True or False? iPhone Users vs. Android Users


I came across this little graphic the other day and all I could think was, “So true!” If it’s one thing I love in Android, it’s the community. Whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook the fact that a single mobile OS could bring together people from every walk of life is truly amazing/nerdy/magical. I honestly can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve started, or people have started with me regarding nothing other than my Android powered device. For instance, I saw this guy seriously rocking an HTC Legend at Costco the other day and immediately striked up a conversation trying to get my hands on it (the phone, that is).

This is in no way bashing, iPhone users. They’re cool people too. I just feel like that particular smartphone in general is a lot more mainstream than any one specific Android powered device. I don’t usually see people as excited about their iPhone as say, someone who has the latest Android powered superphone. And that’s fine. I still think the iPhone is cool (I pretty much love anything that has a microchip in it) and I’m not trying to start a flame war here.

Its just when it comes to Android power users, the ones who have fallen in love with the OS, we are the ones who tend to be a little more social when it comes to devices (as pictured above). I mean, many times it’s us, the vocal minority, who continue to shape the landscape of the mobile industry demanding the highest powered phones, latest firmware and unlocked bootloaders for the rest of the casual to benefit from. We’re the ones who get our family members on board. We’re the ones who offer countless hours of “tech support” to friends and families. We’re the ones who make a difference. Well, as much as a smartphone can make in someone’s life.

So what do you guys think? Think this image is true or false? Care to share any instances (no matter how old) where you saw someone with a new or rare Android phone and maybe struck up a convo because of it?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This is so true:

    “We’re the ones who get our family members on board. We’re the ones who offer countless hours of “tech support” to friends and families.”

    1. Ever since I got my first smartphone the G1 in 2008 I have been just like this. I spent hours explaining the good and bad things about Android tablets vs the iPad (Android is the winner) to 5 different people on Saturday and I loved every minute of it. All my friends and family know that I am not a very talkative person but start talking about Android and you can’t shut me up. 

      This bond that we Android users share is one of the main reasons I just can’t see myself using an iPhone, no matter what magical features they add or copy from Android.

      1. “All my friends and family know that I am not a very talkative person but start talking about Android and you can’t shut me up. ”
        same here man :D
        I’m not usually talkative, but once you get me going about android, you better sit down and grab a cup of tea/coffee/soda.

        1. Sooo true.  In the last week, I have bored two different friends to death showing them all the great features on their G2X.

    2. yea its so funny how true this is, just 3days ago i was having a debate with 2 iphone drones, and no matter what u say they r always right even when it comes to facts and numbers, most apple users dont know much about tech at least not like android users do, never will

    3. I agree i love android users, show the support ANDROID FOR LIFE!!!!

      1. I’m more like “Android until there’s something better”.

        1. there is no loyalty in you 

          1. he is a normal user like me .. 
            we look for what is the best for us!!

          2. If something came along that blew Android out of the water, why would I want to be like an Apple Fanboi? I agree with draiko. The reason I have an Android is because it’s the best thing out there (IMO). If they start to slack, and someone else comes along and offers me more features that I want, or a better experience, or much longer battery life with the ability to run the apps I want, why would I stay? Competition is key to progress, and Android (at this time) is the one competing. Apple is sitting on it’s laurels (as evidenced  by the meager offerings in iOS5), is controlling, and doesn’t offer a very interesting user experience. (Again, IMO) If they opened up, started offering more innovation, and let loose on Itunes, I might give them another look. And… Android would likely respond with MORE and BETTER innovation. It’s a win-win for the consumer.

          3. The reason why I stick with Android is because it’s open source.  I don’t care if it’s the “best thing out there.”  Being open source means that the money I sink into apps for it will always be worth it, because I’ll _always_ be able to buy a new phone with Android on it (unlike those who sunk money into the Windows Mobile 6.5 or Palm Treo ecosystem).

          4. Exactly.

            This is what propelled the iPhone to the top when it launched. Its part of what propelled Android to the top. 

    4.  that right there is a big reason why droid is for the dorks. My family has had iphones for years ( i use a droid x ) and they didn’t need “tech support”. Shit just works.

      1. Kind of like a toaster “just works”?  Or any APPLIANCE?

        You obviously don’t understand the possibilities with Android, otherwise you wouldn’t have equated ‘tech support’ with ‘this is broken’.

        The iphone is like a mass-produced appliance, built for the people who just want something to get them from point a to point b (IT JUST WORKSSSSSS!!!!).
        Android comes installed on MANY phones, customized to a person’s preferences.  You can have different hardware, AND customize the software.
        iphone schm-eye-phone

        1. i was just gonna say my gf’s brother is die hard apple has a iphail4 he got ahold of her rooted n myns rommed evo didnt give it back what seemed like forever and made up some lame ass excuse bout something not running ….she hadnt updated flash yet. apple users are mindless unimaginative twits and they all seem to be in extreme denial and would make up anything to help them feel better about bein stupid enough to own an iphail. oo and i have had a 3gs so i know apple sux first hand

      2. Tell that to ALL the folks in the iPhone troublshooting section of Macrumors.com…

        For every person that says the iPhone just works…there is a full page in that section that says otherwise.

  2. I related to it immediately. Android makes disciples out of it’s users, everyone I know loves to share their new favorite mod/game/app.

    1. Disciples = Sheep

        1. I love this one!  It is so true for the ifans that I know.

        2. That was very funny and true. WOW

  3. Yup pretty true.

  4. At least for us blog readers, it has got to be true. I just found out my friend had an HTC Hero- I immediatly showed him Cyanogenmod, let him play with my Droid X2, got my fiance’s D2G and showed him that too.

