Sony Ericsson Announce Xperia Neo V, Android 2.3.4 for 2011 Lineup


Today, Sony Ericsson has announced yet another entry into their Xperia family of phones. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, and update to the Xperia Neo released earlier this year, will feature a 3.7-inch display, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and Android 2.3.4. It will be among the first Xperia devices to ship with that version of Android, but SE also announced that the Gingerbread update, which includes support for Gtalk video chat, will make make its way to the manufacturer’s entire 2011 lineup of phones.

Software enhancements that the Android 2.3.4 Neo V will benefit from initially include improvements Facebook Inside Xperia and a new camera function that uses “3D sweep panorama” technology to capture 3D images, which can be viewed a 3D television set. The Xperio Neo V will be a squarely mid-range device by the time it launches in October, and if Google has their way Android Gingerbread could be a thing of the past. The planned update to the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, is rumored to have been fast-tracked for an October release.

[via Sony Ericsson]

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  1. Another se with weak specs. Come on se bring on the duo dual core.

  2. Got to give SE credit for being one of the few to post updates, Droid 2 is still stuck on 2.3 along with every other device

    1. 2.2*

  3. does this include verizons version of the xperia play? It seems to be the only phone without sony’s skin

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