Jun 23rd, 2011

Is there an Echo in the building? We could have sworn the last time we saw this design it was a bulky, battery-sucking Kyocera design destined for Sprint, but what you see above is actually a joint effort by the teams at Imerj and Frog. The phone doesn’t have a name yet or even a model number, but the dual-screened handset being referred to as the 2-in-1 Smartpad is the latest attempt at shaking up Android phone design.

Engadget got hands-on with the device and were surprisingly praiseworthy, calling it a “very different device” from the Kyocera Echo, despite its looks.  It runs on Android 2.3 optimized for a multi-screen experience. The design aims to provide both a phone and tablet-like experience depending on how you orient its screens. We’re still not sold on this sort of form factor, so excuse us for not getting too excited. You can get your fill over at the source link below.

[via Engadget]

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