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HTC EVO 3D Trims the Fat with Removable Bloatware, Receives Minor HTC Watch Update


Sure, the HTC EVO 3D isn’t “officially” released until tomorrow, but plenty of people already have one in their hands thanks to units shipping out early. For those currently holding the 3D beauty or counting down the hours until you can pick yours up, here’s a tip: much of the pre-installed bloatware can be easily removed in the same manner as any other app installed to your device. That’s right, no root necessary. Just navigate through the Settings menu to your applications list, select the bundled software you’d like to remove and then click uninstall. That was easy.

In other news, HTC hasn’t been shy about showing some over-the-air love. After launching the first software update for the EVO 3D yesterday, it appears another is rolling out, focusing specifically on the HTC Watch app. It corrects a few bugs that were causing some hiccups with syncing, and that’s about all. Pretty minor stuff. Now how are we enjoying our EVO 3Ds?

[via AndroidCentral 1, 2]

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  1. I don’t care so much about the 3d, snazzy as it may be; the rest of this device is making me a wee bit jealous at the moment that I don’t have one.

    1. I feel the EXACT same way as you.  The cool thing is, from those who already have it, they are saying the 3D quality is much better than they would have expected… so it may be a bigger perk then I originally thought.

      1. I’ve got the 3D sitting in my pocket now, and I’m loving it! The 3D features are really neat, and feel like they just add quality to the original image :D the sweet spot is pretty picky though….

  2. But what about the Nascar App?  And Sprint T.V.?  Everyone should want that bloatware…

  3. should have mine this afternoon. will report back findings….

  4. I love mine. Big upgrade from the Hero

    1. Just about anything is these days! (Not that the hero was bad, 2 years ago, mind you…)

  5. I’m loving it, got mine yesterday. Major upgrade from my Hero.

  6. eply

    What more can be said…The software update for htc watch recieved as soon as you turn on your new Evo 3d. The update also for the calendar sync which also is another perfect update. And now having the ability to uninstall bloatware which isn’t that much on the evo 3d makes this all such a perfect begining..I pick mines up Friday at 8:20am at bestbuy…17hrs to go and counting….Until then all my friends check out this GREAT VIDEO ON THE EVO 3D FROM ONE OF THE BEST TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE IN THE BUSINESS MR. JOHN RETTINGER FROM TECHNOBUFFALO HE LOVES OUR EVO 3D ..http://www.technobuffalo.com/companies/htc/htc-evo-3d-review-video/

  7. Seems like there are many people coming from the HTC Hero. Same for me. I am waiting mine to come in the mail tomorrow and looking over the User Guide. Not really into the 3d, but it’s the specs that got me. 3d is just a plus.

  8. That’s my man standing up strong to you Evo 3d haters. At 8am I will join the ranks of the best Android device to date. If your not on board with this then step to the left and let us sprint customers RUN RAMPID OVER YOU. EVO 3D RULES

    1. Its only gonna be the best phone till the S2 comes out.

      1. Imagine that….What will the Galaxy S2 have that the Evo 3d won’t??? I know you won’t be able to really answer that question. Don’t get me started on Samsung everybody jumps on there bandwagon when it benefits them then cry when NO UPDATES are sent to there devices..Samsung is JOKE IN MY WORLD. The evo 4g was released with 2.1 egclaire june 4th 2010 recieved froyo August 2010 then got gingerbread this year recently. How many updates have any samsung devices recieved???? LAST TIME I SAW THEY STILL HAD DEVICES ROCKING 2.1…Conclusion PISS on samsung…..They can’t hold Mr. Peter Chou’s JOCK

        1. Photon 4G!

          1. I don’t like the phone but I like your style!

        2. “How many updates have any samsung devices recieved?” 1. It’s “received”. You know “i before e except after c…”? Try spelling like a 40+ year old man instead of a 6 year old child. 2. So far the most I know of, 2. But let me go a little bit further with knowledge that is mostly well known in the Samsung Epic dev community: there have been at least 2 Gingerbread leaks, and an official release is due to be out soon. So your point is completely moot. You call yourself an a lover of “all things Android”, yet you intentionally misspell the name given to Android 2.0/2.1. It’s spelled “Eclair” not “egclair” (much like you did with “Thunderdud” and “AssT&T”). And before you start saying “oh it was a mistake/misspelling”, don’t. You’ve said it many other times before. I would be all too happy to prove you wrong. Don’t bother saying you’re an Android enthusiast if you come up with such childish names for other devices/carriers/version names. It makes you look like a total hypocrite.

          1. How many phones has HTC given to Cyanogen, or other independent developers? I don’t own a Samsung phone, but credit where credit is due. In addition, anyone who says that rooting is for outdated phones, or that their phone couldn’t possibly be improved upon by rooting, removing bloatware, under/overclocking and/or custom ROMs is misinformed at best.

        3. 3D and the S2 is much faster and smoother. That right there is enough for me.

    2. “That’s my man standing up strong…”. Er, nooo. That was YOU. The caps, “mines”, the EXACT same writing style to the tee. Now you’re making imaginary friends for comment threads? You REALLY need to get a life. I would say get laid, but you couldn’t get a five cent hooker with a hundred dollar bill. Only someone as stupid as you actually believes that’s two different people. Sheesh. Megatroll has imaginary troll friends now. Someone have him committed. This dude is seriously damaged in the head.

      1. No, I’m not an evo hater. I’m getting one tomorrow myself. Grow up you’re 46, not 16.

        1. getalife should get one. You spent 2 minutes pecking out a Ghey letter to someone you don’t even know. You Suck…

          1. Boy you can say that again…He is amusing I must say

      2. Your real funny…I am getting a good laugh from you Mr. getalife you should take a cue from your FAKE SCREEN NAME….

    3. What the hell is rampid anyway?

      1. it’s a member of the sheep family that has the ram’s horns and 100 legs…rampid. LOL!

      2. Urban Dictionary: A non-existant word that mentally challenged people often confuse with the word “rampant.”

        No offense meant >.<

  9. HTC keeps on impressing me, now they just need to get to releasing an update to unlock that bootloader

  10. Damn you Sprint and your horrendous coverage area.  If you had coverage like Verizon I’d switch in a heartbeat.

    1. i know what you feel, because i was once a verizon customer. i’m with them because of the low monthly dues and the fact that in order to keep me as a customer, they gave me an airave to enhance my signal at home. :)

  11. Picking mine up tomorrow morning!  Can’t wait!

  12. what’s bloatware? i looked on my nexus S and couldn’t find anything marked “bloatware”..

    all kidding aside, that’s pretty cool. glad Sprint’s getting more upscale phones. now if only they could get the GS2

  13. Im waiting for galaxy s2

    1. Good luck…Evo 3d it is not that’s for sure…

      1. Ummmm duh? Such a stupid statement… Just don’t comment next time.

  14. I love my 3d….got it yesterday and it has outperformed my expectations. Thats why I dont listen to what reviewers say….lol  

  15. What about the brother HTC Sensation? we feel kicked to the curb…

    1. I love the Sensation just as much I was playing with that device for a few days at tmobile and people were coming in like hotcakes to buy that device. It’s a great addition to the HTC family just a tad below the evo 3d.

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