As One HTC Exec Takes His Leave, Another Seeks an Agreement with Apple


Horace Luke, the man who shaped HTC’s current design philosophy, has parted ways with the company after logging five years of service. The departure was chalked up to personal reasons in a statement released by the Taiwanese manufacturer. The company had only nice things to say about Luke and his impact on HTC’s product lineup. He will be replaced by VP of design Scott Croyle, meaning we shouldn’t see too dramatic of a shift in the stylings of upcoming devices.

In the background of this shakeup, a patent dispute still persists between HTC and Apple, one which CFO Winston Yung hopes can be brought to an end soon. Yung expressed his desire to come to a “fair and reasonable” deal with the Cupertino-based manufacturer in an interview with Bloomberg. Earlier in the month the International Trade Commission ruled in Apple’s favor, which puts HTC in a precarious position. They have no option but to strike a deal with Apple, and Apple holds the upper hand. HTC has already reached a similar deal with Microsoft in the past, one that sees Microsoft receiving an undisclosed dollar amount for each handset sells.

[via PocketLint, AllThingsD]

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  1. hey kevin, what do you make of the rumor re: the SGSII first on Verizon on or about Aug 12th?

  2. HTC will most likely strike a deal, which I don’t see as a bad thing, they seem like the friendly type of company.

    1. HTC will most likely strike a deal because they have little choice at this point.

      It is a bad thing.

      HTC may be friendly, but you should not be friendly to bullies and patent trolls.

  3. It may seem insignificant now but I think this change could have a bigger impact then people realize.


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