Barnes & Noble Hosting Nook Color Workshop – Hopes To Ramp-Up App Development


Barnes & Noble isn’t ready to give up on the Nook Color just yet. Apparently, the company looks to spur more Nook Color application development for the pseudo tablet/e-reader by hosting a Nook Developer Workshop at this years App Developers Conference in Santa Clara, CA. The conference takes place in October and the Nook Color Developer team will be on hand for the workshop taking developers through the entire development process of creating apps for Android powered B&NNC. Things like app submission and approval process and utilizing Nook Color API’s. They’re enticing developers with the possibility of making big bucks seeing how the top-selling apps for the NC grossed more than $100,000 within the first 30 days of being launched. Color me impressed.

Thanks, Mark!

[Via AppDevConf]

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  1. Just let owners install Android Market without having to root.

  2. I sure don’t won’t to be in their position as Amazon is preparing their tablet…

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