Google Voice Adds Spam Filter – Say Goodbye To Unwanted Callers


Google has been quite the busy little bee lately. Today we’ve seen updates for Google Shopper, Android Market and now — Google Voice gets some new added features. GV has begun rolling out a new spam filter not unlike the one found in your Gmail. Now, you can say goodbye to annoying telemarketers, and bitter ex-girlfriends by having their calls sent directly into your Spam filter. The process is completely automatic and can be enabled on the Calls tab of Google Voice settings by checking the box next to Global SPAM filtering. Easy peasy. Oh – and the service works with texts messages too!

Google wants to remind you that this has all been made possible thanks in part to the thousands of Google Voice users who are actively marking pesky numbers as spam everyday. So, remember to do your part by marking unwanted calls as spam and correcting mis-labled spam. Sorry, Cindy. I know you’re bitter about the breakup but you’ve just been Google SPAMERIZED!

[Via GVBlog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Me Gusta~!

    1. Yo tambien.

      1. Yo tengo un gato en mis pantelones o_O

        1. Por que? Todos mis amigos tengas perros en estas pantelones!

          Rough Spanish is quite rough.

          1. Speaking of Spanish, when is Google going to enable Google Voice outside the US! My GV number has been gathering unfortunate dust since I moved to Indonesia….

        2. Blue Streak???

  2. this is a super yum for sprint users! which is me! google voice integration and integration with global spam?! whoooTTTT!!!

  3. Hooo Ray! It is about time!

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