    It’s a disease man! We’re inflicted with techno-talk

  5. Very true! Whenever I see an in public I always say something! Most android users are willing to talk

  6. This is true mostly in the US here in Canada half the time I see a phone that is really awesome the person doesn’t even know what android is -.- anyway it’s happened before that I’ve been able to strike a conversation with people who have android phones but most of the time no luck.

  7. I work tech support and surrounded by nerds. Android is my preferred subject to strike up a random conversation with someone here. I’m not as savvy on the other topics I hear like WoW/Anime/Star Wars.. etc. ;D

  8. Very true. Saw someone at a party with a nexus one. Immediate conversation starter, being it was a very rare phone (and still is).

    1. Same here pretty much, i used to work at an Olive Garden and some girl that i worked with had the Nexus One the week it was released. I was so jealous of her because at the time i had a Mytouch 3G aka the slow pos that made me love Android. I seriously talked to her about phones for like a half an hour.

      I still remember that day since it was the first time i had seen a live wallpaper and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  9. not so true. iPhonies are all the same. They got it bc someone they know got it or some commercial or gimmick. Some Android users fit this category but not all. After the HTC EVO hit mainstream ALOT of people bought it on just for the iPhone killer factor, meanwhile I know people personally with a Nexus One and haven’t upgraded to anything remotely new on AT&T bc they got grandfathered rate plans and CM7. My sister has a Droid 2 with shitty apps and has no clue what her phone can do. Does that mean I am the bias nerd genius ? Not at all. I try to put people onto great devices that fit them first.

    1. Apple is a cult of clueless people.

      1. Not true, at all.  I’m not an “ifanboy” but I recently switched from Android to iPhone, because it suited MY needs.  I wanted something that was solid, and had fantastic music playback, to use with my car’s bluetooth.  The Android platform NEVER worked as expected in that department.  I also got downright tired with all the bugs, lag, crashes, battery life issues, and everything else that ANY open platform suffers from.  I wanted a phone that worked EVERY time I needed it WHEN I need it.

        1. A model/brand of Android based phone might have given you problems, but the majority of Android OS users out there do not have or experience things like in your situation.  I for one, have no problems with my Bluetooth audio and I will gladly put my Android phone up against ANY iproduct in the Audio/video playback arena. I rock my music in my car all the time now… I haven’t hear a local radio station or played a CD in months!  I have surround sound audio in my headphones and via my Bluetooth! 

          Remember that not all Android based phones are created equal.  The key is to find the right product that meets your needs.  For me, the lack of Flash support and the lack of total user customization, out of the box, that is a deal breaker.  Of course you may have the badly written app here or there, but as you get to know your Android phone, you learn what works and what doesn’t, an you avoid that which doesn’t. As with anything as powerful as the Android OS you need to manage your battery consumption.  I use an extended battery which now lasts me all day with medium to heavy use at times.  I also adjusted my apps that want to talk in the background to not do it so often.  If the shoe fits, I say wear it, and go with God.  

  10. 100% true. Latest incident I can recall is someone rocking a Galaxy S2 well before any of the carriers here in Australia got them. (I reckon WP7 users are also pretty keen on talking about their phones…)

  11. Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more!

    Also, yeah, let’s be honest. Everyone has an iPhone. Super boring, no big deal. It’s the same everywhere.
    Androids get the latest everything because they come out so often so it’s interesting to talk news in the tech world other than, “What’s the next iPhone going to have?” Who knows! Probably some tech that is already out.

  13. G1 day 1 at Universal Studios Orlando during Halloween Horror Nights. While waiting for a haunted house, the person next to me in line busts out what was sitting on my doorstep the next day.

    Of course I ask to see it. He had no idea that I’d remember him to this day. Twas the first Android phone I ever touched.

    1. You paint the picture of this time like a romance story. An Android cherry popped that day. :)

      1. I drove 2 hours to pick up my G1, then 2 hours back to Orlando. It was a life changing day for me. I remember having every app on the market for like 2 weeks. Crazy amiright?

        1. I can relate completely. I did the exact same thing with my first Android phone going on an app downloading spree.

  14. Very true. I work front desk at a hotel. I had an half an hour conversation with a guest that works for Dell speaking on the abilities of Android, deficiencies of iPhone in an IT world. And while we were talking, a Verizon employee (big office type, not retail worker) stopped by and joined the conversation.

    I doubt that would’ve happened had us three been carrying iPhones.

    Interesting note, the Dell guest stated that most IT folks don’t really like iPhones, it’s just that the big bosses do and they want to use them, so they do. Hmm. The Verizon guest stated that iPhone on Verizon isn’t really doing anything to stem the Android tide there.

    Don’t know how true their comments were, but I loved every second of it, lol

      1. His statement could still prove to be true. That speaks on single handset
        sales. He was speaking Android sales as a whole not taking a hit…

        Although the article does hit a point. Too many people are trying to ride
        this 4G train when its not feasible to do so yet. Apple and Google (by way
        of Nexus line) always picks the right inclusions for the right time.

      2. I work for Verizon. Yes we sell more iphones then any other device, but we sell 10x’s more androids. There is only one phone for ios and 15+ for andriod. So obviously iPhone is on top when its broken down to devices.

        I can talk and demo Android all day, but when it comes to the iPhone.. not as much to talk about.. although it is a great device ;) Love the comic haha so true!

        1. “I work for Verizon. Yes we sell more iphones then any other device, but we sell 10x’s more androids. ”

          Not so fast:


          1. any one android device vs. combined android models

          2. 50 stores being polled isn’t a representative sample. How many times are you going to post the same failed article?

          3. The same method was used to report that the Thunderbolt was outselling the iPhone….fighting fire with fire

          4. As many as it takes to keep his crown as the “King of iThings Who Has Nothing Better To Do Than Troll on an Android Blog”.

