As Samsung is Rumored to Have Sold 6 Million Galaxy S II Phones, They May Have Beat Apple & Nokia in Q2 Smartphone Sales


Great, now Apple’s going to be more ruthless than ever in prosecuting Samsung for likeness and patent infringement. Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung sold an estimated 18-21 million smartphone units in Q2. This figure would mean they have surpassed Nokia, who sits at 16.7 million, in Q2 sales.

What’s more interesting is that they may have surpassed Apple if Strategy Analytics favors the 21 million side of the scale. Apple last week revealed that they have sold 20.3 million iPhones last quarter. Of course, Samsung has a billion smartphones on a ton of different carriers so Apple and Nokia’s numbers seem a bit more impressive.

Still, their strategy is working for them. If they keep this pace up, they could eventually end up being the world’s top OEM. In related news, despite no US launch, it’s been reported that Samsung has sold 6 million Galaxy S II units to date. [Bloomberg, Digital Versus]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well, Nokia pumps out a lot of smartphones too, so I find it impressive they passed Nokia. Not so much with Apple though.


    Ahem, please?

    1. Exactly!!! Unfortunately, not likely.

  3. now apple will sue samsung for infringing on their lead sales patient.

  4. Now, bring it to a few US carriers (preferably starting with Sprint) and chalk up another million or so! Come On!

    1. Yea….if those numbers are correct…..add at a minimum 4-6 million from US buyers…and Samsung deserves some cake for the GS2.

  5. Next, you’ll hear that the iPhone 4 sold more than any other model of smartphone. I’m not sure why it all matters for the consumer when it comes down to it. I’m just happy that Samsung is making pretty good phones running the mobile OS I like. Some people don’t feel complete unless the tech they bought is in the number one sales position rather than basing it on the utility it provides.

    1. Its for fanboys

    2. This is great news!! I used to look up to Apple when the iPhone first came out. Now they’re just becoming EVIL.

      Apple needs to be taken down and Samsung is going to do it… or LG :P

  6. Ugh I hope this puppy hits T-Mobile soon so I can skip over the Sensation

    1. isn’t this the phone without a search key? aka no way to do voice activation?
      This phone is great on hardware, and horrible on functionality.

      1. Double tapping the home button brings up search. And not having voice activation does not mean it is horrible on functionality.

        1. Yes. Search. And what brings up voice? Still nothing.

          1. Hold Menu and search should come up, there is a microphone icon for voice in there.

          2. Just use MENU like you can do on EVERY android device, so it wil act as a search button…

    2. Even if it never comes, you could skip the Sensation.. there is nothing forcing you to purchase it or any phone.. Yes there are times “after your purchase”, where you you realize that maybe you dodged a bullet.. But in this case, the Sensation is an excellent phone. Time will tell I suppose, but even if the SGSII grants three wishes and prints money, it’s not going to make the Sensation a bad decision for those that have made it.

  7. Blood vessels are bursting all around Apple HQ right now.

  8. Samsung Galaxy S II on Virgin Mobile too? Virgin Mobile Canada already got it… LOL. I just got the Motorola Triumph for my gf and she is liking it so far. I love the way it looks and performs..

  9. well remember that apple’s 20 million includes the $49 3GS. Lets use the apple fanboys mantra “they’re giving them away!! arg!”

    anyway, i’m still waiting on this darn thing.

  10. And with M$ stating that Samsung is also infringing on their patents for sh!tty Windows 6 OS, Samsung will be paying through the nose. This will ultimately drive up costs and make this phone even more expensive.

  11. Take Apple down!! I used to look up to those evil fiends!!

    I’m glad Samsung is doing this, and I’m going to help them buy being the 21,000,001th person to buy a Galaxy S ll.

    And if Samsung fails, LG will rise to the challenge. :P

  12. if it released in the U.S. too, then the sales wouldn’t even be close to apple’s…

  13. http://fatpita.net/?i=9928
    Felt this was appropriate while talking about apple and all of their lawsuits and taking ideas.

  14. Bring the GS2 to the US, and watch those number rise even further. AT&T should be all over that phone.

  15. take apple down
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