Everything You Need to Know About the DROID 3 is on YouTube [Videos]


We saw these leaked a bit before the DROID 3 actually launched, and now that it’s finally here, Motorola has released a smorgasbord of videos showing you how to use your DROID 3 to do various tasks. We’ve included one above that shows you how web browsing on the DROID 3 is, but there are tons more to be had on Motorola’s YouTube channel. Make your way over there after you find that bucket of popcorn you’re going to need.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Pentile screen?

    1. Yes it is pentile screen go run and grab your pitchforks and begin the riots since everyone hates pentile screens so much lmao

    2. unless you have 20/5 vision, or you wear magnifying glasses over your eyes whenever you use your phone you would never know it was pentile.

  2. The new Motoblur looks pretty sweet, but I wish they would just finalize a big new version instead of changing it slightly with every phone they release.

  3. The title needs to be changed to

    “Everything You Need to Know About the DROID 3 is…… encrypted bootloader”

    New VZW commercial:
    Introducing the new Droid 3 with MOTOrhea

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