E3 2011: Spacetime Studios Talks About Pocket Legends, Shows Us How to Collect a Special Xperia PLAY Orb In-Game [Video]


Spacetime Studios, one of the first studios to adopt the Xperia PLAY and adapt their game’s controls to it, was one of the exhibitors at Sony Ericsson’s E3 booth. Gary Gattis talked about Pocket Legends and the Xperia PLAY, and how the studio went from unboxing their development units to seeing their game play flawlessly with the Xperia PLAY’s built-in gamepad. We also get a look at what they’re calling the biggest mobile flash mob ever, an “infection” in the game where users can walk up to others with an Xperia PLAY button spinning on top of their heads and get one of their own by waving. Check all of this out in the video above and find more details about Pocket Legends on the Xperia PLAY here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. how did they managed to connect xperia play to tv set ? It doesnt have hdmi port and why those plays are not running the same UI as every other play ?? Its pure gingerbread without the Timescape…wth ??

    1. The Verizon version of the Xperia Play runs stock Gingerbread so there is no Timescape UI. Also, I read you can hook HDMI through the micro usb. I really don’t know for sure though.

      Anyways, I wonder when these “optimized” controls will be coming out. I hate using the touch screen on my Play.

    2. no, SE made special Xperia Play’s for developers which has HDMI out so as they can showcase their games at expos such as E3…

  2. What orb?  There’s no mention of any in-game orb.

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