Jul 25th, 2011

Great, now Apple’s going to be more ruthless than ever in prosecuting Samsung for likeness and patent infringement. Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung sold an estimated 18-21 million smartphone units in Q2. This figure would mean they have surpassed Nokia, who sits at 16.7 million, in Q2 sales.

What’s more interesting is that they may have surpassed Apple if Strategy Analytics favors the 21 million side of the scale. Apple last week revealed that they have sold 20.3 million iPhones last quarter. Of course, Samsung has a billion smartphones on a ton of different carriers so Apple and Nokia’s numbers seem a bit more impressive.

Still, their strategy is working for them. If they keep this pace up, they could eventually end up being the world’s top OEM. In related news, despite no US launch, it’s been reported that Samsung has sold 6 million Galaxy S II units to date. [Bloomberg, Digital Versus]

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