Next MetroPCS 4G LTE Handset to Be LG MS910 Bryce


MetroPCS looks to be expanding their 4G LTE lineup with a familiar handset most recently seen traipsing around on Verizon’s next-gen wireless network. If it looks like an LG Revolution, smells like an LG Revolution, and features the same 1GHz CPU and 4.3-inch display as the LG Revolution, chances are it’s an LG Revolution. Except in this case, when it is the LG MS910 Bryce. OK, so it is still basically the Revolution save for a few changes including only 4GB of internal storage and Android 2.3.4 out of the box as opposed to Android 2.2, but who’s counting?

The Revolution probably doesn’t rank among the top when considered among Verizon’s current Android lineup, but as the Bryce it gives MetroPCS users something to get excited about. Unfortunately, this early look at the handset doesn’t come with any word on pricing or release date.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. hell yea, now is boost mobile time!!!, if this keeps on happening i see lots of people living all these over priced carriers that are the big 4, a win win situation for us the consumers.

  2. Metro PCS has come a long way since the first kyocera phones.

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