Jul 13th, 2011

Popular music streaming service, Spotify, will finally be launching tomorrow in the U.S. The service that was exclusive (for what seemed like years) to the UK, is music streaming service with tons of buzz behind it. Pricing will be $4.99 a month for streaming on the web and $9.99 a month for streaming to your mobile device. An ad supported free plan with a limited amount of songs will also be available for cheapo’s like me.

I feel like you can never have too many music streaming services and it’s good to have options. So if that sounds like fun to you and you were looking to give it a go, be sure to sign up for an invite BEFORE the service launches tomorrow by clicking the link here.

The service launches amidst rumors circulating that Facebook will be teaming up with Spotify to offer their streaming music service, Facebook Vibes. Some are saying Spotify had to officially launch in the U.S. before the deal could be made. More details will be made officially available tomorrow so I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough.