Walmart Will Carry the Sensation 4G for $150 as HTC Denies Death Grip Issue



Want a discount on the HTC Sensation 4G? Walmart’s got your back as they’ve rolled the price back to $150, a great value for the device considering just how much power is inside. Of course, it’d be rather foolish for us to not take this with a grain of salt as the Walmart ad mentions it’ll have a 4.5 inch display when the phone actually has a 4.3 inch display. In any case, some users are reporting being able to buy this thing ahead of its June 15th availability so you might want to give your local one a shot.

In related news, HTC’s commented on recent mumblings about an apparent “death grip” issue plaguing the device. Users found that, when holding the device in some ridiculous fashion, signal strength of all wireless radios inside would temporarily cease to work. The accuser held the phone in an awkward position, one that many wouldn’t actually hold it in throughout every day use.

Every phone experiences a slight variation in signal strength when the antenna is covered in its entirety by a palm and/or fingers” HTC explained. “However, under normal circumstances this does not affect the performance of the phone.

It’s antennagate all over again, except this time you don’t actually hold the phone like you would hold a phone before your signal strength starts tanking. If you do hold the phone like that in every day situations, I advise you to seek help immediately. Kevin Krause has had the device in his hands for some time and has yet to run into the one reported case of this happening in ordinary usage, and neither have tons of other reviewers who already have their hands on the HTC Sensation. Nothing to worry about come June 15th, folks. [Android Community, Slash Gear]

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  1. Walmart here I come!

  2. I just got the phone at the baseline walmart in little rock. it is legit and the phone is unlike any phone out there. Iphone what is that?

    1. just called my local walmart, one said no the other one said that they were suppose to get them this week to start selling today!!! but they havent received anything. so i guess its depending on what store has received the shipment!!! now if i get the phone through walmart can they add the credit to my tmobile acct like they do at the retail stores?

      1. That’s a good question that I’d also like to be informed about.

  3. All phones have this issue however in this case with the HTC SensationIt doesn’t weaken it it actually CEASE TO WORK. ….that’s the problem.. :S

    1. Every phone has a way that you can hold it to block signal.  Don’t worry about it.  HTC wouldn’t made a mistake like that.  

      1. Ummm maybe you haven’t seen the video???
        It actually STOPS WORKING on the palm of your hand…

        1. yes, but who the fcuk holds their phone like that?  It’s an incredibly weird way to hold the phone.  If you regularly hold it that way, look elsewhere and buy a different device.

          1. What abou people having it n their pOcket? Or on their thigh using speaker phOne?
            This is a fail u are all just trying to justify holding it a certain way when if ts in urbpocket ur screwed

          2. TROLL

          3. I thought this was an android news site.

  4. so far the phone works great. how is your experience with the phone so far?

  5. Got mine at Walmart in Mt Prospect IL

    1. Thanks, going there right after i get off work!

  6. I went to a Walmart in Houston and they had it but the $148.88 price is available ONLY if your 2 year contract is up.  My contract is not up until Sept so no dice.. close but no cigar.  The TMOBILE stores around my house are CLUELESS they gave me a June 18th date and one TMOBILE store even said they would not get for A MONTH.  WHY?!?!? TMOBILE FAIL.

  7. What do you guys think about the upcoming Father’s Day sale at T-Mobile? Do you think the Sensation will be a part of it? Like maybe buy 1 get 1 free?  I am considering getting it from Walmart now… but if there’s the possibility of a deal on Father’s Day… well then…. hmmm

  8. It kind of irks me that this is available at Walmart before T Mobile Stores.. I don’t want to go through the middleman.

  9. picked up one tonight @ Walmart in NJ – woohoo!  :)

    1. which walmart in nj? i live in NJ. I want a sensational phone :o)

  10. im on the phone with my local walmart now. i need this phone

  11. having the phone laying flat on the palm of your hand occurs more often than you would think.. I bet this glitch is annoying.

  12. Just got it 3 hours ago…. Northern virginia… walmart in kingstowne had 4 left… # satisfied

  13. Picked mine up at around noon today. Portland Oregon. I LOVE THIS PHONE.

  14. Haha, I can’t believe walmart is selling them before the carrier. Sounds like a PR nightmare.. lol

    1. This happens every time with walmart. They did it with the hd2. And a few others since then. Store reps never pay attention to these dates.

  15. Can someone please tell me if they do upgrades?!

  16. Wish Walmart would fix up their shitty Android app.

  17. Looks like the death grip only effects wifi from the videos not normal signal

  18. The Walmarts in the Hudson Valley region of New York have them but are not selling them.

  19. Yup, local Wal-marts are breaking street date.  I just bought mine.

  20. Got my Sensation in Wal-Mart yesterday at 8pm in Schaumburg, IL. This phone is the KING of all phones! FAST AND FURIES! Thunderbolt is blown of the sky!!! And the price is unbeatable $150!!! By the way for now “Deathgrip issue – IS NOT AN ISSUE”

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