Jun 29th, 2011

The folks at Facebook have released version 1.6, as you may already know, but even with the few much-needed changes, it’s taken a step or two back. For one, there is a bug causing the news feed to constantly refresh itself, something much of the community is seeing judging by market comments.

Not only does this have some impact on battery life, it makes it kind of difficult to traverse the list. I can confirm, along with others, that this can be fixed simply by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Even if you haven’t seen this behavior, it might be worth doing just that.

We’re hearing reports of the notifications feature breaking, as well, as the application is once again reportedly sending users to the mobile site instead of to specific posts and events within the application. I have been unable to reproduce this error, but apparently it’s more prevalent on the Samsung Captivate than any other phone. (Note: I have tested all of these issues on both the HTC EVO 3D and the Samsung Epic 4G.) Let us know if you see any of these issues and report back if the above helped you fix it. [Thanks Jeff!]