Correction: Galaxy S II NOT Confirmed to Be on Verizon in July


Yea, this sort of slip-up from Verizon isn’t the least bit usual so we are not surprised to learn that today’s news of a July launch for their Samsung Galaxy S II Function is not confirmed. The Verizon rep that Computer World spoke to apparently meant to say that their LTE-enabled Tab 10.1 would be on Big Red this July, not the S II. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Galaxy S II absolutely won’t make its way to Big Red in July, it’s just that there’s no confirmation of that. (Or of its existence, really.) The story’s still being told, folks.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Crap.

  2. c’mon verizon youre breaking my balls

    1. Lol so true

    2. What’s new with verizon. They will deny the phone is even going to sold until like a week or so before when they announce it.

      1. Try a day before.

  3. but imagine if it was launching on Verizon with lte next month, they would have got a new customer(s)


    what are you hiding…..REVEAL YOURSELVES!!!! REVEAL!!!

    1. Fake. That’s why they took it ddown

      1. Yeah, wasn’t it from an invite from like last year?

        1. Yay, then there is still hope that the next Nexus won’t be made by LG

          I hope its HTC again

          1.  Honestly if HTC made it i don’t know if i would buy it. HTC needs to bring their game back up to what it used to be, nothing HTC has brought out in the last year has impressed me at all. And if it is HTC then i don’t expect the N3 to have the Tegra 3 (Kal-el) and it will probably just end up being another shitty qualcomm processor.

            I really hope it’s made my LG or Samsung again.

          2. I prefer LG over HTC.  The only time I preferred HTC was when the G1 came out.  All their phones look like a freakin kids toy.

  5. Wasn’t it WSJ that said that Samsung was unleashing it world wide in July?  At this point I really don’t even care if it has LTE, I need a phone and this is better looking than the Bionic.

  6. Im calling BS that rep knew its because every phone. Launch has to be top secret.

  7. Not the worst news maybe the can pull a rabbit out of the hat and make this phone 4g

    1. We can only hope they do this.

  8. Why does the U.S get everything so late? I going to get something else if the sg2 doesnt come here soon.

    1. exactly.. im fuggin gonna go to korea and get one lol

  9. Even though I’m disappointed as hell right now I’m just hoping the Function will come in July at least since Sprint might get it during that time. (If the rumor is true)

  10. FUCK YOU. i want that phone.

  11. Verizon drops the ball again?  The hell you say!

  12. according to Androidspin.com the Galaxy S 2 will be coming to Sprint in July.

  13. wouldn’t they release both the tab and the phone at the same time because they are practically the same exact thing ones just bigger than the other ?

    1. You would think but that makes too much sense for verizon.

  14. what bunch of fanboys….Verizon is useless

    1. How do you get “useless” from the fact that it has the largest network of all the carriers, the most subscribers to that network, and arguably the fastest network of all the carriers? I’m pretty sure I could do the same amount of stuff on the Verizon network that I could do on the Sprint network, if not more. What a moron.

      1. Because he is the sprint fanboy dick yarrell he just changed his name you know he always comments on everything verizon related saying the evo 3d will blow it away. ha yeah right dick

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