Samsung Single-handedly Confirms Nexus Prime In C&D Letter


Okay, you can file this one under “Laugh Out Loud” if it turns out to be true. Allegedly, in an attempt by Samsung’s legal team at squashing a Nexus Prime leak, they’ve simultaneously managed to confirm its existence. Just take a look at this “Cease and Desist” letter where they don’t sound too happy with someone getting their hands on their special Ice Cream Sandwich firmware citing, “exclusive property of Samsung.”

Of course, like everything found on the net, there’s always the possibility this letter could be a fake. But it just sounds so official and angry (minus the small “immediate” typo). So, now that we may have the manufacturer out of the way, word that Texas Instruments will be supplying the OMAP4 processor, and an rumored October launch for the Google-branded superphone, all that’s left now is figuring out that dang carrier. Anyone have any guesses (or more leaks)?

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Big Red! Big Red! Big Red! Big Red! Everybody chant it! Big Red! Big Red!

    1. Big Red! Big Red! Big Red! Big Red!

      I hope


        1. Mellow Yellow! Mellow Yellow!

          1. BIG **** BIG **** BIG ****. Fill in with whatever you want.

          2. BIG O! ACTION!

            …sorry, had to be done.

    2. Me me me me me

      1. I see what you did thurrrr

  2. VERIZON LTE!! We gotta get it now that we’re not getting the GSII!

  3. I’m sure the person who had said letter, probably had more then enough proof that samsung were working on the next nexus phone anyway, before this letter was sent…

  4. I’m hoping for Big Red for the sake of my fellow Phandroids.

  5. No Exynos? Screw it.

    1. The OMAPs are actually pretty nice. If they put the 4450 in, or, better yet, the 4470, it would be more powerful than the Exynos, and have better battery life.

      1. Doesn’t the Omap have a PowerVr Gpu?

        Sent From A Galaxy Far Far Away

        1. POWERVR SGX540 for the 30/50, 544 for the 70, so yes. They are actually shown to preform better than the SGS2 in the graphics field. I looked up the Droid 3’s AnTuTu numbers and compared.

        2. yes it sure does. clocked pretty high too.

    2. Any dual core phone that has a version of Android under 3.0 doesn’t fully use both cores so even if it isn’t as powerful a chip the Nexus Prime will be better.

      1. good thing it will be version 4.0!

        1. Google still hasn’t confirmed that. It could be 3.5 for all we know.

  6. Big yellow big yellow big yellow big yellow

  7. Fake letter is fake. No1 in their right minds would release this letter after reading its contents.

    1. I agree. First off, all of the areas where they say “Nexus Prime” seem forced.

      “You are instructed to contact my office immediately to discuss the return of Nexus Prime data…”

      That sentence in no way needed the words “Nexus Prime” to be there. The letter seems forced, and obviously fake to me.

  8. i call it fake.

  9. I would guess Verizon since that seems to be what all the rumors have been and on top of that, Verizon said they aren’t getting an SGSII but they are getting a similar device, just not branded as a Galaxy S II. My bet is that they’re talking about the Prime. The clues are all adding up pretty nicely.

    1. Great. And right after vZW moves to capped data.

    2. If Verizon is getting a rebranded SGSII it’ll be rebranded because of the crapware they put on it. I doubt that Verizon will EVER get a Nexus device, because Nexus devices don’t have all of that crap. Verizon makes too much money from the crapware to release a phone without it.

  10. There is no BIG yellow…lol

    1. Little Yellow? haha

  11. Verizon has never had a Nexus phone, I seriously doubt that they will have it first. I’m sure it will come to T-Mobile first especially since they’ve had the Closest relationship to Samsung up until now.

  12. Smells fake to me. They mention Nexus Prime way too many times for my taste and I don’t think an actual big firm law team would send out letters with spelling errors. That’s something the assistant who types that up would catch and correct.

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. Leaks like this have happened before from legal departments acting on something. But they never would put the product name in there for an unreleased product.

      Besides If Google is buying Moto then, unless a deal was signed with Samsung long before this merger talk, Motorola will be making the Nexus Prime. This has already been one of the rumors anyway.

  13. I’d rather have an HTC or Motorola Nexus. I love Samsung and all, but my Vibrant gives me more headache than it’s worth. And the Nexus line should feel premium, not have a plastic back..

    1. Actually HTC never made premium phones, all their phones have horrible specs (Adreno 205 anyone?), and the aluminium is overrated.
      The Nexus One felt premium, and so did the Nexus S, plastic doesn’t
      mean that the quality is low.

      1. but HTC made the Nexus One..
        and I guess plastic is fine, but it seemed like a step back for the Nexus S.

        1. A step back? The Nexus S looks and feels amazing. Regardless, Samsung has the best hardware of any phone maker, period, so I find it difficult to complain.

          1. Being an owner of both I can say that the front of the Nexus S is way better but the back half of the Nexus One was better than on the S.

  14. Is this the firmware that @P3Droid got ahold of?

  15. Spelling errors in legal documents make them invalid. Law firms know this and would have at least one person proof-read the email before its sent. Also C&D letters are hand delivered to the recipient which it should state but clearly doesn’t.

    1. passing no judgment on the authenticity of the letter itself, as an attorney, i can assure you that a typo like that IN NO WAY rules out the letter coming from a law firm (or in this case, in house counsel)…. it happens all the time, proof read or not. spelling errors/typos do not make a legal document invalid. if they did, well, a whole lot of lawyers out there would have some big problems!

      1. Yep. My (ex) mother in law is a paralegal, and misspells a lot.

  16. Fakey fake fake fake! IMHO

  17. All I care about is whether or not that cpu can at least be as good as the Exynos. If it is better great!


  18. Now Verizon bring THIS and we’ll forgive you for the SGS II!

  19. For all we know the Vigor could be the next Nexus Device

  20. This has way too much typo to be real. I would imagine someone would proof-read a C&D letter before it is sent out, especially for something as high-profile as the next Google Nexus device.

  21. I can’t wait for this device to come to SPRINT, so all these Verizon fans can suddenly “hate” this device and brag about how bad SPRINT sucks.

    1. Sprint is just nice and cheap. This is why they have the lack of funding to make a great network. You get what you pay for with Verizon.

  22. Darlo, your a jackass, if you honestly beleive your statement.

  23. Honestly guys its going to be multi carrier may’ve then we can get rid of this fragmenting were getting with updates n shit

  24. Big Red !! [img]http://www.google.com/imgres?q=big+red+soda&um=1&hl=en&safe=active&sa=N&tbm=isch&tbnid=1HKVm-yx6RRFTM:&imgrefurl=http://www.gourmondo.de/g/product/1000736701/Big-Red-Soda%2BBig-Red.jsf&docid=CoW8obwrxb7OsM&w=180&h=211&ei=kJNXTu2aG67D0AGeyPXODA&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=457&page=2&tbnh=129&tbnw=110&start=25&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:25&tx=59&ty=78&biw=1263&bih=603[/img]

  25. Fake. Attorneys don’t send anything official out unless it’s on letterhead. Plus, look at the formatting. I had no idea you could use text wrap after you’ve printed a letter. Poor attempt.

  26. I’m sure Samsung is making it but this letter is fake. They wouldn’t use the weird nexus prime so many times.

  27. go go metro .j/k

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