Box Brings Its Cloud Storage to Honeycomb Tablets


Online cloud storage service Box has released a native application for Honeycomb tablets, taking advantage of the luxuries afforded by extra screen real estate to deliver a well-tuned way to access your files remotely. Paned navigation allows for easy perusal of your files and folders. The app is designed to mobile access, sharing and collaboration easy, and the introduction of an additional BlackBerry PlayBook app and newly redesigned mobile site provide the best possible experience across all platforms. Though its services are similar, Box shouldn’t be confused with its cloud storage competitor DropBox. You can check out the new app for your Honeycomb tablet by visiting Box’s site.

[via Box]

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  1. Sounds cool, but I’m not sure why during signup a phone number is required. A very quick peek at the terms of service brought up the notion of filing claims if someone infringes on copy rights, but not sure if that is the reason the phone number is required.

  2. I already have app on my Tab 10.1 so what’s the difference between this and the app I already have?

    1. It’s the same app, just update it from the Market, now it will be optimized for tablets.

      1. thanks dude.

  3. Now I use both Box and Dropbox, which app do you guys prefer more and why?

  4. SHIIIIISH dont say cloud to loud apple mite be listening, you don’t want to get sue do you?

    1. Might :)

      1. thanks.

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