? I really wish some more solid evidence and interesting pictures would come out and our way? Otherwise, I’m gonna get my Epic Tough once I’ve accumulated the cash…

  4. “…remove his bags, cell phones and possibly all articles of clothing before he could proceed…
    Um sounds like he’s been had by some pervert.

    1. hahaha oh man i just laughed so hard XD

      1. It gets worse:
        ” Once Kyle complied, he whipped out the phone and let Kyle manhandle the device.”
        Is that what they call it these days, “device”

        1. Larry, you are my new hero

        2. You are on a roll…lol

        3. Would have been much better, had it been written this way… ” Once Kyle complied, he whipped it out and let Kyle manhandle the device.”

  5. this story just doesn’t make much sense. it’s fake.

  6. Odd that there is no mention of screen resolution

    1. Yeah I’m always able to definitively nail down a screens resolution just by looking at it.

      1. I can tell the difference between my bolt and wife’s iphone screen, but my vision might be better than yours.

        1. Well you can tell that one is nicer than the other. You can’t tell the resolution.

          1. I can. I have special eyes.

  7. Everything stated sounds like it could be possible. There isn’t really anything mentioned that wasn’t already known.

  8. The source says it has “NFC, MHL, and HDMI.” There would be no reason to have MHL and HDMI… I’m going to go with what others are thinking and say it’s fake.

    1. I think that the author at the source link isn’t good at explaining himself. It is indeed possible to have both HDMI and USB over MHL. Both the HTC Sensation and the Galaxy S II have HDMI over MHL.

      From Wikipedia:

      MHL is connection agnostic (i.e., not tied to a specific type of hardware connector). The first implementations dual-purpose the most popular mobile connection (micro USB) and the most popular HDTV connection (HDMI). Other than the connectors being used, no USB nor HDMI technology is being used.

      1. That’s… what I meant. But, if I understand what you’re saying correctly (which is a 50/50 shot haha), that is the whole purpose of MHL currently in phones. So if you have MHL handling both USB connections and HDMI connections, what’s the point in putting in another HDMI connection?

        Unless of course the author was just being redundant or doesn’t understand MHL on phones currently carries HDMI signal too (I doubt that one).

        1. Jarrod,

          What I meant is that the article is written very poorly. You and I both know that there’s no such thing as an MHL port; it’s carried over another hardware connection. I think that the author meant to say “NFC, and MHL over HDMI.

          I agree with you and believe that it’s fake too, mostly because of the poor reporting. Although poor reporting seems to be the norm on most blogs, the inconsistency on something as simple as MHL/HDMI has me casting my doubts.

  9. What happened to the original idea of a Nexus phone that you could use on any carrier or was that what Amazon talked about doing. I get all the rumors mixed up.
    I dont understand why it took so long to release the galaxy s2. If that wasnt coming out friday i would really not understand why they wouldnt want to release info on this thing. I get that they dont want people to not buy the galaxy s2 but you would think they would want to announce it before the iphone 5 so that anyone thinking about buying that would have to at least think twice.

  10. When the prime is released, it should have an autobot insignia on the back of the phone!

    1. Autobot on cdma and Decepticon gsm?

  11. Sounds like someone needed to get some traffic to their site.

  12. Kind of like the last time I went to the dentist and he made me take my pants off right before he put me under for a cleaning. Ok its not like that at all.
    I’m not sure I want a bigger screen. Maybe I’ll go with the SGSII and if the Prime is that great I’ll bite the bullet and pay cash.

    1. Did he tell you you’re going to feel a little prick in your mouth?

  13. Nexus Prime it isn’t.

  14. I just hope they launch in October (at least for the galaxy-less Verizon) to compete against iphone 5. If anyone is on the fence about which to buy they need a prime or galaxy S II available. I hate the lemming mentality of the good majority of the iphone owners/buyers “why? , because it’s an iphone” though I doubt anyone reading this would be in that boat. It will come into play is there is not a better/equal android option available. I also believe that there are a lot of off contract iphone owners that will go back to the i5 at launch without a better option.

  15. for someone that handled the phone, he offers very little detail…can’t even tell me anything about lag, chassis material, weight, shape, color, screen quality, carrier branding, etc.

  16. Honestly…after reading this stuff I could probably make up a fun rumor. I will feed you guys something in a few days! :P

    1. Will keep a close eye on our Phantips…. xD

      1. =0( You dont play well with others!

  17. I’m not expecting the Prime anytime before the end of November and possibly early December. But, I will try hard to wait for it and avoid buying the Samsung Galaxy S II for as long as I can.

  18. The story is very false. There’s no way that the Prime would have a home button.

    1. I could see an early build of the Prime having a home button for development purposes. You can guarantee that it won’t launch with a home button though.

  19. I want it to look like the picture.

  20. Prime with no ICS = Major Fail, unless its specs are so beastly to dwarf tablets.

  21. i’ll say…don’t believe any rumors……and wait until it is announce by GOOGLE. when ever the Next Nexus device comes out…it will be announce by Google not anybody else…. after all it is a Google Device right! if Samsung turns out to be the Manufacturer they’ll be just that…the manufacturer only… it is up to Google to decide who will build it, and when it will be available for us to buy……. a google employee sooner or later will leak a picture with the device…just like they did with the 1st two nexus…… and if it doesn’t have the word “Google” in the back than it is not a nexus. so until something official comes out i’ll be calling it the Nexus3

  22. Lmaao Chris kills me :’)

  23. Gotta jump on the fake bandwagon. If they actually held it in hand, they would have a lot more than ~=500 words to say about it.

  24. It’s running Gingerbread, but only home button? Hmm, Doesn’t Gingerbread need buttons to function?

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