Aug 3rd, 2011

We received a tip a few days ago of how some HTC Sensation users are reporting some really strange touchscreen issues with their devices. Apparently, the device becomes unresponsive, unable to register quick button presses and swipes. Sometimes, it wont register touch input at all. You can imagine how frustrating this could be when trying to send off a quick text message or pick up someone’s call, let alone in an emergency situation.

Although we’re unsure of how widespread the problem is, I can tell you I’ve experienced this “unresponsive touch screen issue” first hand after messing around with my brother’s Sensation 4G. According to one of our readers, they’ve spoken directly with T-Mobile customer who is well aware of the issue and currently waiting to hear back from HTC. Using the power of Google, I’ve found more than a few Sensation owners on XDA experiencing the same problems with their devices and even one of the guys over at Android Police who recorded this video demonstrating the issue:

With no fix or workaround in sight (factory resets and hardware replacements failed to solve anything), many are left wondering if this is a hardware defect or something more along the lines of software? General consensus seems to go more along the lines of software and it actually brings to memory the same issue Sense ROMs were having on the G1 back in my day. It was 100% a software issue back then, which leads me to believe the same about the Sensation today. If that’s the case, a simple OTA update from HTC should be able to fix this annoying bug. Seeing how the Sensation is considered to be HTC’s newest flagship phone, let’s hope it’s a speedy update. You guys experiencing any touchscreen issues with your Sensations?

Thanks, Rob!

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