Jul 7th, 2011

Google+’s invite system got you down? Feeling confused, even angry after reading posts and tweets announcing the open availability of Google’s social network to the general public — only to find you’ve been shut out from experiencing the joyful bliss that is Google+? Well, just in case you were starting to doubt the validity of our posts, Dave Bresbris, Google+’s Engineering Director is here to shed some light on the subject.

There you have it. The service is still very much in its infant stage and Google is working on and keeping a close eye on their new social networking baby. It totally makes sense that they would want to make sure the experience remains a positive one for current and new users and really, who could knock them for that?

So, if you’re one of those still patiently waiting to get into Google+, keep a close eye on our Twitter and we’ll announce whenever we hear of users having success logging in. Oh, and if you’re still holding onto an invite from someone, DO NOT delete the email and just periodically check the link supplied therein. Just like T-Mobile’s data, throttling doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cutting you off or shutting you out.