Apple Brings HTC Into the Hardware Import Mix in Hopes to Ban Sale of Their Products


Oh, Samsung isn’t the only one constantly fighting for their lives in court against Apple. HTC is now in the crossfires of Apple based on similar complaints to ones against Samsung. Apple has accused HTC of infringing on patents that they believe should be grounds to ban the sale of HTC products in the United States.

The complaint was filed with the ITC today. Fortunately for HTC, they have made various strategic moves to acquire and license various patents and have a huge chance of thwarting the Apple attack, at least for the time being. With HTC’s portfolio of patents that they claim Apple is infringing on, they have just as much right to countersue Apple in this case and seek to ban the import of their iOS products.

Is this legal battle sounding like a broken record yet? That’s because Apple seems to be going after any and every competitor who dare stand in their way of maintaining significant market share in the smartphone arena. It’s not like Microsoft’s strategy, which only seeks to gain license fees from nearly every Android handset sold.

Apple flatout doesn’t want their competitors to succeed – they shouldn’t want to. But trying to get them banned from store shelves is such a cowardice way of going about your business. Apple, if you had a better business model, you’d still have a significant lead in the smartphone market. Stifling competition might work in the near term, but from my vantage point it looks like you’re fighting an uphill battle without a rope.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would love to see enough competitors fight back, file injunction requests, and end up getting Apple products banned from stores until the disputes are resolved.

    Now that would be fun to watch!

    1. lg could say that the iphone looks to much like the lg prada

  2. Apple should sue the entire human race because our arms and legs are also patented by Apple.

    1. but arms and legs do kinda look like an iphone

      1. Just as long as they don’t try and sue me for having a penis… They cannot sue for something they don’t have? right?

        1. Though, I think it might be proven that they do have balls. Big gigantic balls. If you have them, they can sue you for it.

  3. Apple can seriously go shove their phones up where the sun don’t shine. They are really getting annoying now.

  4. I would love to see Apple lose all of their law suits and get banned from ever selling another product. I am sick and tired of Steve Jobs and his complaining and law suits. Build a better product and move forward, I will never buy another Apple product in my entire life and neither will my family.

    1. My number 1 rule of life: NEVER buy a product with a half eaten apple on the back of it….

      1. That big bite out of it that’s missing is all the good stuff that I want. Who would want to buy anything that’s already been ‘eaten’ ?
        That bite is all the developers who got banned or rejected from the “app store” (apple’s not amazon or getjar’s), it’s all the porn apps, it’s adobe flash, it’s tethering, it’s widgets and actual multitasking. I’d be offended at anyone who took 1 bite out of something and then tried to sell it to me and that’s their entire company’s thing/logo. You also shouldn’t eat apples that fell to the ground cause they probably have worms or bugs. obviously their logo epitomizes their business model here, at least in my opinion.

    2. Hey there, shouldn’t your family’s members decide on their own…?

      1. They might have decided and told him about their decision…

  5. Corporate bullying at it’s finest. Apple will not succeed in this anyway. Just like the case against Microsoft that battled for so many years and the government said that they could not purchase other business due to monopolizing. This is exactly what Apple is doing is using a bullying tactic to monopolize the smartphone industry so their devices are the ones that are being purchased But it wont happen and the government wont allow the monopolizing of one business and one device sort of speak. No one will get banned but someone will have to redo their device interface that is for sure.

  6. Apple is scared to death. They are losing the war and they know it. They are grappling for any leverage possible. eg. stopping competitor sales, getting licensing fees, etc.

  7. Apple is just pissy that their products are boring, crappy, and no longer popular. They need to get over themselves, nobody wants iShit anymore.

    1. They aren’t innovating so they sue. come on ios5 is a total rip off of android but is google sueing? No because they are on fire and blowing apple away. Maybe google should start sueing apple.

      1. Lol please don’t assume I’m close minded because of my user name. I too like many other like ios when it was the only software available. However now, its just boring and distasteful. And it what ways is it markedly better? It’s smoother yes, but otherwise what foes it have going for it? Apple apparently agrees with me considering they’ve resorted to throwing their weight around instead of continuing to develop their software and hardware.

