Amazon Expected To Ship As Many As 3 Million “Coyote” Tablets By October


Amazon is prepping for a massive invasion of their 7-inch Android tablets in Q3. Apparently, Amazon’s manufacturing partner Quanta (who also makes the Kindle and Playbook) expects to ship around 3 million of their dual-core tablets to the online retailer by October. This translates into roughly 800,000 to a million units every month for the remainder of Q3. This is actually a lot more than what Digitimes first reported with 700,000 to 800,000 units being shipped each month this quarter. As far as Amazon’s 10.1-inch quad-core tablet goes, the “Hollywood” isn’t expected until sometime next year and is currently being manufactured by Foxconn.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. I’ll believe it when it happens.

  2. Translate….If you build it, they will come.

    Reality….Build it, Hype it, Store it, Reduce Price, Sell 10% of original projections, Revise original projections, Hype the Results as a Success, iPad 3 comes out and sells 10 times your projections, Put Palm to Face, Start over on next version.

  3. I hope it fails. Amazon taints Android

    1. Amazon taints Android? Really? Amazon is one of the few manufacturer that has a prayer of matching Apple’s iPad. This Kindle owner and a million others are looking at the Amazon tablets as a color Kindle that can do a lot more.

      If it has the Android Market along side the Amazon market it’s a buy. Amazon has a good ecosystem; Kindle Reader for books, Cloud Drive for storage, and MP3 Player for music. With the release of the tablet, they will more than likely release a media player for movies and tv.

      All Amazon have to add is a Dropbox like app for the Cloud drive and have Documents To Go support it. Also, they need to change the Kindle app to support ePub and Mobi book formats.

      1. Add to the list of strengths, at least a 10 hour batter life.

      2. All the other Android tablet makers are already taking 40% of the tablet market, Android tablets are beating Apple already

        1. Yeah, right. It’s a very well known fact that android tablets are a such a massive hit. As opposed to Ipad of course who never took off. Oh wait.

          1. Android tablets are going to dominate the tablet market faster than Android smartphones dominated the smartphone market after the Nexus One was released. Look it up.

    2. And yet another moronic comment by halfway. Keep the laughs coming.

  4. this new introduction of 7 inch android tablet would be quite nice and its features seem to be awesome
    Cell Phones

  5. I guess I’m the only excited about what Amazon can bring to Honeycomb tablets.

    1. Its going be a reader not a tablet in the usual sense. 7 inches is too small btw.

      1. 7″ is the perfect size to fit all jacket pockets, meaning everyone can take it outside every day

        1. yeah and looking like a freaking idiot with your deformed jacket. how are things going on with the ladies btw?

          1. You would think most ladies would like a 7″. I suppose some may need the 10″. I’m not sure why any of them would like their man to have a 3.5″.

          2. Julie, It does not deform jackets, try for yourself, 7″ tablets can have little bezel and be very thin and fit perfectly. Most girls think I am awesome for not carrying around a bulky 10″ ipad sized tablet everywhere, one that is near impossible to input text on productively. For you girls, it depends of course, if you have small boobs you should be fine, if you have big boobs, you probably walk around with a hand bag anyways so you should be fine as well.

        2. Been watching your videos for along time man. Keep up the good work.

      2. Been carrying around the Flyer at work for over a month. I carry it in my hoodie pocket in the research lab. It’s been quite useful at work. So I believe it is too small for you. Not too small for everyone.

        As for reader vs tablet, show me where Amazon announced it will only be a reader. At this point, only Amazon knows.

      3. Why would a Reader need a Dual Core Processor ??? Use your common sense dude

  6. Please, please convince me I need to have a tablet. And I like them. But they would stay a paperweight in my home.

    Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota Robert Lichota

  7. That’s a lot of unit… they plan on selling it for $200 or something?

  8. I’ve got a phone with a 4.3in screen, so a 7in tablet seems pretty useless to me. I’ll be excited when a 10in tablet with over 12hours of battery life and either a quad core, or a dual core TI processor, and for no more than $400 comes out. I would buy that.

    1. YES !!! Those TI OMAPs can skunk the mediocre Tegra2. Want that OMAP 4470 (and the OMAP 5’s next year !)

    2. 7″ is 2.5x bigger than your 4.3″

  9. Is the ipad size closer to 10.1 or 7″?

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