Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smart Case and Stick it to Apple


A couple months back, in the midst of an Apple lawsuit claiming that many of Samsung’s product infringe directly patents pertaining to the iPad and iPhone, the appearance of a so-called Smart Case from Anymode seemed like a rather odd choice as an officially licensed tablet Galaxy Tab accessory. The Smart Case, you see, is in almost every way identical to the Smart Cover introduced alongside the iPad 2. Of course, Samsung was quick to point out that they had no involvement in the design and conception of the Samrt Cover clone, and little has been seen of it since. Well now you can pick up your very own for a few cents under $15. It’s the only case that says “see if I care how much this product blatantly rips off Apple.” Sticking it to the man.

[via Case in the Box | Thanks, Andy!]

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  1. Looking forward to the Toshiba AT200.

  2. I would never buy this crap. You might as well tell everyone that you wanted an iPad.

    1. Ive been searching for a month for a slim case that wont bulk up my tab…not wanting an ipad nor caring if people think i have one or not, it looks like a decent alternative to the uber thick nasty cases that plague the www

      1. Acase has another case that is very nice. They make it for both the Tab and the iPad.

        1. do you have one of these? i saw this and was curious as to how it fit and the functionality. basically, the one i have from belkin sucks but was the only case available.

          1. I have that exact one. It isn’t perfect but it is better than any other tablet case I have found. I tend to flip the cover around the back like folding a newspaper open. Most people don’t know what to do with the cover when you hand it to them. They pretty much just let it dangle down while they hold the tablet. But that is the problem with any case of that type.

        2. also, wanted one that i could charge while it was closed.

          1. oh yeah, you can’t charge it while it is closed. Again, I fold the case open and let it sit screen up while charging. The other good part is that once you figure out that it slides into the case, not snaps, it is very easy to take it out and put it back in again.

    2. Ah man don’t be like that!

  3. I don’t really think that’s the statement anyone wants to make that really believes in Android as a platform. Makes Android supporters look like we don’t care about intellectual property rights. This is not the case(no pun intended). We revel in the differences and how Android is an open and superior operating system. We are leaders and not followers so let’s start acting that way Samsung.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    2. Sorry but Apple blatantly steals ideas, repackages them, and get praised for innovation. Intellectual property by buttcrack! This case isn’t even Apple’s design as someone pointed out above. In any case, even if it was (which is a stretch considering every piece of technology they ever ‘innovated’ have been borrowed), I’d probably buy it still because it’s actually a great idea.

  4. OMG, that looks so ghetto…..sorry, no interest in buying this crap just to stick it to apple.

    1. You do realize it isn’t actually only in that color, right?

  5. iCrap; typed from my HP TouchPad,

  6. “Is that an iPad 2?” “Noooooo!”

  7. Why doesn’t anyone remember that Apple ripped off the “Smart Cover” from Incase to begin with?

    1. Because….when Apple does something like this its…innovation. Anyone else does this…especially Android…and its…copying…

      According to some ppl.

  8. uhhhh no

  9. I also got a Smart Case in , it’s a excellent product at a good price, although it is about $4 cheaper today than when I ordered it! Mine is a pink one.

  10. I wish they sold it in grey or black. I might’ve bought one.

    1. They do sell it in grey…pg 1…i think i like the white one…might get dirty quick

  11. I don’t even have a Galaxy Tab and I want to buy it just because

  12. Im actually using the official iPad1 case with my TouchPad. Perfect fit and every single button and port lines up.

  13. Slow news day?

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