        1. I agree iI had aan iPhone and after about a week was tired of it. Apple is losing the fight in the mobile field and they know it.

      2. a core part of Google is not being evil, that’s evil

    2. Oh, that is ridiculous, DroidUn… I am a strong supporter of android, but everyone with an open mind can see that iOS devices are near cutting edge hardware-wise, and the iOS interface is still markedly better than android — and will continue to be easier to use even after several more android version upgrades.

      1. Things such as this helped me choose Android over iOS. It seemed to me that rather than simply compete with it’s competitors, Apple tried to sue and stifle competition with all of these lawsuits. At least that’s how I saw it.

        1. Oh, I totally agree with this. I wanted to buy a mac mini or the like a few months ago primarily for the ease of use and standardization in video editing. But I didn’t want to give Jobs any more money to fund his war on android. So I struggled on with linux video editors . . .

          Android deserves to get much if not most of the business for smartphones. It has the better economic model and empowers its users more giving it better long-term appeal.

          But iOS devices are not remotely “boring, crappy, and no longer popular.” We android fans don’t have to lie to press our advantage.

          1. They’re still boring (compared to androids customization features) wouldn’t say crappy, and wouldn’t say they’re no longer popular either. But to say that they’re ahead in tech that’s kind of ridiculous no? Iphone 4: Front facing camera (not new), 1ghz process (slower than most android handsets a couple months before 4 was released). 5mp cam when moto and htc were already at 8. And as a reminder evo and incredible had 8 gigs built in with the option to expand even more with external memory. Then we get to software and its even more behind in features that they’re starting to copy with their next updates. OTA updates is a new feature? Really!!??

            Aside from the gorgeous retina display which is sadly only 3.5 inches large they’re playing catch up.

          2. The iPhone is a boring, crappy, and longer popular device. It is not a lie, the only people still buying iPhones are the ones who had them previously or never had an high end android for more than a month.

          1. Thanks for the article, but I’m saying on a consistent basis Apple seems to pull this stuff. Consistent.

      2. Not necessarily cutting edge yes it is easier for some who dont/shouldn’t use a smartphone but other phones had similar if not better specs than the iphone does and willl.

      3. Apple isn’t cutting edge hardware wise. They are cutting edge “eye candy” wise. But the aesthetics of a device are not the same as that device being cutting edge in term of hardware. Where is Apples 4G phone? How about 3D? Haptic feedback? These are just simple obvious ones. Nothing about the iOS devices makes them cutting edge from a hardware perspective. They are beautiful pieces of hardware, I’ll give you that. But they’re no more capable than any other device out there.

        1. Apple had beautifully functional multi-touch well before any of the android competition. And they still have an aluminum unibody construction that no one else has.

          Android devices are going to have some things that iOS devices won’t have (functional WiFi tethering, more ports and connectors, etc.) But almost anything apple wants to have (retinal displays and thinner bodies for two more examples), it will be able to put into an iOS device in a functional state six months to a year before android competitors.

          None of this matters, though. Being a year behind apple but having more freedom is a trade-off I will make again and again.

          1. A unibody construction with no ability to replace your battery outside of Apple doing it is not a plus.

          2. You’re confusing technical prowess with user empowerment. Apple could easily make the battery removable. There is no technical limitation for them there, and that is what this thread is about. Please don’t stray from the topic.

          3. shonangreg but being able to remove the battery means if you have a spare battery pack, all you need to do is simply replace the one that is running flat. All on the go. I NEVER carry a charger out with me because i always have an extra pack and it has saved my life many times. You have no idea how many if my iphone friends have to scurry for a charging point every now and then.

          4. HTC Sensation has an aluminum unibody.

          5. Yes, you are right. Thanks for the correction. It took a year or so after apple’s lead on this, though. So apple having a six-to-eighteen month lead on its choice of new technology still stands.

