Google Music Manager for Linux Now Available


We know a few of you Linux users are also Android users. And, by extension, you might be Google Music users. Unfortunately, no official solution for uploading music to the cloud for wireless playback has been available… until now. Google has released .deb and .rpm packages for Google Music. These packages can be likened to .exe files on Windows and .dmg files on Mac OS. If you’re already on Linux you likely already know how to install these, but Google has instructions at their support site, nonetheless. Now get uploading! [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Debian packages are more like .apk files IMO..

    1. I didn’t mean to get technical, lol. In case there were any elementary Linux users out there.

      1. Those are very few and far between. But hey I set my grandparents up on linux. They’ve had far fewer issues. All you do is say “here’s the internet, here’s email, here’s open office. Go!”

  2. My Kubutu is going to rock now… Awesome

  3. A few?

  4. Debian packages are in no way like executable files or DMG images.

    Executable files are any binary that can run natively in windows. This is anything from an installer to the actual software itself.

    DMG images are more akin to ISO, or even ZIP but without compression, files than anything. It’s a Disk Image. The extension was actually created by taking .IMG, “Image” which is a commonly used file type for optical disc images, and swapping the D for the I since it’s make to be a hard disk image.

    Debian packages often times don’t even contain the software they’re installing. Most of the time, it’s a set of instructions for a repository client. It tells whatever repository client you use which packages you need to download and install. It also usually contains a list of dependencies. Occasionally the developer will include the source code, but it’s very rare.

    EXE files are natively executable on windows. DMG files are natively mountable in OS X. DEB and RPM files require extra software other than core system software in order to be used in ANY OS. Certain builds of linux bundle that in, but it’s still not native.

    1. In layman’s terms, i.e. for the non-highly technical, a .deb is like a .exe in that you double click the file and something gets installed, which is what I believe Quentyn meant. Get down off your high penguin and realise no one really cares…

    2. A .deb file is like a “setup.exe”. Not exactly like. It’s more like a .msi file.

  5. Cool. I’d rather a plugin for Amarok that would let my sync play lists, but this will do for now

  6. Well it doesnt like running it through -X and no cli support, guess im going to have to boot into 5 :/. Anyone know if this will run without a gui? (after setup that is)

  7. Google music still us only?

  8. Again, Why do I need a desktop app to use a web app? Google you are slipping

    1. It’s just an uploader. It watches local files to know when files need to be uploaded to the cloud. Currently there is no way to do this using a browser only.

  9. Looks like the Linux version support ogg vorbis (the Windows version still doesn’t). I can now upload the rest of my collection. :)

  10. OH YEAH!!! This is AWESOME!!!

  11. I’m glad this is finally available, except, I can’t get it to add music from an SMB share on my network.

    1. It should work if you mount the SMB share.

  12. I would love to test this on my ubuntu, but sadly it says:
    “We’re sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States” … :(

  13. Needs web-app version for Chromium users.

  14. actually I found the Linux version of this uploader unusable, just freezes constantly on me, never uploads anything. I’m on a quadcore I7 laptop with 8 gig ram, running 11.04 ubuntu.

  15. All Android users are Linux users, by definition.

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