HTC Bliss Spotted In the Wild


I didn’t know it was “Take Your Unreleased Smartphone to Work Day,” but a couple shots of the HTC Bliss sitting pretty at the office suggest otherwise. Kidding aside, the unreleased Bliss matches up with just everything we have been hearing, from the off-green color to a design language fitting of recent HTC models.

The Bliss is just your average Android handset in most areas, though the plan is to market the phone towards the fairer sex and push a selection of lifestyle accessories — everything from a dock to a wireless charm that pulsates with light in reaction to phone notifications. The phone seems ripe for a fall launch and is rumored to be headed for Verizon.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. I’m going to be honest, I’ve no idea why a phone marketed to such a specific demographic would have the specs you posted earlier. I assumed it would just be a different body with Incredible S hardware.

    Then again I don’t work in sales for HTC so my opinion isn’t the most informed.

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