Maria Sharapova Gives Us a Look at the New Sony Ericsson Xperia Active, Dunks it in a Glass of Water


We just learned of the Sony Ericsson Xperia active this morning, and who better to give us our first look at the device designed for the athletic and active than tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. She even boldly drops the handset into a glass of water, proving the phone is water resistant, has a touchscreen that functions when wet, and that Maria Sharapova is simply lovely. Do you need a better reason to watch?


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  1. um i wish um all phones were um water resistant/water proof

    1. Like OMG, Um, Yeah, UM (76 more times)

      1. She sure said um a lot in that vid.

        1. 22 times was my count.

          1. And I thought my videos were bad =/

            She needs some jumpcuts! Lol

  2. Did I just read “Expera” active at 2’13”? Did SE make a typo on their own product?

    1. Bahaha yes I do believe you are correct my friend. They’ve obviously got the best amd brightest workers under them…

    2. that’s terrible

    3. At the unveiling of the PS3 there was a controller with “serect” on it…so I guess that person still works for Sony.

  3. still like Kornikova better….

  4. I think she stole that shirt from my grandma!

    1. Seriously, that shirt was disgusting, and all that makeup made Sharapova look 20 years older and ugly.  Just an all around bad advertisement

  5. Defy still rules!

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