Sprint Drops The Price On Epic 4G, Nexus S 4G and Echo


Looks like Sprint flew under our radar and dropped the price yesterday on some of their “old school” Android lineup. If you’re a new customer you can now sign up for a 2-year agreement and snag yourself a Samsung Epic 4G for $100, Nexus S for $50 ($30 online), and the Kyocera Echo for free. Don’t forget, the girls — they love the Android (pictured above).

I’d have to say, all of these are pretty solid Android devices (yes, even the Echo). Lets see if Sprint can’t clear out some of their stock with these now extremely affordable handsets. Usually we see price drops from Sprint when they’re getting prepared to release something new — something you may need a tiny little telescope to see…

[Via BriefMobile]

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  1. My parents just bought smart phones and the $10 a month data fee prices Sprint out of the market and makes their service unattractive compared to AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile. Just sayin’

    1. Ooooo 10 extra bucks for unlimited 4G, that’s such a price to pay.

    2. Even with the $10 fee, Sprint is still cheaper than AT&T and Verizon. Plus, if they’re on a family plan, they all share data and don’t have to add data plans per line =)

      1. Amen. Sprints individual plans are pretty good… but you really start saving the big bucks when you have a Sprint family plan. I pay about 170 a month for 3 smartphones with unlimited, unthrottled data… that INCLUDES all fees, tax, And insurance on all three phones.

      2. …So, if I wanted to put smartphones on all of the lines for a family plan, I would only need to pay the $10/month Premium Data fee for one device?

    3. do you really think that, or are you just trolling? Just askin’

      1. Yes, I do. Here is the break down on the family plan comparison:

        T-Mobile $120 per month
        AT&T $130 per month
        Verizon $130 per month
        Sprint $150 per month

        The $20 data plan add on priced them out of the market. Obviously, it depends on different needs. I didn’t price out every different plan and compare them and the different plans had different features, but for a a two phone plan where you don’t care about texts and don’t anticipate needing unlimited minutes or data, they are the most expensive.

    4. Me and my parents are getting $125 each for getting a smartphone. $10×12=120.

      1. You must mean this: http://www.sprint.com/switchtosprint My dad and bro just added onto my family plan… I got 250 bucks!

  2. If they are dropping prices and best buy is practically giving away the nexus S, they are releasing new phones soon. Only misinformed consumers will buy this. I call it the “You are Sucker” phone. Reason only cheap people will buy this and 1-2 months in they will feel like a sucker for not having the latest and greatest technology.

    Wasting my sprint upgrade on the NEXUS PRIME.

    1. LOL! For us, it’s like that.

      For 99.9% of people out there. You can show them a $30 Nexus S and a $200 Galaxy S II, and they’ll pick the Nexus S everytime..

  3. I don’t think anyone is a sucker for buying a nexus s. To me, it remains the best android phone any amount of money can buy. If you wonder why, look no further than voodoo sound improvements.

    1. agreed! I had the Epic and switched to the Nexus when it came out in May or whatever month it was for Sprint. Haven’t been disappointed since.

  4. The Echo is a great phone. I had it for a month and loved it.

    1. I agree. I was very very tempted to buy the Echo, but ended up going with the dual core Evo 3D. But the Echo is a great phone.

    2. I 2nd that the Echo is a nice phone. The recent Gingerbread update (after they fixed it!) makes it even better as it significantly helps with battery life. The two screen mechanism is solid, they throw in an extra battery and charger, and the processor is pretty zippy. Only bad part – not compatible with Plants vs Zombies :(

  5. I will take the one in the middle. Those hips!


    1. Hips don’t lie.

  6. Is the one on the right a woman or a man? can’t tell

  7. The Nexus is Free on contract at Best Buy.

    I wouldn’t say people are a sucker buying these phones. LOL, I swear more and more android users are starting to remind me of IOS users. haha

    1. Faaaaaaanbooooooooys… xD

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