Even Best Buy Can’t Tell One HTC Android Phone From Another [Blunders]


Best Buy’s marketing team is always giving us a good laugh here and there. Whether it’s HTC Sense on a Samsung phone or Android on a Nokia, they always teeter on the line of false advertising (inadvertently, of course). This one I can’t fault them for, though. Apparently, the EVO 4G is “coming soon” alongside the HTC EVO 3D and it looks exactly like an HTC EVO 3D. We stopped being able to tell the difference too, Best Buy. No harm, no foul. [Reddit]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. FTW!

  2. That’s why I started to dislike HTC – they just won’t spend ANY money on exterior design and just keep producing plastic bricks using the same 2 years old mold.

    1. Hey, my Sensation is an aluminum brick using the same 2 year old mold.

    2. HTC phones have always been very solid, looked and felt good to me. The G1 might be the exception but at the time it was new it was good. I’m glad they don’t try to fix what isn’t broken, they might end up with ugly phones if they start messing with what works.

      1. Hey now… My G1 may not have been the prettiest brick of all, but it has proven me wrong by still working. I didn’t expect it to last more than a year. This thing has been with me since the evening of October 21st, 2008, and believe me, I don’t take good care of my phones.

        1. Ginger Yoshi on the G1 = winning

      2. +1 Chris.  Why mess with a good thing?  How much $$ has MOTO thrown away on crap like the Backflip, Flipside, Flipout, etc?  How’s that Kyocera Echo selling?

    3. I agree with you. A lot of HTC’s phones look and act similar. Unfortunately this is a pretty standard practice in many industries. I think they should at least keep the name the same throughout the different products, like how Samsung did with the Galaxy S phones.

  3. lol people still go to bestbuy? etailers are so much more convenient and cheaper! like Newegg.com  no tax free shipping 

    1. Depends on what state. Live in Cal and you get ringed with tax. Only Amazon can fat away without charging tax.

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