Norton Releases Mobile Security Lite Application


The folks at Norton, ever-worried about your security, have made available a free application for those of you who want “a sense of security” in their every day lives. The free application will allow users to carry out several basic things, says Norton, including the ability to remotely lock your device via SMS, scans files and apps for malware and removes them if infected and automatically downloads the latest security definitions for you. More features can be unlocked by paying $30 a year, a tactic similar to their desktop offerings. Give Lite a try in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Good ol Norton. They never cease to amaze me.
    (not in a good way)

  2. Interesting, that there was no information here when ESET revealed their Mobile Security app:

    1. ESET didn’t send us a press release.

    2. I love ESET. I run it on every single computer I own and have converted well over a dozen people to it. That is so going on my phone.

  3. I’ve been using this in BETA form for a long while now. I enjoy it. I was surprised that the lite ver. was just announced out of no where. The lite ver. does what I need it to do so paying the 30 bucks a year seems queer to me, but to each his own.

  4. Great, an app that wont completely uninstall just like the Norton security on my computer…

    All jokes aside, glad more developers and company are hopping over to Android.

  5. when will the market offer a free remote-factory-reset-app?
    Can’t be that hard right?
    Thatws the only security I am missing so far : (

    1. What security system are you using if you don’t mind my asking. I’ve been looking for a non-subscription software for my android for a while. Lookout is pretty good, but you need to pay for all the features…and I’m not a fan of McAfee.

  6. Will this eat 30% of ma tablet resources… like i did to my pc


  8. Yeah, I downloaded it. It sucks. Uninstalled and back to Lookout. Just exactly who are the dummies that have been running Norton for the last decade+?

  9. $33.00 a year for the full (not totally useless) version? And not transferable if you get a new Android? These people are high on something.

  10. McAfee Mobile Security seems to work fine for me… and It’s free. It has Remote Lock, through SMS or WebSite Request, SIM Card Tracking, Location Tracking, Remote Backup and Restore, Remote Wipe…

  11. I don’t even pay $30 a year for my Norton Internet Security, of course I get it on ebay, but still.

  12. LOL Norton.

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