Aug 25th, 2011

Apparently, Motorola was forced to pull their ad spot in the showcasing the Motorola Atrix and declaring it “the world’s most powerful smartphone.” The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK felt this statement was misleading after receiving complaints from viewers alleging the Galaxy S II has a faster 1.2Ghz processor when compared to the Atrix’s 1Ghz (clock speed isn’t everything, people). Check out the video for yourself.

To me, it’s clear from the video that Motorola meant “powerful” in the sense of flexibility and driving many devices but the ASA still felt that Moto was guilty of breaking 4 of their rules namely, misleading advertising, substantiation, exaggeration and comparisons. Ouch. The ad will re-air once Motorola removes the phrase in question, no doubt forcing other OEM’s to reconsider their tech superiority claims. Tell me what you guys think. How would you gauge the term “powerful?”

[Via DailyTelegraph]

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