New Android Malware Mimics Google+ And Spies On Your Phone Calls


It’s that time again. Time for another string of Android malware, this time using the popularity of Google+ to fool unsuspecting Android users. The malicious code dubbed “Nickispy.C” was discovered by Trend Micro today and although it uses many of the same services as its previous versions, it learned a few new tricks this time around. Now, Nickispy.C goes incognito my calling itself Google++ using the same icon as the legit Google+ app for all of its services.

If given free reign over your phone, the app steals the usual text messages, GPS positions, call logs, and even goes as far as answering your calls allowing for the malware’s creator to listen in or record your most intimate conversations. Still unknown is if this malware made it into users’ devices through the Android Market or 3rd party app store or via the word wide web.

The good news? Well, the malware only effects Android 2.2 users thanks to the exploit being patched up in 2.3 that allows for an app to change the phone state without a user’s consent. The bad news? Android 2.2 is still found on around 74% of all Android devices. Damn. Even more reason to look forward to Android 2.3, right?

[Via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. OMG Lookout database should be updated immediately.

  2. size matters in this case, because g+ is not 460kb it’s over 7mb

  3. I thought the extra + just meant I was that much cooler. :P

    1. HAHA! They fooled us both! ;D

  4. Fake! There isn’t any “google ++” on the market!!!

    Faut arrêter de répandre des âneries comme ça! Cette application n’existe pas sur le market. Il suffit d’aller sur le market en ligne pour s’en rendre compte!
    Les personnes “les moins expérimentées” n’ont aucun risque de l’installer. Et les autres verront facilement la supercherie.

  5. After reading the title, I thought the article was about Facebook.

    1. Rofl. XD

  6. Is this preventable with installing anti-virus apps ? I would suppose so…

  7. I wouldn’t trust anything called Google ++ from an unofficial market…are people really that stupid?

    1. Yes.

  8. it’s not malware if you choose to install it

    1. dumbest post ive ever seen.

      it mimicks a legit app.

  9. Um…? What is this, the Cheat Catchers App? Why on EARTH would anybody care about what I’m talking about on the phone? What information do they expect to get? Are they just going to sit there and wait until you call the bank or something? -_-

    Gasp!! I forgot about how sensible text messages are because just the other day I sent a text with my Social Security Number.

    LoL!! I guess so…

    Hmm… What if it was discovered that a worker from Apple was making these Malware apps? LoL!! :P

    1. I think it was Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp

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