RadioShack Taking LG Thrill 4G Pre-Orders Today for August 7 Launch


While the HTC EVO 3D, Motorola Droid Bionic, and Samsung Galaxy S II have been busy hogging up the spotlight, plans for the launch of the LG Thrill 4G have been quietly coming together in the background. AT&T’s version of the Optimus 3D was first announced back at CTIA and has received relatively little coverage since then. Even pre-orders for the device at RadioShack have kicked off with little fanfare. According to sources speaking to Engadget, customers heading to their local Shack today can go ahead and reserve the Thrill 4G through the typical $50 gift card process. The total price of the phone is listed as $80 on a two-year contract or $550 without one, which seems remarkably low for a phone of the Thrill’s caliber. If you do head down and put in an order today, the Shack is saying August 7th is when the goods will be delivered. We’ll wait for an official announcement before we go slapping it on the calendar.

[via Engadget]


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  1. the price is so low because (hopefully) the GS2 will be released very very soon afterwards

  2. Im not sure if I want this phone or the sg2. My captivate was a good reason why I would never buy another Samsung phone. From the forums here, it seems as if some devices are having the same wifi issues as my last two captivates. Ill play with this phone when it hits the stores and then make my decision.

  3. At best this handset is a TOTAL JOKE….I give LG credit for the 3d concept and maybe giving people something to look at at best. HTC wins this round of 3d devices HANDS DOWN NO CONTEST AT ALL….

    1. Well it’s a pretty safe assumption that you have never seen the Thrill, so picking a winner may be slightly premature! HTC definitely did well with the Shooter/EVO 3D, great build quality as usual from HTC, OK screen, small amount of media memory… The LG Thrill intrigues me though. With the standard 480×800 screen resolution, dual channel memory, and impressive processor, I bet it’ll be pretty awesome in most benchmarking tools. Can’t go wrong with HTC, but I wouldn’t dismiss the LG Thrill so quickly.

      The biggest bummer though is that the speed of technology moves so quickly that I no longer want the EVO 3D or Thrill because of the new 3D screen tech shown off by some company and rumored to possibly make it to the Nexus 3 / Nexus Prime. 3D on cell phones makes a lot of sense to me, and parallax barriers definitely work OK, but nothing amazing…

    2. Hey Dick, try reading this article and actually LEARNING something: http://www.androidcentral.com/editorial-my-dogs-better-your-dog-only-me
      You are not as self important as you think yourself to be. You and your measly little opinions are not the end-all be-all of what our opinions should be. You are the most unintelligent person I’ve ever heard, “HANDS DOWN NO CONTEST AT ALL”.

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