Gameloft Giving Away Free Games This Labor Day Weekend And All Games Only 99 Cents!


Apparently, the guys over at Gameloft have lost their minds seeing they are practically giving away their ENTIRE lineup of Android games all for only $1 as part of a “Back to School Sale.” To receive this discount, you have to visit a special promo link that I have provided for you here.

But that’s not all — starting today and lasting throughout Labor Day weekend (Sept. 5th), Gameloft will also be giving away some of their top selling Android games for absolutely FREE. The announcements will be made via their Twitter and  Facebook so make sure you can a close an eye on both those accounts. Games will be announced at random and you will only have 2 hours to snatch them up without having to pay a single red cent.

If you’re a gaming junkie like me and have some time to kill this weekend, there has never been a better time to try Gameloft’s entire line of premium, full featured mobile games. Sorry kids, you won’t find Doodle Jump here. I don’t know about you guys but I wont be waiting around for the announcements. My wallet is about to get a whole lot lighter.

[Via Gameloft and Twitter]

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  1. thanks for the heads up

  2. Only 4 games available for the HTC Evo 3D!!!! =(


    1. you need to sell that p.o.s. already

    2. at the bottom of the page where it lists your device as EVO3D you can select that link and change device. I choose HTC Sensation since they are similar and both run sense 3.0. More games are then available. I bought Dungeon Hunter 2 for the Sensation and it works great on my EVO3D. It was a gamble I was willing to take for 99 cents

  3. Since gameloft doesn’t use android market, what happens when you get a new phone or want to use it on multiple devices? Do you have to rebuy it ordoes it save to an account?

    Would like to buy some games, but not if I lose them when I get a new phone next month.

    1. You make an account through them and they save your info. Last time I remember, it was a bit of a headache when switching phones but if I’m not mistaken, they’ve streamlined the process a little more..

  4. It doesn’t work for me, i keep getting a link redirecting me back.

    1. Make sure you’re using the stock browser and you have it set to mobile view. =)

      1. Thanks, but the games are $4.99. Not sure why, but it probably doesn’t help that my ROM makes the phone think my Inspire is a Sensation. EDIT: Seems that it’s buy one get one free.

  5. Bummed out that can’t get the first free game because the demo came on the Droid 3. The only way to the get full game is to buy it in the game. This means I cant even get it for .99 either. Well, I will just wait for the next game to pop up.

    1. I just accidentally bought Lets Golf 2 for $4.99 in my excitement to see if I could get it fro $0.99… whoops…

  6. wont let me DL nova for free on my Nexus S4G but it will let me buy it… wonder if this is a scam

    1. LOL! It’s no scam. Nova is over. Refresh the page and you’ll see that it’s now Dungeon Hunter =p

  7. yea it would let me try to download nova in 3d for free but it says there is a problem installing the update

  8. You guys can edit your product ID in system/build.prop

    Then you just restart and you can download another game for a different device.

    Edit: Root Only

    1. (Rooted users only) =p

    2. Droid3 owners if you didn’t know it yet they achieved root over at xda, so you can change the phone’s id to a droidx2(or something else I’m sure) to get some more games.

  9. Seems like US only promotion.

    1. I was able to purchase a game for $.99 just fine even if I’m not in the US. Used a PayPal account though.

  10. i type in my phone number and nothing happens i have a rooted thunderbolt

  11. Pffft, as much effort as Gameloft puts in to squashing links of their games floating around through “other websites”, you’d think they’d make it easier to actually BUY from their own website.

    Until the games I want are available through the Android Market, I will continue to download them from said “other websites”.

    Screw you Gameloft. I guess you’d rather my few dollars, that I am more than willing to spend on your games, go to the homeless guy down the street, instead of through your crap-tastic ordering system.

  12. I’d have bought a bunch of Gameloft games this month, if any of them worked on my Motorola Photon. Unfortunately, no dice.

  13. The FAQ says you can redownload bought games only if you keep the same phone and phone number.

    That’s lame, guess I wont be buying any til I get a new phone.

  14. I have an HTC EVO 3D and it wont let me buy games for $0.99. When I click on the link to buy games, it redirects me to the Sprint Gameloft site and gives me regular prices! =/

  15. “..practically giving away their ENTIRE lineup of Android games all for only $1 “. For a while there, I thought you meant that they were selling the entire lineup, at $1 for the whole bundle. Needless to say, I freaked out. I think what you mean is “$1 EACH”?

  16. Bummer, they have some nice looking games, but I can’t seem to buy any. I give up…

  17. I have the Acer Iconia A100 and it says there are no games available for my device.

  18. The free games are coming out randomly, but the other games are 99 cents. Happy Gaming

  19. no twitter or facebook for me… guess i’m screwed:(

  20. Free games not available for AT&T users? Lame.

  21. I just bought, downloaded, and installed let’s golf 2 and splinter cell: conviction. .99 each not bad but the problem is they don’t play. I’m about to reboot my phone and then send them a shitty email, after I try again. I have and EVO 4g running cm7. I have bought other games, although through the market, from them like unofficial and it worked fine. I’m in the USA if it mattered. Let me know if anybody else experienced this

  22. It doesn’t appear that anyone with a Commando can download any of the games.

  23. fishing kings is available NOW

  24. Fishing Kings is available now, but not for my phone…. Commando

  25. Thanks for the free game! It looks great so far, I’m looking forward to more…

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