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Independence Day is an incredibly important holiday, but just has Christmas is often boiled down to Santa, July 4th has become synonymous with Fireworks. And of course beers and barbecues. But why celebrate all day for a fireworks show that only last a few minutes? There are some pretty cool Fireworks Live Wallpapers on Android Market that will keep you in the spirit all day… not to mention they’re a fun little ditty to share with friends, family, or keep the kids occupied.

The apps called “Fireworks” and “Fireworks Full” aren’t actually Live Wallpapers and are instead an app in which you can control a Fireworks show. I do believe, however, you can set the show to work as your wallpaper. And a HUGE WARNING: “Live Wallpaper FireworksFree” by DrHu uses AirPush notification ads by the looks of the comments- so don’t download that one.

I’ve included some of the more popular ones we found in Android Market below, but if you’ve got other ideas for our readers, chime in with comments!

UPDATE: It looks like all our app links weren’t showing… so here are text links to them in Android Market:

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  1. Hey Phandroid, even though it is Monday, and you usually post Monday-Friday, TAKE A BREAK! Relax. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. ya Mitch Samuels , u r right .. i agree with you

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  3. Let’s not forget the free one today via Amazon Appstore:

  4. The app on amazon totally sucks.

  5. 1 good thing about the amaxon app store -0- if an app really sucks there are reviews right away pointing to a better replacement – which is how I found “3D Skyrocket Live Wallpaper” Which was very nice (but a memory hog so I went back to my standard Wallpaper after midnight)

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