T-Mobile Now Allowing Google Talk Video Chat Over 3G?


It’s been a delicate issue within the Android community, mainly with those who are current T-Mobile customers. If you recall, the latest update of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread brought with it a much anticipated new feature, video chat. A lot of users were ecstatic with the new prospect of Google Talk’s video chat feature. But that excitement was quickly turned to outrage when users who attempted to take advantage of video calling were prompted by a message stating this feature was only available via WiFi. It was a puzzling move by T-Mobile but it looks as though they may have had a change of heart.

We have been receiving our share of Phanmail from happy Nexus S users notifying us that they are now able to make video calls using the new Google Talk app via 3G. Cruising by Reddit, I found a few users on that site experiencing the same thing. I don’t know exactly what is going on but it looks as if T-Mobile has finally flipped the 3G switch on Google Talk’s video chat feature. Let us know in the comments if this is working for you.

Thanks, to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. lol thanks for the late night news

  2. it’s working over 3G on my vibrant running CM7 with the GTalk modified for all GB phones. Nice!

  3. How can they even control this to begin with o_O

    1. It’s effed up. That’s why I don’t get too excited about new Android features. Carriers always find away to rain on our parade =/

    2. Because GTalk Video Chat used a port that was previously closed. It wasn’t so much that Tmo actively banned that feature like the mob with pitchforks would like you to think. It was just already closed and someone forgot to tell Google. 

      1. Sorry Chimp, a port? Sounds like your interpretation of “an engineering problem” that T-Mobile reported.
        I was wifi tethering my Nexus S to another TMO phone on 3G and it was working fine. It has worked fine from day one from people who edited the app to allow it.

  4. I don’t see that feature on my phone yet.
    -Mytouch 4G

  5. Yes. I got the tip from @AndroidPolice earlier. It’s working on my Nexus S! I’m very happy about it.

  6. Stock 2.3.4 on a T-mobile Nexus S working great connecting to a Xoom in the office.  Glad they fixed this!

  7. Wish my brand new htc sensation came with 2.3.4   Instead it comes with 2.3.3 and I for one don’t understand why it wouldn’t come with the newest software

  8. Yup.. its working perfectly..

  9. This smells of a ploy to sell more 4G phones and move everyone to the 4G data plans.

  10. Let’s hope it stays that way after the merger with AT&T.

  11. I’ve always had this, on my vibrant with a ffc, a hacked version worked well!  though i could only make calls on 3g and not recivie

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