          6. The HTC Legend has a aluminum unibody and that was release before the Iphone 4. 2010 was when it was release.

          7. And htc legend!

          8. The design of the iPhone 4 is still the most impractical

          9. I love seeing Ifans come onto an ANDROID site to defend the iPhone! You never see Android fans going to the Apple forums to bash the iPhone, wonder why that is? Maybe because we’ve got better things to do than bash the competition in their own forums?

            Also, what’s with your comment….”they can easily make the battery removable”? LOL But they DIDN’T, so what’s your point? tool

          10. I think he’s saying that iOS is basically a smooth OS. You don’t have to worry about having to get the new phone to get the update, everything runs smoothly, you don’t have to worry about random resets. I mean, my friend’s iPhone runs so much better than my phone. Until he jail broke it. LoL!!

            And even my mom picked up how to use an iPod way before she even knew how to use my Android phone.

            What you guys argument is, is that there is no removable battery. (Wow, ok? Why would we care about that? Battery life doesn’t suck.) and lack of external memory, because 64GB is just not enough these days.

            Android phones come with about 4GB at max internal. Buying a 64GB SD card gives you about 68GB. So… get what I’m saying? Doesn’t really matter.

            But I still prefer Android because of the programming behind it and the customization. You can easily make an Android your phone, unlike the iPhone. I mean it took the iPhone how many years before you were able to have a custom background? My $100 Samsung phone from cricket was able to have a video playing on it’s background.

            But yea… I think that’s the argument there.

          11. @No_Nickname90

            LOL The vibrant comes with 16gb’s internal as well as the captivate.

            It seems you are spewing random defects that you hear about android devices.

            My Sidekick4G has not had one random reboot nor my previous Nexus S nor did my Behold 2.

            So what? your mom picked up an iPod before an android? Android has been out for 3 years now and iPod has been for much longer.

            Our argument isn’t that you guys don’t have removable battery, SD card, wireless tether, widgets, a practical design, better free apps that aren’t fart apps, live wallpapers, real multitasking, 8mp cameras, Super Amoled Plus screens, FFC’s working over 3G and 4G, 4G speeds, kickstands, haptic feedback, turn by turn navigation pre-loaded, flash player, well actually thats not even the half of our argument.

            Since android 2.2 and 2.3 android has been a smooth OS

            iPhone has absolutely nothing to gloat about with the iPhone 4.

          12. Android before Apple:

            * Front facing camera (EVO)
            * NFC
            * 3D
            * High res screen
            * Cloud services
            * PC independence (what a REAL phone should be)
            * Widgets (yes this IS a big deal)
            * Functional notification system
            * Multitasking
            * Folders
            * Wallpaper

            Please don’t tell anyone Android is a year behind Apple. It is quite the opposite since 2010. Apple is big on pretty not features.

          13. Touche! That is a good list, and not just of small things either. The multi-tasking, NFC, and camera-functionality are big things. Those and the others are why I have an Xperia X10 now and am waiting for an N-trig-equipped, vanilla-android, accessory-rich Ice Cream Sandwich tablet (maybe this Fall’s Toshiba Thrive will be the ticket :-)

            I was basing my characterization of apple as having a six-month to year-and-a-half lead on technology on this article:

            From the article’s perspective, battery life, specialized CPU, display resolution are all big things that Apple has been leading on and can continue.

            I’m sorry if this means for you, “[My] inability to understand what [my] fingers are typing is embarrassing as well.” The point of all this was DroidUnstoppable saying that that Apple was a purveyor of products that are “boring, crappy, and no longer popular.” If we’re not willing to see the good points of the other side, then that really in an embarrassment. It is cultish, even.

