Motorola Ad Spot Banned After Declaring The Atrix “The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone” [Video]


Apparently, Motorola was forced to pull their ad spot in the showcasing the Motorola Atrix and declaring it “the world’s most powerful smartphone.” The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK felt this statement was misleading after receiving complaints from viewers alleging the Galaxy S II has a faster 1.2Ghz processor when compared to the Atrix’s 1Ghz (clock speed isn’t everything, people). Check out the video for yourself.

To me, it’s clear from the video that Motorola meant “powerful” in the sense of flexibility and driving many devices but the ASA still felt that Moto was guilty of breaking 4 of their rules namely, misleading advertising, substantiation, exaggeration and comparisons. Ouch. The ad will re-air once Motorola removes the phrase in question, no doubt forcing other OEM’s to reconsider their tech superiority claims. Tell me what you guys think. How would you gauge the term “powerful?”

[Via DailyTelegraph]

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  1. I’ve always felt that advertisements in general were misleading. If companies were required to be completely honest and truthful about their ads, commercials as we know them would be vastly different.

    If the atrix isn’t the most powerful phone, which phone could rightfully use that title in a commercial?

    1. BlackBerry. Duh…. xD

    2. They stated the Galaxy S 2 seemed to be more powerful than the Atrix so the Atrix claim was misleading…

  2. While I, for one, am tired of hearing ads boast about how some manufacturer’s phone is the most “powerful” smartphone when obviously they are not, however after viewing this video I see that there was no mention of processor speed, ram, or any specs at all. Obviously Motorola meant something along the lines of “functional” when they said “powerful”, but honestly I think more companies should be able to back up and be careful of what they boast.

    I mean, my stomach used to turn when AT&T used to brag about how awesome the gimped Android powered “backflip” phone was.

  3. Samsung uses “the greatest smartphone ever” line in their Indian advertisements for the SGS2… don’t see why Motorola can’t use “most powerful”

    1. Hmmmm… “greatest” sounds more subjective. “Most powerful” is apparently measured in clock cycles. o_O

  4. Who really believes advertisements anyway, really? I stopped believing crap in advertisements when i was a kid and found out that GI Joe action figure was not all it was cracked up to be, c’mon people…

  5. Maybe it just means that the Atrix drains the battery faster than any other phone.

  6. LOL even Samsung’s fangirls are just like iPhone’s. #Knockoffs

  7. This is ridiculously old news, I cant believe this was just posted, it happened like a month ago…

  8. Gs2 owners are a bunch of babies with their toys. These are same people that upgrade everytime a faster phone comes out because they need the fastest pbone to make them feel special. Fucken kids and their toys.

  9. If they said the most powerful in the US they would have been right… No Galaxy SII here yet, lol. Atrix has been out since February, pathetic Samsung, just pathetic!

    1. The delay has nothing to do with samsung. It’s US carriers making modifications and strict rules

      1. It’s their fault for needing to release it to every carrier… How come other companies haven’t had the problem. Don’t tell me the Atrix had to wait 6 months to get to market, lol.

    2. …Evo 3D?

      1. Yeah, Evo 3D is definitely a worthy competitor. Actually I’d give it the edge for Sense instead of motoblur and obviously the 3d draw.

  10. I own an Atrix and idk why it don’t get respect as a top 5 phone. Specs and extras are still better than some of the phones coming out now. Now the GS2 is a hot phone but I it ain’t that much better (if any) if you include the HD multimedia dock, car dock and the laptop. Yeah yeah yeah I know the laptop is expensive and probably not worth it unless you got the cash to show off, but its just another sweet addition lol

  11. world’s powerful NOT WORLD’S FASTEST.

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