            It’s a wonder why he hasn’t disappeared with the rest of his ilk to Appleinsider where he can pat himself on the back along with the rest of them with articles like those.

          5. Translation: We have no credible response so please go away….

      3. What’s the smell? iKing’s reek of desperation.

        1. “The [Apple (ticker: AAPL)] iPhone continues to be the best-selling smartphone at nearly every store we surveyed with iPhone sell-through about matching all [Google (GOOG)] Android handsets combined at most stores.”


          Yeah I’m REALLY desperate…..teehee

          1. What does “about matching” mean?   Not quite matching I take it? No hard numbers as usual – like most of your lame iSheep links.  

            I’m seeing less iPhones and more Android phones wherever I go. It used to be the opposite just a while back. To me, that speaks volumes and only solidifies the fact that even lay people are getting into Android – which isn’t good for Apple in the long run.  

          2. John run along and go play with your Galaxy Turd….

          3. @4627b98075e9806b106d74abed59e858:disqus Run along? Why? I love to irritate my lovable Troll who seem to spend more time in the Android forums.

            You wish you had a Galaxy Tab.  Much more capable than that Menstrual Pad. Just today my client’s Menstrual Pad had issues printing to their HP all in one. Of course, it needed an Airprint capable printer. So now they have to dish more cash for just for the Menstrual Pad to print directly .  My Tab easily prints to any wireless printer. That’s what they get for getting a Menstrual Pad.

          4. Following on how “Menstrual Pad” requires proprietary AirPlay hardware, you have to plop down yet ANOTHER $99 for the accessory known as Apple TV to be able to stream content from your iThing to your TV.
            Whereas us Android users get to use the industry standard protocol known as DLNA, which hundreds of companies have adopted.

            It’s kind of like buying a $100 Monster HDMI cable and bragging about it to your friends.  The rest of us just snicker when he isn’t looking because we know that it’s no better than a $5 cable.

          5. “Run along and play with your galaxy turd”? You mean the one that is thinner and already has the split keyboard for better typing?

            Incidentally, thanks for providing more ad revenue for android fan sites and increasing their search rankings!

          6. Your anecdotal observation could also be a result of larger number of phones operating Android with different price points . Each environment has it’s own pros/cons. No need to bash one and hail another. As much as people hate to admit it, the iPhone “mainstreamed” smart phones from a niche business product to lay consumers thus spurring the massive influx of newer and better OS’.

          7. thats because android will put their os on anything no matter the quality of the phone

          8. the only reason apple’s still gettin anything is cuz att is about throwing’em at people verizon i dont know off hand i avoid them alltogether however due to recent things ive seen android makes up almost 40% of the smartphone market and iphails at about 23 since the first stolen idea that is iphail. oo my gf’s brothers menstrual pads had more issues than all my cell phones together so yea be supportive cuz apple stays in biz is sueing ppl

      4. That shit ain’t real.

      5. Top selling smartphone, not top selling OS. You’re confused because Android isn’t a single phone, so referencing an article that states that the iPhone is outselling other phones is pointless. It simply means that the iPhone is beating each individual Android phone in sales, but not combined. Individual handset sales for Android are weak because there are many options. Individual sales for iOS are strong because there’s only one choice, the iPhone. Learn to compare OS to OS.

        1. Wanna see how the iPhone is doing against COMBINED sales of Android phones??? I’m glad u asked….check this out:



          1. Doesn’t seem to be doing too well to be honest…. Notice how they fail to post actual numbers.

          2. I remember reading all those articles at the beginning of the year forecasting doom for Android since the iPhone was coming to Verizon.

            Fast forward half a year and all the Verizon iPhone has done is put a small speed bump on Android’s road.

          3. Hmmmm…..I distinctly remember a report a couple of months ago that stated that the Thunderbolt was outselling the iPhone, even though the author failed to provide ANY sales numbers; didn’t matter to fandroid doofuses like John, who jumped all over the article. Now he who required NO numbers when that story ran is now asking for numbers when it comes to the iPhone…..how pathetic

            P.S. You couldn’t pay me to own that little plasticky, 7 inch POS Samsung Galaxy Turd (apparently the rest of the world feels the same way since hardly anybody actually owns one….or any Android tablet for that matter! ;-) )

          4. iKing

            Just like you couldn’t really pay me to own that tiny little toy iPhone.  After owning my 4.3″ DX, using my roommate’s iPhone 4 makes it feel way too small.

            P.S. I know you’re just speaking on anecdotal evidence about the Android tablets.  I personally haven’t seen that many iPads out there either.  With millions sold, you’d figure that they would be more common, right?

          5. Tofu

            No I’ll leave it to the fandroids to try and prove things thru anecdotal evidence. I’m not relying on the “sight test in the wild” to state my position:


          6. iKing

            I’m still trying to figure out the point of your posts.  

            Are we all supposed to feel bad?  

            Are we supposed to all of a sudden just throw away our Android devices just because you can post articles that say the first round of Android tablets aren’t doing as well as expected?

            Are we supposed to run to the hills screaming “iKing has shown me the light! Praise the Lord Jobs! All will be saved on his say-so!”?

          7. that’s only B&M (brick and mortar) stores for each carrier.  Doesn’t account for sales at non-carrier locations or online sales.  

            When it comes to TOTAL market share of subscriptions, Android has about 10% more market share than the iPhone. 


          8. numbers i posted above are only for the US market.  

            Worldwide, Android has an even larger market share compared to the iPhone – nearly 20% (36% vs 16.8%; and worldwide, the iPhone is still in third place behind Symbian and Android)


          9. What kind of tool hangs out on boards designed for a specific interest group, just to incite thread wars?

      6. Ha! That has literally nothing at all to do with the above post.

        Obvious troll is obvious.

