Aug 25th, 2011

Okay, you can file this one under “Laugh Out Loud” if it turns out to be true. Allegedly, in an attempt by Samsung’s legal team at squashing a Nexus Prime leak, they’ve simultaneously managed to confirm its existence. Just take a look at this “Cease and Desist” letter where they don’t sound too happy with someone getting their hands on their special Ice Cream Sandwich firmware citing, “exclusive property of Samsung.”

Of course, like everything found on the net, there’s always the possibility this letter could be a fake. But it just sounds so official and angry (minus the small “immediate” typo). So, now that we may have the manufacturer out of the way, word that Texas Instruments will be supplying the OMAP4 processor, and an rumored October launch for the Google-branded superphone, all that’s left now is figuring out that dang carrier. Anyone have any guesses (or more leaks)?

[Via Geek]

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