          14. Funny, appel is first with almost nothing.. android had hi rez screens well before ipone 4, 3 plus generations of 640×40 is laughable yet you claim they are first. typical iSheep, really. Apple only reacts when they need to. Tell me, what ipone could mms? copy and paste? 1024×768 on iPad is laughable, oh, ipad 3 at 2kx1k something, really, in the same year maybe as ipad 2… really. why not just go to industry standard of 1080p, because having slightly higher than 1080p is a bullet point, what appel knows how to sell best. iSad @ iSheep :(

          15. you make no sense, you say unibody construction is a +, yet someone points out an easily replaceable battery as a + for them and you shoot them down? You also state Apple could easily make a removable battery cover??? ROFLMAO, yeah the designers over at HTC/Moto havent quit figured how to make a unibody phone like Apple huh???

          16. iPhones are garbage and where a year behind even when it was new. The chrome/glass look is from the 60’s and the interface is ugly as sin; Theres a reason Samsung has more then the app drawer…

            The worst part is the Browser. Oh my gawd, the browser is just terrible. Crashes if you have more then 2 tabs open, no flash, doesn’t re-orient the text to fit the screen. Right now the whole pretty/easy to use is based on reputation/marketing.. if someone ever really gives it an honest eye.. they will notice it’s really just junk compared with modern Android devices.

            I will not even mention tech specs as iPhone is as archaic as they come.

      4. How is Apple orginal hardware-wise when they are suing the company who made their chipsets? How are they cutting edge hardware-wise when the only way to get more memory is to buy a new iPhone instead of offering a memory card slot to go along with internal memory? Sounds to me that its more about greed than originality or being cutting-edge

      5. Thats all your opinion… What makes iOS markedly better than android? what can they do that we can’t? As far as I know Android Devices have done much more than iPhones and before iPhones ever done it. Apple plays catch up constantly and android has only been on the market for 3 years.

        Sure iPhone 4 has an ok design but it is impractical one drop and its gone. Sure they had the highest resolution on a lcd phone but Super Amoled beats its fully for many reason the angles and the less glares in sunlight. Sure it has a great camera but HTC Sensation is much better. Video Chat? Htc sensation ffc picture is by far the best.

        Static icons are not better than what android has to offer currently.

        1. First off not a iphone user but super amoled has less glares because of the cloaking on the screen. My SLCD don’t need a screen protector on it because it have gorilla glass do any AMOLED phone has it? AMOLED is better for watching movies but for reading text it suck because of the resolution and the pentile on it. SLCD is better for text reading. AMOLED color are too overly saturated for my taste. And btw LG make the screen for the iphone 4

      6. Multi-touch isn’t cutting-edge anymore, retina display isn’t cutting edge anymore (and I like Samsung’s amoled better). HTC makes a couple unibody design phones, the GS2 is thinner than any iphone, and I think apple is going to be hard pressed to get any thinner. The iphone’s screen is simply too small, 4″ plus screens are what’s ‘cutting-edge’ now. Also, what iphone has a dual-core processor? How is ios interface better or easier? If I set up my droid as just 2 screens of nothing but icons it’s just as ez as ios. The only things about android that are not as easy to do as ios is the stuff that ios doesn’t do at all… My mom just got an iphone 4, so she needed a bit of help to get started, and I didn’t find anything about ios to be any easier or more intuitive than android…

        1. Anymore, anymore, anymore . . . Do you even read, Dale?

          When someone replies by pointing out something I didn’t mention in my prior few comments here, I’ll follow up.

          I am an android fan, but the inability of the posters here to read and think critically about their own opinions is embarrassing.

          1. So since Apple is a year ahead on hardware, where is their 3D phone?

            Since they are a year ahead on hardware, how come they didn’t release an 8MP camera until the rumored iPhone 5? Why did they put an embarrassing .3MP front camera in the iPhone 4?

            Since they are a year ahead on hardware, why can’t they make a phone that doesn’t drop calls?

            Since they are a year ahead on hardware, how come they stayed with the Fisher Price displays until the iPhone 4 when every high end Android display was 840×480 minimum?

            Your inability to understand what your fingers are typing is embarrassing as well.

