Droid Bionic Pricing Again Confirmed, Best Buy Says $299 with Contract


As the Droid Bionic launch quickly approaches, there is always time for a few last minute leaks to confirm the details we don’t quite have locked down yet. Though pricing has not been announced, the Bionic has long looked to be headed to store shelves with a $299.99 price tag when bought on a two-year contract, and a leaked Best Buy pricing sheet confirms just that. Also confirmed is the $589.99 pricing we first saw revealed by the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page of DroidDoes.com, but it looks like this won’t be the true off-contract pricing. $589.99 is Best Buy’s cost, though they will sell the handset outright for $699.99.

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  1. Too expensive?

    1. Especially when reports are that the Galaxy SII price will be $199 on contract from the others….

      1. Yeah and it wont have 4G LTE. Thats the reason the Bionic is so expensive and its worth it (at least to me).

        1. You really think 4G warrants an extra 100 bucks?

          Hint: It doesn’t

          1. yea

  2. Can’t wait!

  3. $300 plus tax is just ridiculous..4g lte or not

  4. l2 Amazon Wireless newbs…

    1. This is great until you want to return the phone because you don’t like it, which I think has happened to everyone. Then it becomes a giant PITA.

  5. No reason whatsoever for that price. None. Anyone who says vzw is not overpriced and money hungry is delusional.

    1. many people pay 120 monthly , why the complain for one time payment of 300 dollars stop being cheapppppppppp sheeps

      1. 120 a month? For a single line? How many people? I don’t know of “many”…

        1. That sounds pretty typical for 1 line after all the taxes

          1. How badly is Verizon raping their customers with “taxes” then? 450 minutes +nights and weeknds, unlimited data, and unlimited texting come out to ~$100 after standard taxes (based on what other carriers add on with tax, I’ve not been with VZW for 8+ years).

    2. Bottom line, Verizon has the best service, period. I don’t mind paying more for something I know will work. As for the Bionic, the people that want (and have been waiting on it) will buy it. And yes, if I keep this phone for two years like my OG, then 4G LTE will be worth it. At least I don’t have to show up at an Apple store when the sun rises and wait in line to buy the next super-phone a new phone!

      1. You shouldn’t have to show up at Apple at all. Just do a preorder on Apple.com and UPS will have your phone at your door on launch day (sometimes a day or two before). Don’t even have to leave your house if you choose not to…

  6. Enjoy marginal sales, Vzw…you’ve earned it.

    I don’t understand why OEMs put up with this $300 crap knowing that better phones like the iPhone 5 and SGSII will be released at $199. Does Motorola not care whether or not people buy this device?

    And please shut up with the “It’s 4G!” crap. If you step foot outside of any major city or airport, your 4G radio is worthless. And none of the other carriers are charging $300 for 4G devices. It’s a bunch of marketing BS that idiot sheeple continue to swallow.

    1. Verizon its the best carrier

    2. I live in southern Illinois ..not any major city’s here and were 4g lte ..now go ask Mr jobs if he will allow a lte radio in “his” phones.

  7. The 299.99 price is the same price as the thunderbolt, and the charge, when they released. If people are willing to pay it, then the company will charge it. It is not evil or wrong to want to profit.

  8. iPhone 5 is going to be AT LEAST $299 at launch. If you don’t want to pay $299, wait a month.

    1. Perhaps the highest storage capacity version. Pretty sure the lower end model (only difference is storage capacity) will still be $200

  9. 4G does matter when you are wrapped up for a two year contract. Other carriers aren’t charging 300 because they don’t have LTE which is far and away faster (and more expensive to implement) then any other type.

    1. maybe if the data usage wasn’t capped.

  10. 200= yes…
    300= no way in hell…

    this pricing is just silly.

  11. $300 is a steal! If you don’t like the price and LTE seems worthless to you go to Sprint and buy the Photon. I tried it for 5 days and could not wait to return it because of the network it was on.
    Verizon has the only network that can support this advance of a smart phone.
    Cost is nothing for this TOOL!
    I have been using my Palm Treo 755P since it was launched as a TOOL. The Bionic will improve my efficiency and production at least double!
    Motorola now being owned by Google is a huge advantage in the marketplace!

    1. That all depends on your location really. Many of us don’t use 4g that are in 4g areas as we are on wifi networks. I use about 100mb of 3G data a month (never turn on 4g) because I’m always in range of a wifi network.

  12. Gonna hold out a while and see what becomes of the Pime at least. Not gonna drop 300 on this, will do a Charge or I2 or something first!

  13. I really don’t like this trend of phones on contract going higher and higher. We are seeing phones launch at $300 on contract quite frequently now. When will we start seeing them break the $300 mark?

    1. Personally I think we should get rid of the contract model all together, or at least provide another option. I’d rather pay more for my device and then less per month.

      1. I agree, but let’s face it, we have the option RIGHT NOW to buy outright and verizon won’t lower their plans. Might as well take the subsidy if they won’t throw you a bone.

  14. I personally don’t think it’s too expensive as I’m willing to pay full retail on phones. That said I’m in a higher income bracket then the majority and most do find the $300 price point too much, especially when other carriers ask $200 for their top tier phones.

    1. Are you equally as high on the douche bracket?

  15. Bought the OG Droid at launch. It was half the original price at Best Buy around 30-45 days later. Not doing the launch thing again on mobile phones until the pricing racket ends.

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