    1. I’d agree, except for the one glaring ommission by Android: Good VPN support. Apples work out of the box with my company’s VPN. With my android, I was able to get it going on one ROM of my Moment, and still haven’t quite gotten it going on my Epic. IPSEC VPN just hasn’t been implemented correctly as a whole on Android, and that’s just plain stupid of Google. It’s the one thing keeping Android phones/devices from taking off here. We have an entire dept using Ipads for just this reason. I’d love to talk them around to Xooms, or Galaxy’s, but how can I if VPN no workee?

  15. Chris I gotta say, you’ve brought so much to this site and I’ve seriously been enjoying your posts. Keep up the great work!

    1. That means a lot. Getting a little misty eyed…… not gonna lie ^_^

      1. I work at a small software development company, and all of the mobile developers have an android phone, and I relay most of the information on this site, and 9 times out of 10 when I do its usually something you post, and its usually entertaining in one way or another. Keep up the good work, man.

      2. We need some videos Chris.

  16. Not true… as I said in the original reddit/r/android comic, people with better android phones just try to rub it in your face

    1. The same can’t be said with Apple phones? In my opinion, your statement applies more so to Apple phones. In my opinion, someone holding an iphone 4 is more likely to think or say “oh, you still have a 3G.” They may also think “mine is better because it is white.” When I was rockin an OG Droid as my first Android phone over a year after it’s been out, the first comment I received was “that’s an excellent phone and the dev community for it is amazing.” Just my 2 cents. :)

    2. Get a better one then?

    3. I don’t do that, and I’ve always had the latest / greatest because I ENJOY them, not because I want to be ‘the best’.

  17. Just can’t stop talking about the iPhone…..hee hee

  18. wow this is so true!!

  19. for me, this is very true.  my roomate got me into android…..now i’m hooked.  that’s all i want to talk about with my friends who are also android users

  20. I was just talking to a friend on the benefits of the Android OS. In the middle of it I felt like I was a salesman. I feel exactly how the sketch portrays the situation. Good article.

    1. For some reason, I read the first sentence as “android friends with benefits.” xD

  21. One thing I HATE & LOVE about my Galaxy S II is that it has a TOO GOOD WIDE viewing angle. So I do like the fact people look and wow at the screen but at the same time….”privacy”…>.>

    1. 3M privacy screens could solve that.

  22. I think it’s true, and that it pisses off the iFanBoys. They can’t stand that Android phones have taken the limelight away from the iphone. Android users are open to exploring other phones and carriers while iPhone users are more content with the two carriers they’re stuck with. Of course the exception being an Unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile or a Verizon iPhone flashed to work on Metro PCS or Cricket. But straight out of the box, Android dominates iPhone in every way. It started as Android playing catchup to iPhone, now iPhone is scrambling to catch up to Android.

    I can’t wait, personally, to stir up some conversations when I get my Evo 3D next week!

  23. I can’t agree more!
    I work in San Francisco everyday and I see at least 70% of smartphones being Iphones, and the people using them are shut out of the world. Then I see fellow android users, and they openly talk to me or vice versa.

    What a wonderful world…sob*

  24. It’s true. An iPhone is just an accessory, they’re all the same (that’s part of the appeal). There are different versions (3G, 4) but that just means you haven’t upgraded yet, you poor backwards bastard. Occasionally, /occasionally/ I see two people who are already friends or associates chat about what iOS apps they like. But never strangers.

  25. I can tell you this much: there’s not a day that goes by when my rooted Nook Color doesn’t lead to someone asking me about it, and them being pretty much blown away when I show them what it’s capable of doing. I don’t know how many sales I’ve inspired, but I’d bet that its more than a few.

    I hear this almost every time “that thing was only $250? That’s amazing!”

    Ya gotta love it! :)

  26. When everyone has the same phone, there isn’t really much to talk about. When someone comes in with something a little different, people tend to talk about it. This pretty much applies to everything. 

    1. Ah true…but the iphoners tend to try and belittle anything that is not an iproduct and anyone who owns or uses something different.  Thus shaming the poor SOB into wanting or buying an iproduct.  iSheep Dogs leading the iSheep

      1. iPhone owners only own that thing because they want to be cool.

        1. Exactly, you ask most people why they have an iPhone. And they always reply “Because it’s the best phone out there.” i then ask what makes it the best? and they say “Ummm…. it just is, Apple makes the best stuff and it has the most apps” that’s when i laugh hysterically because i can tell that the only reason they bought it is because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

          To most people the iPhone is just a fashion statement. And you aren’t popular or cool if you don’t have one.

  27. This!  Android + Reddit = nerds of the world unite.  Lol

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BPFODsob1I

    I love android, but I never looked at android like this until now. Everyone uses a smartphone more than anything else, it needs to be customizable to the user, android is that.. iphone is not… Everyone I know with a android phone has a little tweak here or there, they make it theirs….. 

  29. That comic is stupid. Whatever.

    Posted from Phandroid iPhone App

    1. Auto correct issues?

  30. I wanna see what happens when an iPhone user and an Android user meet on the subway.

    1. Nothing happens. Reason: they’re not on the internet.

    2. The Android owner says nothing to the iphoner and just holds up that big 4″+ bright 16:10 or 16:9 display and shows the playing full screen HD movie that they just down loaded with 4G, while on their way to the platform, to the now very insecure iphoner… who just whips out their iproduct and continue their game of Words with Friends!

      LOL  I’ve seen it happen and when it did I just gave the Android owner the Universal Android owners sign, by proudly raising my Android phone in the air while giving an Oh Yea Nod with a Cheshire Cat grin, and a high five! 

  31. Wrong, sorry….I take it you haven’t heard the old joke….
    How do you know if someone has an iphone?They’ll TELL you about it!