  8. apple cant make money unless they sue people lol

  9. All android manufacturers and Google should unite and sue Apple at the same time. Apple cannot afford to battle every single manufacturer (with a useful license to sue) and also Google, they will be obligated to get a settlement / cross licensing. IOS 5 new features are a ripoff of Android since version 1.5 (notifications, widgets, multitasking) and Google should have patents for that (hope). Its time to work together, join forces and don´t permit others to be evil…

    Then do the same with M$ extortion…

  10. apple is getting on like little boys. its clear that apple want to dominate the mobile industry. samsung’s galaxy s 2 has sold very well, and apply wants to stop it sales. htc has been making huge profits as of late, eating into apple’s market share, that’s why they’re going after them. apple is just plain and simply ridiculous. judges should throw away the ase before it is even heard, because it is clear they’re stifling the competition. i’m happy they lost the app store case against amazon, and i hope they lose the one against getjar as well.

  11. Wow apple is really at it. What htc phone looks like an iphone? Apple should sue themselves. This is becoming a joke.

    1. none of them but the sue is over software. The funny thing is Google own the software and not HTC. Sense look nothing iOS what so ever

  12. i can see steve jobs flailing nervously like hes drowning in a pool and cant swim…apple is slowly sinking, and hes trying to find a floaty, its desperation and its sad….of course the suit will never win, if apple tries to ban a competitor wouldnt the antitrust hounds awaken..? apple has been selling the same phone with minor upgrades 4 times now ? and they still have sheep that dish out $400 a phone every year beacause once a new OS comes out you cant upgrade, you have to get a new phone? even sadder…i know people that STILL to this day say their iphones are the best thing since sliced bread, even though they know that android is better. ultimate sad

    1. you can upgrade cant you? i know ios5 is supported on the 3gs. just sayin…

  13. I wish they did allow these bans to go through, so when the actual case is settled and HTC & Samsung are found to NOT have infringed, they can sue the shit out of Apple for all the business they would have lose by the bans. Then, Apply can go broke (again) and have someone like MS bail them out (again).

  14. When you start to lose ground and can’t beat them, ban them…LOL
    Apple, you suck!
    Stop being a baby, man up.

    1. Apple? Man up? I dont think thats possible, Apple is as metro-sexual as a business can get. Hence the Lawyers…

      Microsoft is the school bully wanting your lunch money, Apple is the cry baby telling the teacher the other kids are being mean by taking too much market share

  15. i just read almost every comment so far so ill just say +1 to them all this lawsuit crap is old and hopefully not the reason for the delay of the galaxy s 2. which i wont get if the US version has that crappy tegra 2 poo.

    1. Exactly my reason if the SGS 2 has the tegra 2.

  16. We invented touchscreens! We invented icons on desktops! We invented the word appstore! No, No and effin NO appel! So you know what, F APPLE!!!

    What you did invent is HUGE, and I mean HUUUUGE profit margins for less technology than the competition! Eventually consumers will see the light in the way you run your business Steve, high, HIGH prices for mediocre technology. Your business model worked with Mac, Mac is a decent product but in the android space, your crapple stank wont last much longer…So again I say… F APPLE!!!

  17. What the hell is Apple doing? Honestly they are not looking like a very good business model. They are surely looking as bad and greedy as AT&T. They’re products are great coming from this Android fanboy but as business they are really making themselves look weak. This just shows they are not as dominate anymore, in the lead yes but not dominate.

  18. Apple is stepping on a lot of toes… They should really be careful because the competitors can strike back when they want to. I love Android for the customization options, never liked IOS because of the fact it is so locked up :/ I really hate apple for doing stuff like this…

  19. Breaking news, apple suing orchards for using the term “apple”tree. Apparently apple has a patent on that word. Don’t paint your car candy “apple”red either, they’ll sue you too.

    On a serious note, this is ridiculous. Apple is suing every company that supports android, take a look at their history. It’s all for frivolous crap too. They are trying to build a monopoly, which will not happen. Samsung is toi big, powerful and rich for apple to stop. htc had been under fire from apple before, and stood their ground. I can see them working with samsung to put an end to this bs apple is doing.

