LG Optimus Black Coming To Sprint As LG Marquee [Confirmed]


After a Radio Shack promo video briefly revealed the LG Marquee for Sprint, there was a lot of speculation that this would in fact be Sprint’s version of the LG Optimus Black. We’ve known for awhile that the LG LS-855 would be Sprint’s version of the Optimus Black and now we thanks to Sprint’s Cellebrite data courtesy of PocketNow, this has all but been confirmed.

There you have it, folks. While this device may not have the dual-core punch that many of our die-hard Android readers crave (and the Android OS has yet to support) the bright Nova display should be enough to capture the attention of casual passer by’s. I’ve held this device in my hand and there’s absolutely no denying its sex appeal. Should compliment Sprint’s Android lineup nicely.

[Via Pocketnow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. How does the nova screen compare to the super amoled plus in the sgs2?

    1. Well, the Super AMOLED Plus wins. Only by a hair though. Nova is much better than regular SAMOLED though =p

      1. I actually thought about this phone, don’t know why considering the issues I had with the g2x. I seen the sgs2 and I loved the screen. I was just curious about the nova display. Lg should’ve packed that in the optimus 2x lineup.

        1. G2X screen is actually GORGEOUS (when it’s not being plagued with leakage or dead pixels). Nova would have made it better… =/

          1. It is a nice screen, though I do have a little leakage. My only real issue is it keeps dropping signal. Tmobile wants to exchange it for the g2, and LG said they would document the issue and did absolutely nothing. that’s the only thing that makes me weary about the optimus black. I am going with sprint at the end of the month. I thought about this phone but my experience with lg products isn’t the best.

          2. I got the LG Thrill on launch day and I was hoping it would replace my iPhone 4. the colors on the Thrill are horrible but white shows up as white while the iPhone shows white with a blue tint.

      2. NOVA is better than Super AMOLED Plus. NOVA has better outdoor view, better readability for texts, true white colour, double brightness (700 NITS vs 350 NITS for Super AMOLED Plus, good viewing angles and good contrast).
        Super AMOLED Plus has better black, but isn’t able to display true whites (only a shade of blue), has a very short lifespan, has very false and oversaturated colours, deterioration begins much more quickly and since the first day (ghost images and quick lose in brightness mainly), and furthermore, Super AMOLED Plus, also has manufacturing defects (yellowish tint of left side, vertical line, colour circles, etc…). Viewing angles are better on SAMOLED+, but, as for NOVA they are very good, it doesn’t matter.

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