Samsung Galaxy S II GPU Clocks in at Nearly 2x the Competition


Samsung’s Galaxy S II flagship was put through its paces by AnandTech, and the results should have T-Mobile customers feeling a bit snubbed by a lack of an Exynos processor in the carrier’s upcoming version of the handset. Benchmarks found that the CPU’s accompnaying Mali-400 quad-core GPU performs at nearly twice the speed of any any other Android device. That includes not only smartphones, but tablets as well.

The Galaxy S II scored a 42.5 on the GLBenchmark 2.1 scale. For a bit of perspective, the Samsung Infuse 4G scores a 25.5 on the same test, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 scores a 20.8. The iPad 2 trumps all with an 85.7. The full report can be found over at the source link below.

[via AnandTech]

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  1. Samsung has built an impressive cpu gpu combo there.

    1. Read the article.

      For the record; however, the Tegra 2 implements a Unified Shader Architecture, thus Pixel (Fragment) and Vertex Shaders are used interchangeably. With that in mind it has 4 of each whereas the Mali-400 has 4 Pixel (Fragment) and 1 Vertex Shader.

      Just having the more hardware; however, does not make or break performance. Once again, read the article :)

      1. No, Tegra 2 doesn’t have Unified architecture.

  2. I’m glad I’ve decided not to get the TMO GSII because this kind of information would have me heated. The ONLY fair trade for the lack of exynos and low res would be Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Triple let down. I’m on to the next I’m on to the next… Nexus!

    1. Hopefully we wont get let down with all the latest talks of game-changing updates being left until jellybean release

      im all in for the next nexus, either way. good enough time to jump off the blackberry and finally join android!

  3. Also, its battery life was down to 20 minutes…

  4. Honestly, I just wish TMO would tell us what processor is in the TMO GSII version. because no one “REALLY” knows yet.

  5. As usual they used the bad benchmarks to test performance, the GPU is actually shit.

    1. mali is one of the best mobile gpu out there. maybe for games tegra is better (n-vidia know bit more about gaming than ARM), but it cant play 1080p flash video in browser.

      Its shit because you cant aford SGSII??? or you really a retard

  6. I hope Samsung goes back to Imagination Technologies GPUs with the SGS3. Just look at Apple’s A5 performance!

  7. Well its true know one know which one but Its pretty safe to say that its confirmed that it will NOT be the Exynos that we all want to be in there.

    I highly doubt they’ve managed to sneak in a completely new Exynos that no one has heard of.

  8. Don’t worry, 6 months later they will come out with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Exynos 4G!! Complete with Ice Cream Sandwich!

  9. Ok. Someone tell me if I am reading everything right and have my facts straight.
    Sprint gets a Galaxy SII
    ATT gets a Galaxy SII
    T-mobile gets a Galaxy SII with a downgraded processor
    and Verizon gets something resembling an Galaxy SII but not the actually Galaxy SII?

    Am I right? Or do I have a fact wrong?

    1. Correct

  10. smh… yep. next phone is Nexus Prime..

  11. Benchmark is a joke. It scales with resolution and screen size. Best test was my G2X and Transformer. Same SoC with different screen sizes and resolution. G2X was 25 fps and Transformer 18. If anyone would care to do the math we could find out how the benchmark scales.

    1. The new benchmark puts all the smartphones at 1280×720 resolution, so Exynos had double the score, with everyone having the same resolution. That means at its low 800×480 resolution it should score even better than the smartphones with higher resolution.

      Oh, and the iPad 2 is the only tablet put against these smartphones. If Anandtech would’ve put other Android tablets in there, they’d see all tablets generally score more than the smartphones with the “same” chips. That’s because the tablet processors, even if they have the same name, are clocked higher and are more powerful.

      So don’t take this to mean that just because the iPad 2 A5 beat all the smartphones there, it also means the iPhone 5 A5 will to. It won’t because its chip should be considerably weaker. Tablets have more power because of higher resolutions and bigger batteries.

      1. I guess you missed where they compared it to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which had 1/4th the score of the i*ad2

        1. You realize the Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t have the same GPU, or CPU for that matter…

          1. still a tablet, thats the point hes getting across. Im sure all the devices listed have different GPU CPU from eachother.

  12. So Lucian, a 1.5ghz Ipad is not really a 1.5ghz processor? Please Elaborate. I’m an Android to the core, but the Ipads have our tables beat across the board.

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