    1. An HTC device with samsung device combined equals a shit load of love

  20. Apple and Microsoft are the evil of this world. They are completely abusing the whole patent system by using it as a cash cow rather than protecting their innovation. If it was about protecting their innovation then why wait until Android is number 1 mobile OS? Surely they were breaking patents back in 2008? I have and never will by an Apple product. There’s two ways to get to the top, you can either be great and offer really good products/services (e.g. Android) or you can bring down other companies to below your level (Apple and Microsoft).

    I suppose this show’s a clear sign of desperation for both of them as they struggle to maintain their hold on consumers.

    Jobs and Balmer both need to grow up (or get fired).

  21. Apple is really pissing me off. You’re successful enough…. Time for a boycott I think.

  22. The fact that Apple is going this route is bad; it’s certainly hugely anti-competitive. The fact that that the U.S. patent system allows this sort of abuse is the real problem that needs to be addressed.

  23. First off the article is very bias and you can tell that the author uses only android phones. Not a bad thing the os is not a bad system at all. But when writing an article it is best not to show your view but the facts. Yes apple is suing HTC for reasons no one knows yet. But you also have to look at all the people suing Apple (and that is not because apple sued them first).

    1. your on a website called “Phandroid” what do you think his opinion is? You want to hear the other side, go to BGR or engadget…..

      1. So the New York Times should just talk about what is going on in New York? As I said before, writing is about facts not one sidedness even if it is a site called Phandroid…. and the fact that this was the only thing you decided to bring up shows me that I have made a valid point.

        1. go back to the woods and bang your troll sister, shrek.

          1. Why such the hostility? I have done nothing to insult you or anyone else on this site, have I? I have only stated valid points that have been devoid of any insults and what response do I get? Instead of conversation I get insulted and told to leave….hmmmm

            Another fact: This is not the first time that apple has sued HTC, and on top of that this is only a continuing lawsuit between the two.

          2. I think what he is trying to say is this is a os specific tech blog. Do you think there would be no slant on this story on an Apple blog.

            As far as the New York Times comment, that’s really not applicable. The reason New York is in the title is because it’s based and sold in New York, not specifically about New York. But this tech blog is about android. Would you figure a Chevy site would run unbiased stories about Ford? See what I am getting at.

            As far as HTC, I have never confused one of them with an iphone.

            Now there are some android users who see some of the merit in the Apple vs. Samsung suit. Personally I really don’t. Apple’s saying the Galaxy line looks too much like the iphone. They’re both rectangles with touchscreens, an earpiece at the top and a physical button at the bottom. The difference is the Galaxy line has 4 capacative buttons between the screen and the physical button. Also, it says SAMSUNG on it. To me this is where Apple’s marketing could/should make them lose the case. Since 2007, people have been bombarded with iphone ads and the Apple logo. My 82 year old dad who is nowhere near a techie can recognize an iphone and the Apple logo. I could see if you were only given a second to look at each phone, you could possibly confuse the two, but that would probably be the same people who can’t tell a Toyota from a Chevy.

            As far as Touchwiz being like iOS, Touchwiz was out before iOS. Gridded icons were on dumbphones LONG before iOS. The only thing they may have is the color scheme. But how many different colors can they go before one manufacturer’s phone icon looks to similar to another’s?

            Myself, I have never looked at an android phone and confused it with an iphone. Unless you put a case with a chrome ring on it and throw an iphone-esque theme on it, I’m sorry, but I just can’t see it.

            To me, the patent system is ridiculous anymore. All it seems to do anymore is stifle innovation & competition, & if that happens the consumer will be the one who loses.

  24. Apple has money to burn. With no “leaks” this year of an iPhone minor upgrade prototype or a big announcement in June Apple isn’t in the news. It’s these lawsuits that keep their name in he paper so to speak. Apple even moved up the annoucment last year because of the leak. HTC stock fell when the S3 patents were bought due to how much they cost, but who’s laughing know when Apple just did what HTC predicted? Apple can suck it when they choose to stifle competition this way.

