Sony Can’t Really Go Wrong Stirring Up Noise About Their Tablets Using a Rube Goldberg Machine [Video]


I love them. What am I referring to? That brilliantly-crafted course you see in the video above, referred to as a Rube Goldberg machine. They’re awesome, and if there was ever a way to get my attention, it’s to use a Rube Goldberg machine. Sony did just that in the first of multiple planned videos teasing the Sony S1 and S2, their 10.1 inch and dual-screen Honeycomb tablets, respectively. More are headed our way and we certainly can’t wait for them. Let’s just hope forthcoming videos actually eek out a bit more information. Still, awesome.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That was really well done.

  2. Dude, did the girl shoot the guy saying he loved he at 1:17?

  3. I liked the Honda Cog spot better.

    1. Yeah, this was definitely lacking. The Honda one is so much better as the whole thing was done with parts from the car. This? Well, it felt very much like they could have stuck any other product in there or no product in there. 

      1. That’s exactly my problem with it. With the Honda, the machine was relevant. Here, it wasn’t. Could not only have been any other tablet, it could, literally have been a pair of shoes as well.

    2. The Honda Cog spot is fake and looks fake, this one could be CG but at least looks real!

      1. No dice, DeePo… The Honda Cog spot took 3 months and 606 attempts to get it to work… not fake.

        Still though, the Sony ad is somewhat… lacking.

        1. My fault, tricked by the tires… really great job!

  4. Dominoes that length might have been more exciting.

  5. They copy this video from the YOUTUBE MUSIC GROUP OKGO

  6. Is it me or does this tablet remind anyone else of the Notion Ink Adam’s hold design…I can almost smell a law suit! Don’t get me wrong I like it, it’s just that I think Notion Ink(which I don’t care for) came up with the curvy edge first. 

  7. Except this is Sony.. the company that persecutes its customers who dare mod their devices, have lost hundreds of thousands of users secure data.. after their first year in the Android business they openly admitted.. (sorry for the crap, we underestimated our customers.. we thought you’d eat this up). Ya.. good ad’s are one thing, Apple has that too.. but just like Apple.. I will not be buying from Sony ever.

  8. KalEl!!! Where the heck is my first KalEl equipped tab??!!? Not here unfortunately….

  9. Pretty crappy example of a Rube Goldberg machine. 95% of it was simply triggered by the same train running at a fixed pace along a straight track. My kids have done as much with their Thomas the tank engine toys.

  10. so a “rube goldberg” machine is basically a “heath robinson”

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