Sep 12th, 2011

Samsung’s Galaxy S II flagship was put through its paces by AnandTech, and the results should have T-Mobile customers feeling a bit snubbed by a lack of an Exynos processor in the carrier’s upcoming version of the handset. Benchmarks found that the CPU’s accompnaying Mali-400 quad-core GPU performs at nearly twice the speed of any any other Android device. That includes not only smartphones, but tablets as well.

The Galaxy S II scored a 42.5 on the GLBenchmark 2.1 scale. For a bit of perspective, the Samsung Infuse 4G scores a 25.5 on the same test, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 scores a 20.8. The iPad 2 trumps all with an 85.7. The full report can be found over at the source link below.

[via AnandTech]

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