Latest Facebook Update Causing News Feed to Constantly Refresh, May Impact Battery Life


The folks at Facebook have released version 1.6, as you may already know, but even with the few much-needed changes, it’s taken a step or two back. For one, there is a bug causing the news feed to constantly refresh itself, something much of the community is seeing judging by market comments.

Not only does this have some impact on battery life, it makes it kind of difficult to traverse the list. I can confirm, along with others, that this can be fixed simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Even if you haven’t seen this behavior, it might be worth doing just that.

We’re hearing reports of the notifications feature breaking, as well, as the application is once again reportedly sending users to the mobile site instead of to specific posts and events within the application. I have been unable to reproduce this error, but apparently it’s more prevalent on the Samsung Captivate than any other phone. (Note: I have tested all of these issues on both the HTC EVO 3D and the Samsung Epic 4G.) Let us know if you see any of these issues and report back if the above helped you fix it. [Thanks Jeff!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And what idiot decided to automatically put the landing view of feeds at the bottom of the page as soon as the app is launched. Now I have to scroll all the way up to view new feeds…wtf?!

  2. For crying out loud how many of facebooks updates are going to do this? Isnt this like the 3rd time?!?!?! Can someone lend them a quality control department since they obviously cant afford one or run one effectively? WTH?

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how a company with 700 million users can have such terrible software development. Google+ can’t come fast enough, I am looking foward to ridding myself of this garbage company…

  4. I hate that I can’t set the deafult to “Most Recent” instead of “Top News”

  5. This update broke check-ins on my phone.

  6. Get me a Google+ invite now!!!!!!

  7. I have the Samsung Epic 4g and no issues for me and no added battery drain. I do wish they would add photo tagging.

  8. i had this issue yesterday, VZW Thunderbolt. an uninstall/reinstall did fix it.

  9. This is why I’m hoping Google+ knocks Facebook down a peg.
    The piss poor state of the Facebook app. I mean…for how many years have the notifications system been broken? It behooves me that if someone comments on the status more than once, the notification won’t show up in the feed until a new person comments. It’s ridiculous.

    We can’t like statuses, something the iPhone app has had for ages. No tagging of friends. SMH.
    I know that I’m going to push Google+ all over the web, friend or no friend, until it gets big.

  10. Quick google+! Go for the neck! The beast is weakened!

    1. haha excellent haha

  11. Just adds to the pile of reasons why Facebook is even more hated than Bank of America:

  12. Part of the problem with the Android version of Facebook is because of the fact that Android is not a true OS. Its just a fancy, dressed-up java runtime environment. iOS is a true OS. Much easier to develop on that platform than on Android.

    1. Obviously you don’t know shit.
      Please read more, and stop trolling here

      1. Read my reply above. You are just an android fanboy. Step back from the ledge and evaluate the facts and you’ll see I’m right.

    2. I think you have Android confused with Blackberry OS.

      1. No, I have it correct. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. I know all about the good and the bad of Android. Android is a fancy, dressed-up, Java Runtime Environment. What do you think the Dalvik virtual machine is? Its the heart of android and what runs all the apps, which are nothing more than java. iOS is a real OS, apps compiled to run on iOS run natively on the CPU just like running a program sitting at a Mac Computer. Thats why apps run smoother on my old original iPhone 2G rather than on my pretty-much top of the line Galaxy S overclocked. Also, why do you think it was so eash for RIM to make it so that Android apps can run on their OS now, all they had to do was license the Dalvik virtual machine as well and now android apps run on BB OS.

        1. Android is a slimmed down Linux OS that runs apps in the isolated virtual machine(Dalvik), very similar to iOS. However you can root both android and iOS and gain full control over the OS.

          You can develop apps outside the virtual machine and have those run in the android OS, they don’t have to be written in java. The virtual machine itself is a app running on the android OS.

    3. Can you explain why iPhone users also hate their crappy, buggy Facebook app, then?

      1. He can’t explain it. He’s a moron and a troll.

      2. Never heard of those complaints. When I had an iPhone, it worked all the time. And it had many more features in it when I was using it a year ago than Facebook for Android has today.

        1. what does it have in it that the android app doesnt have? I had an iphone and it was no better on IOS than it was on android.

  13. Google+ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite me! I cant stand this garbage FB anymore

  14. Was doing it on my Nexus S, uninstall, reinstall and it worked ok.

  15. facebook and any other “social networking” service is a waste of time and im embarassed that i even use it (mainly for the ladies they love facebook)

    1. Yeah, connecting with people you care about and sharing pictures of your family and friends is a total waste of time. Not everybody just collects friends. Some of us actually find Facebook useful.

  16. Happening on my N1 as well as the message notification going to nowhere when clicked

  17. I never really liked the Facebook app. Always found it easier (and overall better experience) to just use the site. #Protip

  18. Does it actually pull up the web browser and take you to the Mobile Web FB, or does it just look similar? If it’s the latter, then you’re not actually on the Mobile Web page. I like the new News Feed, but it’s not without problems, the biggest one is at times, it does not take you to the top or the latest update.

    1. It’s taking you to the mobile site.

  19. I have a Captivate and can attest to all the 1.6 issues. The app is pretty much broken for me after the update. I wish Facebook would get it together and just give us an Android version of the iOS app.

  20. Went to settings/applications/manage applications and inside facebook I cleared data and the cache and all works well.

    1. Did this for my wife’s LG Vortex. My DroidX had no issues.

  21. they need to send a patch out, I un/reinstalled this morn and now its doing the constant refresh again

    Anyone else? EVO 4G here

  22. This version is so buggy. Im happy i dident install it yet.
    But its not like I dident install it couse its buggy, i dident install it for other reosons.
    The thing most pissing me of about 1.6 ist that they want to have the right to reed my text messages. And not only the textes i did send, but also the textes my friends and family wrote to me, eaven those that dident go to facebook by porpose, couse they dont want to share there live with the company called facebook.
    I do not want facebook to read my messages and i dont have the right to hand over textes from other people to facebook.
    When i see the market ratings of that App, i see that you american people dont care to much about that fact. When i see the german version of the Android Market, i see hunderts of 1 Star ratings from pissed of Facebook users that dont want to share there textes eather.
    As long as this App uses these permissions, I wont update it! Just hoping Google+ is coming soon and i can move over.

  23. Use Friendcaster Pro, it has all the features everybody is asking for including tagging etc. I used the free version for a few days and ended up buying the full version. I first downloaded it when the last Facebook update broke everything.

  24. The re-install trick only worked for a few hours for me.

  25. You’d think that with all the money Facebook brings in, they’d have a good mobile development team. Wrong. There are so many functions that you’d think would be a standard part of the app that don’t exist at all. I have to say, for all the money Facebook makes, their app sure does suck sometimes.

  26. As of about 11pm EST, my Facebook app seems to be fixed.

  27. yeah, that definately hit my phone hard, glad to know it was noticed quickly

  28. I have the Verizon Thunderbolt, and I had the refresh issue as well. I uninstalled and re-installed but every so often it happens again. Also the news feed is “web browser” style.

  29. I have an Atrix 4G and have the refresh issues. I deleted the cache and then cache and data. Deleting cache and data seems to provide a temporary fix to the issue, but it comes back.

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