    1. Only if they see that you don’t have one….  What I love is when the iphoners come over to see what I am doing with/on my phone and I catch them with their mouths gaped open….

  32. My first experience with Android was when I was working at a shitty job, and someone came in and had the G1, which was brand spanking new at the time (was interested in it, but hadn’t gotten the low down yet) and he showed me all kinds of neat things it could do… and I was sold!

  33. So true. My friends even ask me what Android smartphone is better.

  34. ” I still think the iPhone is cool (I pretty much love anything that has a microchip in it) and I’m not trying to start a flame war here.”

    iCrap sucks! Android rules! HAIL GOOGLE!!!

  35. I totally agree…. I reconnected with 2 long lost friends last weekend because of our facination and association with Android!!!

  36. I say its true, at least for  me. I remember once when i was at the bus stop and saw someone who had the same Android phone as me. I had to keep looking to see if i was seeing things since the phone i was carrying was a Nexus One, you don’t see others with that phone every day. Of course i didn’t have a conversation with the guy, It was just funny seeing someone else with an N1 since its/was pretty much considered a geek’s phone.

  37. Well I love my Iphone and I talk about it with other Iphone user a-plenty

    1. Do you discuss how to hold it properly?  Or what it would be like to have all of the cool stuff that Android phones have? (it’s rhetorical as we know you do)

      1. I tell my friends how my iPhone doesn’t freeze constantly like my Android phone did.  And I tell them about all the cool apps I can get that aren’t released for the Android community yet.  And I tell them about how much better some of the apps are vs the counterparts available for the Android.  And I tell them about how well audio and video play without freezing in my car.  And I tell them about all the accessories I can get that enhance how I use my phone (like the Boost case).  But mostly, I use my phone for hours, while the Android user sits there looking for a charger.

        The only thing I miss that iPhone won’t have at iOS5 is the voice search and Google Navigation.  But I’ve already found several free iPhone apps that do Navigation just fine, and Siri does most of the voice activated things I want (and it is MUCH better than Google’s voice search, by leaps and bounds)

        1. Freezing is usually a symptom of bad apps that you have installed.  By he way some of my friends with iproducts have occasional lock ups due to bad apps as well.  

          Many of the iproduct developers have Android projects in the works so this is not that much of an issue. But you can keep the 50,000 fart apps please!  BTW there are also cool apps that are not available on the iphone too, so what is your point? 

          On the “better,” front, that is a purely subjective thing… If someone does not have or use both platforms, then they can not compare or even relate to what is “better” for them.  I take those statements with a grain of salt, especially if the app works well for my needs on the platform that I choose to have.  

          I use plenty of accessories with my phone daily.  They work well for what they were designed to do.  in fact my phone is in one of the many desk docks now playing some killer music via bluetooth, to my stereo speaker system… AWESOME.  It is doing that while I type this using my computer keyboard via WiFi on the phone… Oh AND it is giving me a slide show streamed from different sources on the internet, while it is checking my Twitter and Facebook and e-mail accounts for updates….Oh just got one.  No pause from my work I read the message in the notification bar. while I was typing……

          I use and extended battery and I always carry a SPARE battery just in case I am away from by Desk or Car Docks for an extended period.  Which at this point would need to be more than 10 hours. with periods of moderate to heavy usage. But the fact that I can swap batteries is PRICELESS! Especially when I see the iproduct users hunting for a powerplug at the local starbucks!  I even saw on guy turn his iproduct off a my local watering hole, so that he would have 
          some charge left for his drive home. I casually swapped my battery and then resumed my game of words with friends without a care in the world.

          The current iteration of Google maps is un-paralled, in my opinion.  No free app comes close to the speed, functionality and level of system integration.  Oh and I don’t know Siri’s full capabilities, but I have the Google Voice Control, Google Voice Search and Vlingo on my phone (2 of 3 built in from day one)…So I can find or do pretty much anything with my phone that I need or want to do…And I can do it with only a unlock swipe and long press on the search icon.  A 1 hand operation.  In fact I turned down the music and I just voice dictated the last 2 sentences.  This is with no additional  software to run. oops news alert on the phone….Congrats to the Boston Bruins!

  38. Where is your source of the picture? Is there a website like this with regular posted pictures? That would be funny.

  39. We’re the ones laughing when our mac fanboy relatives are telling us about how the latest apple deficiency is a really feature. (Edge saves the battery over 3G, Apps are unnecessary, flash is inefficient)

  40. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    Look, let’s get real here : iPhone users were huddling together in corners, swapping knowing looks, making app recommendations, marvelling at the smooth tactile interface, showing off the revolutionary pinch-zoom etc. like, THREE YEARS AGO. Its old now. Nobody cares any more. They just get on and use the apps. So much the better.

    C’mon, just how does being the telephone equivalent of a car bore constitute a positive? Standing in a corner comparing carburettors is not everyone’s idea of fun, OK?

    Android, like Windows Mobile before it, is a geek and tweaker’s OS. Those who get off on customising love it. Proof : look how xda-developers has become a one-stop for tweakers. It was the same for WinMo before. The same site, indeed.

    Those roll-up-sleeves-dive-under-hood guys will always exist. They have those on iOS too. They just have to go through an extra step : jailbreaking, which incidentally is a dead-simple process. Once they have, they’re in geek paradise too. I’ve been there. It was fun, for a few months. But it grew old.

    Hey, I’m happy for them if they want to talk about it together. But don’t let’s start using that sort of thing as proof of “community” and use it as a means of dissing the others. It isn’t an Android thing – it happens everywhere, amongst (primarily) men. Fishing, stamp-collecting, the aforementioned car bores, football etc etc.