  25. Suing another company for money pisses me off, but trying to ban a product is going way too far.

    We seriously need a patent reform because patents are currently hindering growth in technology.

  26. You must think we’re idiots to believe you purchased an Xbox360 for 32 dollars! Go peddle your spam somewhere else Claudine!
    (then again, I’m sure some numbskull will click the link)

  27. This is as blatantly anti-competitive as you can get.

    Apple holds the market for so many components that its near impossible to remain competitive and Google’s lack of patent portfolio makes android an easy legal target. The fact is that Apple doesn’t like competition, especially when they are finally on top of their market.

    This is just more fuel for why I won’t by Apple products.

  28. TRUCK YOU!! You fiend!! Suing HTC will be the last thing you do Steve Jobs. If you ban Samsung, I’ll slash yo front right tire and yo spare!! Let’s see if you getting anywhere!!

    I mean, HTC is my QWERTY phone makers and Samsung is my Camera makers. Although that MyTouch 4G slide is practically my perfect phone right now and I need to get

    Anyways!! Apple is what brought me into the phone world. I remember when I used to want an iPhone. Now I say truck them!!

    Apple, you’re going to bark up the wrong tree and just get all yo stuff jacked from patents!! *angry face* I hope it’s LG that does it too. :P

  29. Where’s iKing?!

    I would love to see what BS he’ll come up with to spin this to make Apple look good.

  30. Guys we should not be so upset about this…. All Apple is doing is making themselves look really really desperate…

    Investors will take note of the mud slinging and see right through it…. Apple stock will fall…. and the public will be very disappointed with the next round of Iphones….

    Their products are stale, and while I like to have them around for competition, to be completely honest, they are not really putting up too much of a fight….

    I cannot get excited about the Ipad or Ipad 2….. but WebOS, Windows 8, and Honeycomb tablets really make me want to whip out my credit card….

    Please, take what you can from OUR Notification system, and continue to use Google services, that will keep you alive just long enough for some other product (hopefully WebOS, but more likely/embarrassingly Windows Phone 7) to take your place….

    The over simplification of your products coupled with the terrible relationships between competitors and consumers will be the death of you…. not only that… but only OLD people think your products are cool! They are the only ones that like to use them… Because they DON”T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT OR LEARN ANYTHING NEW!

  31. Apple grow up.. You want to be competitive….bring better devices and be competitive… And by the way apple….. HTC was the first phone in the world to bring the concept of touch screen and you stole it. Probably you should get sued and just wait and watch… The silence is a sign of the big tornedo coming your way…

  32. It’s called a patent war and both sides play:

  33. It’s called a patent war and both sides play:

  34. If Apple spent half as much time, money, and effort in innovation as they are in pity lawsuits against their competition. Maybe they would produce another product that people want to buy….. worst part is samsung assembles the iphone. and that “retina” screen of apples…. ya, thats just a samsung AMOLED.

  35. basically apple wants the smartphone model all to itself and is willing to share it only with others that are failing (winmo, BB). If I wanted an iphone, i would have kept my old 3g, but I and many, MANY people,all over the world, are flocking to Android phones because we want to.

    I dont want apple, if you like your locked down, dumbed down phone, fine, enjoy it, i left for bigger and better things IMHO, and its so funny, that in nearly the blink of an eye, what many thought impossible just a few years ago, android not only caught, but shot right past iOS in worldwide smartphone users. All these lawsuits show how desperate Apple is, which is exactly what they are, they lost 1st place, even with iphone5, they wont get it back, Android moves too fast, evolves too fast, has too many manufacturers, too many choices, and thats just the way I want it

  36. Screw Apple…The last 3 phone I have owned have been HTC..Mogul, Hero, and now the EVO 3D….and thy continue to get better and better….This newest version of the EVO with the dual core Snapdragon works awesome with Gingerbread!!!! Once again I say, emphatically….SCREW APPLE!!!!!!

  37. What if the judge is an apple fan!?!?!?

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