Jun 15th, 2011

You guys may remember a few weeks back when I posted a video from Qualcomm that many shrugged off as nothing more than hot-air. In the video, Qualcomm explained that their single-core Snapdragon chipsets were superior than the dual-core offerings from their competitors (namely, Nvidia’s Tegra 2). I watched the video, I soaked it all in and when it was done, I immediately called bs.

Well, perhaps I was a bit too hasty in my judgment because I just came across this little nugget from YouTube where Denis Maniti felt the need to conduct the some tests of his own, using devices featuring some of the industries latest mobile processors. He pits the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Hummingbird), Motorola Atrix (Tegra 2), HTC Incredible S (Snapdragon), Sony Xperia Arc (Snapdragon) against each other in a head-to-head battle to see which processor could render HD quality, 720p Flash video content above the rest. The results were… surprising. **Keep in mind all phones are connected to the same WiFi network and all are on Android 2.2 Froyo except for the Xperia Arc (2.3 Gingerbread). Enjoy.

You can see clearly in the video that Qualcomm’s 2nd generation, single-core processor chewed up YouTube’s 720p Flash content without a hitch while the others failed to keep up in a smooth fashion. I’m sure there could other factors involved like Android firmwares, humidity or even the sheer radiance of Michael Bolton. In any case, the guy in the video is NOT on Qualcomm’s payroll and thanks to his video, has definitely opened up my eyes a bit.

But what do you guys think? Could Qualcomm really have tweaked and fined tuned their Snapdragon processors as much as they boasted on their YouTube channel? Like most things, it seems as if there is no easy answer when trying to determine the superiority of one chip vs another. According to this video, “moar coarz” might not always equal better performance.

[Via AndroidBugle]