    Get real, stop proselytizing, and enjoy your phones. :-)

    1. point is….android phones ARENT new….they HAVE been around for years, and the fact that we get new ones out almost weekly and new roms etc…keeps the community talking CONSTANTLY.  I am a very big Apple fan all around (minus the iPhone), and I’m sure once iOS5 comes out, the apple peeps will chatter about their NEW NOTIFICATIONS and other new features, but it will not nearly be the same as every new android phone owner talking about every little nook and cranny of the new device with other android owners…its just NOT the same and its by design.  Apple has a very specific business model, and it works for them….no hate, just truth!  I love my macbook pro and I have loved every android phone ive had (minus this stupid Droid X2 I have…what a terrible let down, give me my Droid X back!)

      1. Yes, they have been around for years. But they’ve evolved greatly in those years. Apple hasn’t so much. They’re doomed by their own success. Apple is quickly becoming the smartphone for grandma. And that’s cool. Grandma deserves a smartphone.  The same goes with hipsters. The only truly technically savvy people I see on Iphones were early adopters who have an investment at this point. I don’t see a lot of techie people adopting their 1st Iphone or moving from Android. At least not recently. I’m sure the Samsung Moment drove quite a few people over to Apple, as well as a myriad of other crappy phones in the past. But recently, the hardware and the software have been really tight. And Android has become the place for techie people, while the Apple has become the place for people who just don’t want to step outside of their walled garden. My wife is a perfect example. She has an Ipad, and loves it. I use the thing and feel like I’m missing something… Nothing wrong with her having an Ipad, It suits her. She’s in grad school and it saves her about 30 lbs in her backpack from all the books she doesn’t have to lug around. Awesome. For me? it’s fun to play Angry Birds on a big screen, but meh. I get more enjoyment out of my 7″ Gentouch78. (Seriously, it’s not THAT bad)

        1. “The only truly technically savvy people I see on Iphones were early adopters who have an investment at this point. I don’t see a lot of techie people adopting their 1st Iphone or moving from Android”.

          Typical narrow-minded fandroid response…..thinking that the world is limited to what they see/don’t see….

  41. I work at a grocery store on a college campus and I have conversations with customers about their androids all the time. I definitely experience this phenomenon on a daily basis and I love the app-swapping anecdotal discussions that occur when I come across a fellow superuser. (With over 500 apps on my phone and widgets galore i always have plenty to discuss.) It’s almost as socially invigorating as smoking in public places.

  42. True dat! 

  43. Most of the time when I hit the local tavern, the entire room length bar is the current resting place for every kind of cell phone of the people sitting at the bar.  The folks with iproducts (becoming fewer and fewer all the time) periodically turn it on check for any messages and then turn them off and put them down.  If they are not there with friends they usually just stare at the sports on the TV screens.  The BB folks are either BBMing or ignoring their phones altogether, but the Android owners are usually texting, surfing or doing something with their phones every few minutes. I get a lot of pictures being shown from texts or e-mails from strangers.  I am not sure if they want to show the picture or the giant (can be seen from space) screens on their shiny new Android phones.  I never fail to strike up a conversation about their Android phone, especially  when I see them using them like the iphoners do (launch an app, use an app, exit an app, rinse and repeat…how drab!).  Most of these folks do not even know how to add or delete a widget to a home screen much less a folder or a short cut. 

    One day, while at the bar watching a baseball game, I unintentionally held an Android 101 class for 4 people, that I did not know, all of whom had various Android phones.  Two of them bought me a beer for the education I gave them and one added her number into my phone once I shower her how to add a contact from a text message and integrate it with Facebook into her phone’s address book!  Now that is what I call social media! 

    Separate story: 
    Once, I did strike up a conversation once with a gal, with an iproduct on the bar.  The bar tender (a friend of mine) joined in.  We got to talking about TV shows and for the life of me I could not remember the actor who played the father character in the Married with Children series… Neither the lady or my friend could identify the actor.  So I had an great idea, I mentioned to the lady that we both have smart phones handy and we could just look it up on them.. So she decided to make a race and a small bet out of it, for the next round of drinks.  After giving her a chance to change her mind, I accepted.  So when the bartender shouted, “Go!” she promplty unlocked her phone and began feverishly hunting and pecking at the screen of that iproduct. I calmly unlocked my phone and pressed and held down my search button (in one smooth thumb move BTW).  A second later, the microphone indicator popped up and I asked my Android, “Who was the Actor that played the father in the Married with Children series?”  The lady looked over briefly at me and said, “Oh so you are using voice search,?” “Yes!” I replied. And then I said, “The Actor’s name is Ed O’Neal,” as I read it off my Android phone’s screen and then showed it to her.  Elapsed time approximately 3 seconds!  She was still typing on that oh so tiny screen.  I grinned as I ordered my well deserved drink.  Moral: We Androiders CAN indeed relate and socialize with the iphoners about our phones, but we should do it in a way that exemplifies the benefits of Android and not in a Snarky or a too antagonistic way. After all we Androiders really have nothing that we need to prove or justify.  A friendly bet does not hurt either as an ice breaker though, and can be immensely satisfying  …. ;)

    Viva La Android!

    1. You should start writing fantasy novels.

      What actually must have happened was that as soon as you barked “Who was the Actor that played the father in the Married with Children series?” The Andriod phone dialed your fathers number  and while you were trying to explain to your father why you called him, the lady was ROFL

  44. Best post ever . I can relate to everything you said there ! specially ;
    ” We’re the ones who get our family members on board. We’re the ones who offer countless hours of “tech support” to friends and families ” . Ever since i got my SGS i am considered to be the tech support for all my friends and family . 
    And to answer the question , i do believe that comic to be 100% true ! 

  45. Frankly, it just depends on who you meet. There are tech-savvy iPhone and Android owners who will talk to you about their phones, and those from both camps who don’t know much about their phones beyond email, texting, browsing the net, playing some well-known games, and maybe using Facebook and VOIP/internet messaging apps.

