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I don’t know what it is about me, but I don’t need alarm clocks. I have an internal clock, whatever that means and however that works. If I go to sleep dead tired at 2am and need to be up at 6am, my body will wake up at 5:30am just for the hell of it. Or no matter how much I drink the previous night I always find a way to wake up just in time for opening kickoff on a Sunday afternoon. I wake up early even when I don’t want or need to. It drives me crazy. But I’d rather have my brain working for me when I’ve retired into a deep trance at night than forget to set my alarm because, gasp, I was too tired or drunk to remember. Gotta love the human body. Apps of the day!

R-Type – For those moments when you’re feeling a bit of gaming nostalgia and want a game that has aged quite while, DotEmu has brought back the classic shooter R-Type. You’re getting 8 levels with 8 different bosses, two difficulty levels and tons of different weapons and power-ups. I’m already in the time machine. Only $2.99 to download. [Market]

Detour – Detour is an interesting application unlike any other “places discovery” service. Instead of you searching for places in a set radius from where you are, it asks you where’s point A and point B and allows you to specify the types of business you want to see along the way. This sounds perfect for those who need to get to work, a party or anything and need to make a stop to get something without being led too far off the path. It’s free in the market. [Market]

Early Bird Alarm – Can’t say we need anything other than the default alarm clock app, but one worker who professes he has too hard a time getting up in the market has spent all those sleep-full nights dreaming up the perfect app to help him out. Early bird alarm goes beyond the “solve a math problem” or “fill in the blank” alarm that can be achieved in one second. One option will force you to scan QR codes, while another will make you say a phrase (the developer suggests something to remind the user that they need to get up for work). It’s even more flexible than most alarm clock apps with more alarm repeat configurations. Might as well give it a try for free (especially if you’re on the verge of losing your job because of this problem). [Market]

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  1. If you decide to check out R-type, be aware that there are multiple publishers with the apps by the same name and using the same Icon. Make sure you get the app from Dotemu as listed in the article or you risk spyware/malware.

  2. The market link for R-Type done got broke

  3. Price is wrong too it’s closer to $4.50 or £2.59 here. A lot for a game that appears to be crashing for lots of people right now..

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