Samsung Announces First Android Member of its Rugged Xcover Family of Phones



Samsung’s rugged feature phone brand has been brought into the modern age with the announcement of the Galaxy Xcover. The phone isn’t just the first Android smartphone to earn the Xcover name and ruggedized design, it’s the first Android 2.3 handset to do so as well. Sporting a 3.65-inch scratch-resistant screen made of tempered glass, 3.2MP camera with LED flash (doubling as a flashlight) and HSDPA capable of speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, the Galaxy Xcover will give the likes of the Motorola Defy and Sony Ericsson Xperia Active a run for their money. It might take the cake, though, when it comes to underwater demonstrations. The Xcover is said to survive a 1m dunking for up to 30 minutes. For now the handset has only been announced for an October release in Germany. No word on pricing.

[Press Release]

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  1. Moto Defy still has 5mp camera over this

  2. II hope this comes to the US as well, I definitely need a phone like this for my job.

  3. I would take a 3.2 megapixel Samsung Camera over a crappy Motorola 5 megapixel anyday.

  4. This just in, Apple blocks the sale of this phone too. The Apple lawyers stated, “We have blocked the sale of this phone because we have bought the patent on dirt. Soon, we will have the patent on water, air and light as well.”

    1. That was good :).

    2. better watch out, they might patent wind, heart, and fire…then captain planet is in trouble too.

  5. Germany is going to block the sale…

  6. Do you have another picture of this phone?

  7. Is it just me , or did anyone else think that the poor dude dropped his phone in poop ?

  8. PHANDROID. Please stop these clowns from spamming your forums.

  9. I personally don’t care if the defy has 5mp over this phone. I want a durable cell phone not a camera. You want a good camera I heard Nokia makes those

    1. no sir, canon and nikon do that…:) get a real camera ppl..

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