    I know quite a few people who buy smartphones specifically for email and internet capabilities without knowing their phone is an Android. For them, the Market and big world of apps isn’t very important. And that’s probably also a reason why some of them don’t buy the top of the line Androids or the iPhone – their needs are very straightforward and they are perfectly happy with phones that are easier on their pockets.

    Don’t see anything wrong with that. And perhaps, their eyes will eventually be opened by their more tech-savvy kids, or by people who will share enthusiastically about Android.

  46. why compare or talk about your iphone when they rarely change and are all the same. Android phones are all different shapes sizes and specs encouraging discussion and comparisons.

  47. Chris, I really like your posts :D

    And this is the same for me. Although sometimes in a bad way. Family members always go to me for help with there phone, like literary “How do I remove this icon from the home-screen” questions. It seems most of them have acquired iPhones no and when they ask me questions ill just say “I dont partake in the use of an in superior device therefor I would not know”.

  48. “I saw this guy seriously rocking an HTC Legend at Costco the other day and immediately striked up a conversation trying to get my hands on it (the phone, that is).”
    His phone?  Bullshit.  You’re not fooling anyone with that hair, Chavez.  

  49. Its true. I do tend to talk to other android users. I suggest apps and launchers to others. We talk about battery life and ways to improve it, because the phones are so different we actually have something to talk about. IOS users mainly download fruit ninja and Angry birds. When I talk to iPhone users they just seem happy that the phone works and its smooth. There is no passion or desire to delve into the device. As long as the games and browser work they seem happy. Which is why I think most of them would be happy a feature phone as well. 

  50. This exact situation has proven true with me many times.  People who I otherwise wouldn’t have spoken to, outside of a casual “Hey”, have sparked up good conversations that start with “Hey, is that an Evo 4G?”.  I love this OS.

    I just upgraded my OG Droid to the DX2 and really didn’t really even consider the iPhone.  The iPhone is a great looking device and my friends with one really love it but I can’t see myself ever leaving the Android OS.  That maybe a little narrow-sighted to think nothing better will come out in the future, but I just think the next best thing with be the next version of Android.  I love my phone but I also love being a part of the Android Community.

  51. Yeah — it *is* an awful lot like Linux or Monty Python, in that you can’t get geeks to shut up about it.  I am sure there are folks for whom that’s a positive thing, and I’m also sure there are folks for whom that’s a negative thing.

  52. I work in IT and love mobile technology. I love to talk to people about Android, when ever I see an android user I try to find a way to start talking to them. I have talked to so many people that it has almost turned in to a side job, rooting phones and fixing broken ones.

    I saw someone with a Kin yesterday…. I just had to talk to her. I told her “you need to go put that back in the box and use a different phone.” “why” she replies. “Because you are 1 of like… 500 people that bought that phone and it will be a collectors item soon haha.” Was the best trip to the DMV I have ever had.  

  53. 1. It’s a phone
    2. Your time would be better spent researching how to get the second date

  54. What ever

  55. Cool another fanboy thread :). 
    Me, I love java (actually groovy on grails) development and it’ s my profession, but I own a iPhone, macbook pro and iPad. Go figure.
    Somehow android lacks the “magical touch” for the moment. Maybe soon… .

  56. i laughed, for me it’s fun because lately i’ve been several phones for a small bussiness, one time on the electronics shop i had a mytouch 3g slide, a droid pro and my captivate all in my hands, the clerk started asking me what phone should he get next because he had heard about the new android phones etc…

  57. This is so true. I love my Android and I don’t even care what model it is. I can’t wait until November when I can get a new fancier one with all the new bells and whistles.

  58. I don’t care (or notice) what phones other people use. Nor do I want people I don’t know striking up conversations with me about my phone.

  59. Very true.

  60. Andriods dorks are like religious zealots who resort to logical fallacies
    to prove their religion is better. IOS is a much more
    mature and stable platform than Andriod and therefore does everything
    better than any Andriod phone. Nobody cares about the number of handset
    models are available for Andriod. That is not a choice people care
    about because ultimately they just buy one phone and want to have a
    choice in the applications and that is exactly where IOS provides a
    better choice. And most people buy an Andriod just because it is cheaper
    and no other reason. Besides isn’t Andriod just an illegal piracy of
    Linux and Java? People who really care about opensource should hate
    Andriod just for the reason that it steals credit from Linux and Java
    communities. Google fans makes no mention of the fact that it remotely
    reads users mail and serves up ads that are correlated to the content.
    Like that? I don’t. But then as Google’s Eric Schmidt put it, if you
    have nothing to hide, why are you averse to having your personal files
    read by all and sundry? Had someone asked Schmidt if he was willing to
    sleep with his partner in public, he probably would have backed down –
    but then the Google faithful only stand in awe when such pronouncements
    are made. For them, Google can do no wrong. Even when it sends Google
    Street cars to steal personal information from unsuspecting wifi users. Google should have criminal charges filed against it for this. While Apple sells its products to its customers google sells its customers to its products.

    Actually the
    only people who love Andriod are those who love to steal music and
    applications and find it difficult to do that on IOS and therefore
    complain that it is a closed platform. Apple developers have made
    billions while Andriod developers make next to nothing. Only winner on Andriod is google and chinese and korean handset manufacturers. Andriod dorks are supporting their own future unemployment.

    Andriod is an
    platform by the thieves, of the thieves and for the thieves.

    1. UMADBRO?

    2. Yup iPhone does everything better than android, specially notification and signal reception, oh wait…

      1. You havn’t heard of IOS 5 yet, have you zombie

        1. Oh you mean the notification system it stole from Android and the messaging
          system it took from black berry, that fucking platform for thieves.

