Acer Iconia Tab A500 Receiving Android 3.2 Update Ahead of Schedule


Earlier this month Acer announced that the Android 3.2 update for their Iconia Tab A500 would be delayed until August 25th. A couple days shy of the expected rollout, news is spreading that the update is already making its way to some A500 and A501 tablets in Poland. With the update, the Iconia Tab joins the Motorola XOOM and Asus Eee Pad Transformer with the latest version of Android Honeycomb. Enhancements include full SD card support and a new zoom-to-scale mode for non-native applications. We expect the update will begin popping up in other regions of Europe and beyond soon enough.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Hell yea cant wait for the update since the a500 is rated the best tablet for 2011. Lol

    Seriously all these I bought something here for nothing is making me not want to come to this site. Im not here for spam!

  2. I have the A500 and its running Dexter’s Prime port. The main reason why is because it has the ability to transfer files to the external SD card while it is plugged into the computer. I’m really excited for this update.

  3. Motorola xoom in germany iS still on 3.0

    1. I see you got here before me :) Kinda surprised Germany has not joined the rest of the not Americans and got 3.1 but I guess one should never be surprised by the lows Motorola produces.

  4. As a recent A500 purchaser, this makes me very happy. Hope it comes out for the US soon!

  5. I just got an update on mine in US but wasn’t 3.2

  6. Asus Eee Pad Transformer is still much better than Acer Iconia A500… Period!!! Got my 3.2 update way before Iconia A500 did… Loving my Transformer!!!

    1. How do you like using a usb keyboard/HDD/Thumbdrive with the transformer. Oh, whats that, you can’t use those things at all. Hope you like buying propriatary connectors for everything ;)
      I took a Transformer back an bought the Iconia instead. Miss the screen, love everything else.

  7. will it play netflix films?

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