Samsung Hosting Galaxy S II Event in NYC August 29


Invitations have just arrived for a media event to be hosted by Samsung on August 29th in NYC. The guest of honor? Why that would be the Samsung Galaxy S II. The agenda? The US launch of the highly-anticipated device that has been available in other parts of the world for a few months now. It looks like we will miss the August launch Samsung’s JK Shin promised (unless you count an announcement in the final days of August as a launch), but the good news is a September release seems more than likely. The private event for members of the press and media will introduce us to the US carrier variants of the Galaxy S II, and we’ll be on the scene bringing all the live coverage you could crave.


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  1. About damn time!

  2. Unfortunately, I think this anouncement is coming a couple of months to late. Bring on the Prime!

    1. i’m so disappointed in the timing of this. i was hoping for an announcement next week with a release at the end of the month. i plan on getting it and use it for a few months and then sell it for Prime when that comes out.

    2. Fortunately my upgrade isn’t until November, so maybe I can choose between this and the Nexus Prime. Or get this, and exchange it 30 days later for the Prime if it doesn’t come out until early December.

    3. couldnt agree more, I could already be 1/4 of the way out of a new contract if it came out in the US at the same time as EU, eff that, HTC Vigor is looking to be a beast, might even get the nexus prime if it hits Verizon

  3. didn’t the prez of sammy say launch in august? so it’ll be launched on the 30 or 31st?

  4. I’m so tired of this game. The Bionic was announced and I was like, “That’s gonna be my next phone come spring!” WRONG! It got delayed for eternity and then I started hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S II. I was like “This thing is beast! It’s gonna be my next phone!!!” It came out overseas and we got no word here in the U.S. Now that it’s getting ready to be announced there’s this HTC Vigor with crazy specs that everyone is claiming will come out in October, but will it…will it really? HTC will end up announcing it for a 2012 release and then I’ll be like, “Oh, well there’s always the Nexus Prime”.

    I was eligible for an upgrade in JANUARY! Why am I still rocking an OG Droid? By the time I finally upgrade, phones will be microscopic brain implants that give us the ability to breathe underwater.


    1. I feel your pain. I think I may just pull the trigger on whatever “superphone” comes out first. My upgrade was November, I kind of wish I had just bought something then.

    2. Nexus Prime, that’s all I need to say, just wait.

      1. I’d love a Nexus Prime, but I’m not real confident Verizon will get it.

    3. Two things are true and will always be true:

      1) There will always be a “better” phone, just around the corner.
      2) No matter what phone you get, you’ll always have reason to second-guess your decision, should you care to do so.

    4. The OG Droid is such a great phone you can afford to wait a while. I would just say buy what ever VZW phone you like best when you get tired of the Droid. Just be sure it has an unlocked bootloader ;)

      Honestly though, your experience shouldn’t be much different with anything currently out now (including SGSII).

    5. How did you become eligible for an upgrade in January? Did you sign a 1 year contract?

      1. I bought my Droid off eBay. Also, back then they still had early upgrades.

    6. You have no one to blame but yourself. I always use my upgrade on the best phone available at that time. That way the clock starts counting down on the next upgrade so I can get another phone sooner rather than later. There really is no phone worthy of waiting months for. I just get the latest and greatest at the time I’m available. Time is money. By waiting to upgrade you’re just wasting money and time.

  5. I just hope the thing is as good as the one released in every other country. If it is, I just may cry tears of joy.

  6. If it’s coming in September, I might as well wait another month and get the Vigor or the Revolution 2, seeing how they both greatly out-spec the S2. Sorry Samsung, but unless there’s been some major improvements to the device, you’re a little late to the game.

    1. There will always be something else.

      1. This phone should have hit the US several months ago, yes there will always be something better around the corner, but the corner is only another 30 days or so after this damn phone is released.

  7. hopefully we get a bump in specs since we had to wait so long. wishful thinking

    1. Most of the “leaks” we’ve seen of SII devices have been pretty chopped up from the original. I would bet there is going to be some spec tweaking (i.e. screen size/resolution).


  9. This beginning to be a joke. A September release? Are they hoping to release at same time as iphone 5? Been waiting for this phone for six months now. LOW likelihood that will be 4g in ATT, users Might as well wait for the Nexus Prime?

  10. WOW finally.

  11. I also was going to get this device but its just been too long of a wait..Might as well wait for Prime since it will most likely have ice cream. Thanks but no thanks Sammy.

  12. Same here. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the Galaxy S, but now with the Vigor and the Prime just around the corner, I might as well wait.

    That and I’m afraid Samsung is going to gimp the US GS II’s with a Tegra 2 instead of the Exynos. No Exynos, no buy.

    1. The Tegra 2 got announced as the Galaxy R… Its like Russia and Eastern Europe’s version of the GS2. No worries there although there have been hints that we might get both a white version or even the rumored GS2+. If anything I think Sammy will give us more than they have given anyone else.

  13. WOW… FINALLY. We are phone hungry, Samsung. Get your head out of the sand and do a global release on III :)

  14. NEW YORK CITY!!!! Sounds like a bad salsa commericial. ;-)

  15. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Galaxy Tab II will also be announced.

  16. This may even be better than hoped; there is new rumor of a true 4g-equiped dual-core G2:


  17. This is turning out to be like…a girl that keeps postponing dates. After so much, you just give up! As for me, im moving on to the next! (prime!)

    1. Really? If a girl postpones a date, it’s time to move on. She’d do the same if you postponed a date.

  18. Yes! Finally! Samsung will announce the Continuum 2!

  19. I’ve been patiently waiting for the fantastic Galaxy S II all this time but I’m concerned about this late August announcement, meaning the long wait had better be because they’ll be available at that time, otherwise I cannot wait until late-Sept/Oct for it. So, as lustworthy as it is, if it’s not available to purchase that same week then I’ll snag an almost-just-as-awesome Moto Photon instead (since I’m Sprint Prem-Gold).

  20. Please have the white one available at launch!

  21. Dual core. Unlocked boot loader. Nice big screen. Front and rear cams. On VZW. HDMI out. That’s about all I think I need. Right now…VZW doesn’t have that.

  22. I’m pretty excited to compare this to the Bionic once all the official information is out.

  23. I know with all the delays they have put their customers through, if our expectations are not met with the phone we buy we all need to give them hell by returning any phone that disapponnts us.

  24. I know with all the hell they have put us through with all their trick delays, we all need to flood them with returns if any of our expectations are not met with the phone we finally purchase. I know I expect a real great phone after waiting close to a year. If not I will exchange for the next one.

  25. Come on come on!!! Be the 29th already please. I am sick of my old blackberry pearl and am waiting to upgrade to this Hercules Beast asap!!!

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