          1. Pot, meet kettle……

    3. Fact: google street cars stole info from unsecured wifi, written by a rouge engineer, google turned itself in asking to delete the info and was told not to by the law, so they could use it’s own info against it.

      Nice, nice trolling shit for brains.

      1. Yeah, very convenient to say it was just a rouge engineer. Google is infamous for trying innovative ways to steal the personal information of its customers so that it can get more $$$ from advertising companies. Wake up Ass hole.

        1. Yes very convenient to turn themselves in too huh? Dumbass

          1. Poor bluevoodo, reduced to name calling.  That’s what you get for coming to a battle of wits unarmed…

          2. Oh, nice cop out

  61. Really? You’re not going to link or even mention the original source? Really? FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

  62. Actually I prefer Android over iPhone for a couple of resons. Firstly, Home cotumaization and secondly Google integration. Some other reasons are found in this nice and short article.

  63. When i start talking about android vs iphone, your not going to get me to stop. and this is completely true everybody in my family knows that if you start a conversation about android you better be prepared to listen for quite some time

  64. The biggest reason people are able to spark conversations is because there are so many different Android phones, and they are releasing new ones every other day.  As a new iPhone user, I don’t see any reason to talk to another person using an iPhone (outside of my friends for app suggestions) because they have the EXACT SAME PHONE.  They know what it does, they know what it doesn’t do, and they don’t need me telling them.

    With Android, each phone does different things, so you get the curiosity factor much more than you would with an iPhone.  I’ve had several people ask me what I like better about the iPhone vs Android, but Apple has done an excellent job telling people what it does.

  65. Android users’ conversation:

    Geek #1 says: “So dude, is that the new HTC Compulsion 4G Turbo? How is it?”

    Geek #1 thinks: “I’m secretly disappointed with the dismal battery life on my Motorola R2D2 X-Wing 50, I wonder if his phone is any better?”

    Geek #2 says: “Oh man it’s awesome! Hey is that the new Motorola R2D2 X-Wing 50?”

    Geek #2 thinks: “I’m secretly disappointed with the dismal battery life on my HTC Compulsion 4G Turbo, I wonder if his phone is any better?”

    Ahhh, for the simple, quiet knowing of two iPhone 4 owners!

    1. IPhone we got the same shit same day, and we are at the same place, I need to get a life.

      1. More like: 

        iPhone user #1 thinks: “iPhone 4 lives up to the hype! Awesome UI, great performance, no malware, terrific selection of apps, best display, best battery life.  Nothing to say, really.”

        iPhone user #2 thinks: “Exactly.”

        1. iPhone user #1, thinks

          Android user #1, Surprised.

          Sent from ?

          1. Android user – thinks he knows.

            iPhone user – knows.

          2. Android user #1: “How many malware-infested apps did Almighty Andy have to remove from our cesspool of an app store this week?”

            Android user #2: “Only about 5000 this week…..”

            Android user #1: “All hail Andy Almighty!!!”

  66. For me, it’s def true. 

  67. I used to be a blackberry user until the Evo came out and switched to that and fell in love. We have an Iphone user in our office and we are in constant battle over the benefits of our phones. However, I think I am winning because I have successfully converted two blackberry users, and one flip phone user and one more possible blackberry user thats 3 out of 6 employees in my office! She has converted no one I might add! Come to the Android side!

  68. Why did my comment get deleted? I just pointed out the source of the comic. Don’t want to give credit to reddit?

  69. Went to my cousin’s grandmother’s funeral last Sunday. Had a 2 hour conversation with my cousin about the Android OS. He recently switched from BB to a Thunderbolt. Was unaware of the things he is now capable of! He knows now! ;)

  70. Android got me out of a traffic ticket because the officer had an OG Droid too and asked me questions about Vlingo and ADW as he saw my Droid in the car dock….nuff said.

  71. I love playing with my droid, especially with others nearby; its such a social experience.   OH……..oh, oh, euew,…….ohhhhhhh… AhAh
    My life is complete now.

  72. iPhone users went through this phase as well, but they’ve had two or more years to get used to it. The newness of Android will ware off in time.

    I have an iPhone because that’s where the applications are. There’s still too much that Android doesn’t do. The games are awful. 

  73. I not only agree, but I have also expanded on my own experience in regarding that:


  74. Two iPhone users meet: Both thinking, I am sure his phone is working fine
    Two Andriod users meet: His phone looks different, does he have the same problems I have, i wonder how many times he has to hard reboot (by removing the battery) in a day. Does his battery last more than 2 hours.

    1. Well said!

  75. Apple is just status shit for technically blind people.. As for ipad and iphone killers.. They have been raped and killed.. But then the technically blind will always exist..so will their restricted rotten apple :-)

  76. Ya know…it takes more energy to respond to the trolls and haters… especially the Apple, iPhone ones…

    You give them life by responding. Dont respond and you take away their energy…

    1. Come on respond! You know you want to!

      1. Jroc is actually one of the more reasonable Android fans on this site……it’s the dummies like John and TofuWarrior that I like to go after…..

  77. I think you meant to say you ‘struck up’ a conversation.

  78. I hate being the Guy bragging “I had it first” but this is getting ridiculous

    1. I’m just wondering why there are sooooooooo many iFanboys on Phandroid


      1. Because there are soooooooooo many fandroids on Apple blogs


  79. I love it when I win over an iphone user to android! I’m working on my fourth convert currently.

  80. Just thought I’d say, I made that comic. Thanks for giving credit, phandroid.

  81. Two Nikon DSLR users met on a subway, both look at each other phone and then get on to their business.

    Two Panasonic Point and shoot camera users meet at subway, start chgatting about the camera, “Is that an …Could that be…it is!, Epic manlynod of approval, start conversation about latest point and shoot cameras.

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