Sep 7th, 2011

Quite a few Motorola Photon owners have been experiencing an issue with their device in what they are calling “The Sleep of Death.” Apparently, the device will shut down at random times without warning forcing users to power back on and check for important missed calls and/or texts. MoPho users took to our very own Android Forums to address the issue though it seems nobody could figure out exactly what was going on and if this was a software issue or a hardware one. This ultimately lead many users back to their Sprint stores for hardware replacements.

As it turns out, AF member 408SandShark seems to have found a possible fix. Apparently, the battery isn’t secure inside the phone and when the device is moved, this causes the battery to lose a connection with the terminals on the device, making the device shut off. The fix? Well, placing some kind of cushioned tape or folded piece of paper in between the battery cover and battery seems to hold everything in place. 408SandShark claims this has remedied “The Sleep of Death” issue for him. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you. Good luck!


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