T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Gingerbread Update To Begin Rolling Out Tomorrow


I have some great news for Mytouch 4G owners! According to T-Mobile’s official support forums, we finally have a launch date for the Mytouch 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update. Apparently, T-Mobile will be holding a test pilot program for the update (to make sure there are no major bugs) starting tomorrow, July 20th. Soon after the pilot program, you can expect a broader roll out of the update from now until the end of the year.

Here’s what you can expect from the update:

  • New features:
    • 2010  Exchange compatibility
    • New  version of Swype
    • Android  2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
  • Improved issues:
    • Bluetooth®  audio works better when answering a call from phone and Bluetooth is paired
    • Display  is more stable and responsive during boot up or use
    • Domestic  roaming data connection is more stable
    • Message  inbox saves
    • Various  software and stability improvements

[Via TMoNews]

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  1. I was hoping that getting a G2 would mean faster updates. Guess not…

  2. Awesome. Now maybe all the modders can get all of the kinks worked out of their GB roms.

  3. FUUUUUUUU- where is the G2 update which should be easier to make as the phone was for all intensive purposes stock.

    1. Yeah, I thought that was the point of the T-Mobile’s “gPhones”! Anyways, this and the G2 are almost the same on the inside. WAIT A SECOND… if HTC can already include Gingerbread for this phone (which runs Sense), they probably could have done Gingerbread for the G2 long ago if they wanted, right?

  4. where is the panda phone? pandas need phone too …. they need it to communicate to humans… it would be so cool if htc could develop a phone for panda… and they can call it htc pandroid.. … i love panda..

  5. Are you serious? I pm-ed you guys a couple weeks ago about the g2 update…Whats the deal man this is ridiciulous! The g2 came out before the mytouch did and now the mytouch gets its update before the g2?…..a phone thats not as nearly vanilla as the g2….WTF! Chris help us out man! Throw some attention to tmobile about how their customers are extremely bothered by this.

    1. I applied the leak to my G2, there’s a pretty major navigation bug that is part of 2.3.3 that the ROM is based on. That’s probably the hold-up.

      (Bug is lack of navigation audio while music is playing. It cuts in but is so quiet it’s inaudible.)

  6. Thats nice for MyTouch 4G owners but… what about G2 owners? I personally held on as long as I could but I rooted my G2 yesterday and put CyanogenMod 7.0.3 on it. The bonus screen on/off animations are just mega awesome (same as when you turn on/off old tube TVs).

    To other G2 owners, if you’re tired of T-Mobile and HTC witholding the 2.3 update, get CyanogenMod 7. You won’t regret it!….. Assuming you don’t brick your phone of course, lol.

  7. lmao the day i sell it it comes out ????????????
    and the new swype SUCKSSSSSSSSSS!1!!

  8. I doubt the G2 will get an update. It looks like it’s at EOL. T-Mobile is no longer selling it on their website. And, if you file a warranty claim on a G2, they give you the myTouch 4G as a replacement option.

    You guys are lucky. The G2 works well. (My wife had one.) I have a G2x and it reboots constantly. There’s no update for that either.

    T-Mobile really screwed up the “G” phones. They were supposed to be the Google phones—maybe a level below the Nexus phones—but Google phones, nonetheless, with quicker updates.

    1. But there have been refurbished G2s sent out with Gingerbread. Someone at T Mobile added it. We know it works.

      I think we all falsely assumed that the G2 was going to be the phone that got updates first. When I think back, I don’t recall seeing any official documentation stating the G2 would get updates before any other device. It was all internet generated rumors.

  9. Suff like this makes me want to get an iphone or wp7. next time i’ll get a Nexus instead.

  10. t-mobile told me they will have a micro sd card in their stores for those who do not get the update ota starting friday, august 5th. you can go in there and request the update.

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